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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    A nice "ghostly" image. I like it.
  2. Re: HC-110 new formula? Any comments on performance?

    The "Massive Development Chart" is not to be used as a Gospel.Obviously it is the results of many users. Base your tests of the "New" developer on your results with the "Old."
  3. Re: HC110 1:63 mushy flat negatives dilution H

    Dilution H is not one suggested by Kodak. Thus it is not mentioned in their literature. It is one that someone, possibly unknown, thought to publish many years ago.
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    Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    I am coming into this discussion at a late date,and I am glad I didn't see it years ago and get tempted to build a new UV box with LED's..
    About 1990 I built a box with 10 - BL bulbs. It has...
  5. Re: HC110 1:63 mushy flat negatives dilution H

    If you are going to increase the time, do so. But not from 8 to 10 minutes, go at least to 12 minutes. (11.2 minutes would be a one stop increase)
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    Re: Anyone use 5x7 x-ray film

    The previous remark is the only reason I don't use x-ray in 5x7. My holders are all standard, even the dry plate holder with septums. Cutting 13x18 downto fit is a PIA. So I only use x-ray in 8x10...
  7. Re: Film back for Calumet CC400 4x5 view camera

    Are you looking for things to hold the 4x5 film?
    If so, you need to look for 4x5 film holders rather than film backs.
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    Re: PQ Universal for HP5+ and/or Pan F+

    Pere - Vaughn indicated was talking about negatives for CARBON prints, not silver.
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    Re: Still Life 2019

    Absolutely correct. That is the reason for many years i have bought as much film as I could afford once a year. Then I have watched the annual, or more often, price increases.
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    Re: Two Weeks, Two Workshops, Too Much Fun

    Congratulations to both of you for what had to be exciting and highly successful workshops. With several of Jim's images hanging proudly on my walls i know how much knowledge the students had to...
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    Re: November 2019 Portraits

    Very nice. Even the curve of her back adds to the organization and the beauty of the image. You r choice of cropping is really good.
  12. Re: Where are the great shots? Am I a cynicist or a realist?

    After 80+ years under a dark cloth gazing at an upside down image, i still get a kick out of seeing what appears to me to be a nice, pleasing image. Do others think the same of my images? probably...
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    Re: Question about Kodak 5x7 holder

    That is true for some, but not all.
  14. Re: Seeking Ideas For Simple 8x10 Contact Printing Solution

    Light is as simple as what Edward Weston Used - an incandescent bulb mounted at the end of a rod secured through a hole in a piece of wood wotha thumbscrew. Use toilet tissue to reduce light as...
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    Re: Found a new way to screw up...

    I wish it was only made once. T^here was a time whenall sheet film was packaged with interleaving. Sometimes conditions, atmospheric I think, were such that the paper stuck so tightly to the film...
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    Re: Question about Kodak 5x7 holder

    They are much older than WWII, possibly even 19ty century. I have many 5x7 holders which are similar in that they are shorter at the dark slide end, but otherwise the same as current ones. They work...
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    Re: Ideas For Temp. Lensboards?

    1/8" masonite, hobby plywood, 1/8" styrene sheet, etc
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    Re: Cutting a hole in a lens board?

    The bit inthe Circle Cutter can be replaced with a metal cutting bit from Home Depot.
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    Re: Paper similar to Hahnemühle Photo Rag

    Or do as Edward Westondid - cover the bulb with layers of toilet tissue.
  20. Re: Historical Research: Film stocks used by Arthur Fellig AKA WEEGEE

    Probