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    Rezivot Instax Back !!FINALLY LIVE!!

    Rezivot is a back that fits a good amount of cameras to produce instax images.

    Can fit Graflok systems as well as some others.
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    Focus Problem with GG?

    I'm not new to 4x5, but I have recently acquired my first Anniversary Speed Graphic. I am having problems getting my image in focus. I have no problem getting the image in focus on the ground glass,...
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    Re: DIY darkroom tent - bad idea?

    I'm not sure if this helps much or not, but I know someone that modified a pop up hydroponic greenhouse. They're black with a reflective inside. It was small enough to be put into and used in a small...
  4. Thread: 4x5 vs 8x10

    by Monza1966

    Re: 4x5 vs 8x10

    For a 4ftX5ft print I'd recommend an 8x10in camera, but it depends how much grain you want to be visible and how it's processed.
    Are you wanting to do darkroom prints or inkjet prints?
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    Re: Crown graphic for wet plate?

    An old metal or plastic studio camera is what i'd recommend for wetplate. It won't get hurt by the chemicals like the leather and wood of a press camera. But, Yes you can still use the crown for...
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    Rotolight Neo?

    Has anyone used this light? I can't find many reviews that are not sponsored...

    The Rotolight Neo peeks my interest for being battery powered light when not near an outlet (hotshoe flash does...
  7. Re: Anyone ever try this??? 3D custom board issue

    He doesn't make them anymore. I luckily found a guy in Croatia that made a few metal boards years ago, and he had an extra one he sold me.
  8. Re: Mount/matt & framing tintype and Ambrotype images?

    I actually did this for a few 8X10 ambrotypes I made. I based the design off of how they originally protected the glass.
    Front to Back Sandwich...
    1)Museum Glass
    2)Thin lazer cut museum mat board...
  9. Re: Anyone ever try this??? 3D custom board issue

    It screws in a few threads, but not much at all. It was the only board i could find....
    I'll temporarily add foam for it to rest on the rails with and graffers tape to the flange.

    i'm upset that...
  10. Anyone ever try this??? 3D custom board issue

    I printed this, but i'm having trouble with it...

    I didn't design it, i just downloaded the file.

    Description says i don't need to screw the lens in (it wont screw in very much anyway), but the...
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    Re: DIY lensboards??

    I ran across this... The back side looks odd to me. I thought the Ektar stuck out a bunch?? What am I looking at?

    I have no experience with 3D printing...
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    DIY lensboards??

    I couldn't find the exact answer to my question from searching the forums.... I recently acquired a Speed Graphics 4x5 with the intent to use barrel lenses and other large lenses.
    However I over...
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    Radioptican Lens

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to use a radioptican lens at all on their camera? I've been researching old lenses, and then realized I have an old radioptican just sitting around. I saw an...
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