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    Re: Schneider 47mm XL on Technikardan 45

    I believe the recessed board is required: Bob gives the part number in this thread.

    I also think you need to make sure you...
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    Re: Thinking about going to 8x10

    8x10 is definitely easier to learn on, because it's more forgiving to focus (contact printing can hide sins) and much easier to compose with on the bigger GG.

    But you've already learned 4x5. If...
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    Re: Linhof 8x10

    Yes, a few, per Cameraquest. I've never seen one.
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    Re: Kodak Tech Pan 8x10

    I had occasional issues with the stuff, but it gave a great look for portraits due to the extended red sensitivity. And it was very nice for big prints: I know a guy whose career was essentially...
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    Re: Kodak Tech Pan 8x10

    I sold my last partial bulk roll of TP a few years ago, and I got about $0.50 a foot. It was expired, but there was a keen auction for it.

    POTA is supposedly a usable developer for...
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    Re: Camera for nikkor-t 600/800/1200

    You won't find many (any?) lightweight 8x10 cameras that can handle the 1200 Nikkor-T. First, you need 30" of bellows to hit infinity. That eliminates all of the 24" and 28" bellows cameras. Then,...
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    Re: Handheld 5X7 thoughts

    Footman sold a helical for ~$250, Grimes did one for a bit more, and some folks have adapted larger 35mm or MF lens barrels. Ironically, the Travelwide is the cheapest source for a helical that I...
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    Re: Everyone, I have resigned as a moderator.

    Yeah. Give him a residence at Castle Gandolfi.
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    Re: 8X10 Lens advice required

    For me, 159mm feels about like a 24mm equivalent. So any of the three modern wides with 400mm coverage will work for you, or the 150 SSXL. (For me, though, that's barely wide enough.)

    From 165mm...
  10. Re: Alternatives to PS - what they can and can not do?

    Sure. Every time I look into Lightroom, I check and see if it has a channel mixer. It still doesn't have a channel mixer. Since I only do B&W prints, and the reason I use digital is to apply...
  11. Re: Show of my carbon and platinum prints -- The University of the Arts in Philadelph

    The other "big" museum in Philly is the PA Academy of Fine Arts. It is closed on Monday, of course. The Mutter Museum is open on Mondays. You might want to check out the Navy Yard (it has a...
  12. Re: Recommend A Trashy But Interesting 8x10 Lens?

    Anything from Carl Meyer. It's a made-up marque and reputedly some lenses just had mismatched cells screwed into shutters.

    Also, interregnum Wollensaks might work for you, and also triplets from...
  13. Re: Show of my carbon and platinum prints -- The University of the Arts in Philadelph

    I work a whopping two blocks from the gallery, so I'll definitely report on the show when it goes up.
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    Re: Sabattier Effect on Film

    Sold. I'm trying your film solarization procedure.

    Questions: 20 watt MR16 bulbs? And distance from your flasher to the film? (I usually flash at about 3 feet for prints.)

    Just saw some...
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    Re: nikkor t ed 800 / 1200 mm

    I had the 600/800T for a few years. I used it solely on a 8x10 Gowland Pocket View with 32" of bellows. Focusing the lens is no big deal, even at the low speed of the longer lengths. You still use...
  16. Re: Wanting to convey "blue" in a B&W photo???

    Gold toner.
  17. Re: How about digital backs for a Horseman 980 Technical camera?

    I wasn't aware that the backs on the 980 and the 985 were different; I would think that a sliding back made to fit the 985 would work on the 980.

    I'll say that I agree with Kevin that there's no...
  18. Re: What should I consider for a view camera with a digital back?

    I dunno. Someone linked to a 22mp Leaf back for less than $4k, and as I recall Leonard used to shoot 6x7 on a mini technical camera. Assuming the graflok adapter exists for the Leaf to the Toho,...
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    Re: 8x10 Shen Hao vs. 8x10 Tachihara

    Yeah. Me too. I in fact don't shoot 4x5 anymore, but I don't use 8x10 for additional resolution: I don't think there is any additional resolution. You might gain a small decrease in grain, but...
  20. Re: Elevator Digital... Silver Gelatin Fiber prints from Digital Files!

    I use DSI and I'm delighted with the results. I mess around with Pictorico High Gloss to try to make my own digital negs, but the results I've gotten from DSI blow away anything I've managed so far....
  21. Re: Elevator Digital... Silver Gelatin Fiber prints from Digital Files!

    Silver gelatin prints from a Lambda retired my inkjet. I'm a total convert.
  22. Re: Cheap (yeah, I know...) Wide Angle for 5x7?

    Ah. Then you can use a 14cm f/18 Protar. They're cheap, small, and barrel only.
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    Re: 8x10 field cameras - any suggestions?

    There are no 8x10s that no one knows about. As far as going for a snip, the Calumet C1, the Ansco, and the Century Universal all leap to mind--at least I can say that I've seen them for prices I'd...
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    Re: BTZS tubes for 8x10

    So the 8x10 tubes are on sale again.

    I recently threw out my 8x10 tubes. When they worked, everything went perfectly. Unfortunately, the film is large and floppy, and I routinely scratched...
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    Re: Wide Angle for 12x16"

    I can't think of any bargains at this length other than the 360mm plasmats. Personally I'd try the 10.5" Protar V, if I could find the B&L version (which would be cheaper). It might miss the...
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    Re: Looking into G Claron lenses

    I like my 355 G Claron, but the multicoated modern plasmats I've used are sharper and higher contrast. Plus you don't gain a lot of image circle with the G Claron compared to a Nikkor W or a...
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    Re: The limits. Your limits

    An integral: lower limit fb+fog, upper limit dmax.
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    Re: Idea for DIY 4x5 p&s...would it work?

    The project camera shown started with a helical mount, which isn't a cheap thing: you can blow $300 or more on one. Plus it uses a 90mm Angulon, which is wide but not really wide.

    The homemade...
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    Re: Tripod Head Challenge!

    The specs you set out are essentially for a ballhead, but you want a 3-way head. My guess is that no 3-way head will weigh 2 pounds and support 15 pounds.

    I'd get the Manfrotto 808 or the...
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    Re: Bellows Draw For 480mm Lens.?

    The rule of thumb is that your bellows draw has to be 1.2x the focal length of the lens for general photography. I find it to be a poor rule of thumb, though, as I do portraits.

    Judging by your...
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    Re: Bellows Draw For 480mm Lens.?

    Short answer: 580mm, or 23".

    Long answer: it depends. I rarely shoot at infinity, and I always make sure I have enough bellows to get to 1:3 on 8x10 with any lens. Portraits on 8x10 require...
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    Re: Advice for a long lens

    Your profile lists a Shen Hao and a Sinar in 4x5. The Sinar gives you options: an extra bellows and a multifunction standard gets you a ton of extension. Since you can effectively go as long as you...
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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    The 159mm Wolly comes in a fast version that just hits the corners on 8x10, and a slow version that gives you some movement. It's not terribly wide as far as I'm concerned, and you'd have to try it...
  34. Re: Stricter Guildelines Enforcement Now In Effect

    The problem with the ignore list is that sometimes the people on your ignore list become moderators. ;)
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    Re: Lightest possible tripod for 8x10

    I use an 8# 8x10. I just went back to an aluminum Manfrotto 3262 from a Gitzo CF tripod. I reluctantly came to the conclusion that any lens longer than my 6.25" Raptar was unstable on the lighter...
  36. Re: Check me before I drop $200 in chemicals for C-41 / E-6 processing at home...

    I've done sheet developing in tanks for E-6 in pretty much the manner you've described. Mine were done with intermittent agitation using the Kodak home E-6 kit and have held up fine for ten years. ...
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    Re: Tray or Tank for film?

    I've tried tanks, tubes, and trays. Agreed that they've been done to death. But . . . Murphy's Law strikes in developing sheet film in a way that it does not strike roll film. I've tossed my tubes...
  38. Re: 8 x 10" camera for architecture photography

    I am not in the new Arca Swiss or new Sinar tax bracket, but I have investigated the used options in these cameras in 8x10.

    Architecture on an 8x10 monorail means that you'll want to be very...
  39. Re: 8x10 Contact Prints: Multigrade Warmtone RC Glossy or Pearl?

    If you're contact printing, you should at least try a contact paper. I have AZO prints on my walls, and Multigrade Warmtone prints, and the contact paper--AZO--clearly has deeper blacks.

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    Re: TMY vs HP5

    TMY and HP5 are VERY different. I'll be sticking with TMY until it's discontinued, for the reasons summarized above: reciprocity and highlight detail. I just develop to gamma infinity and print on...
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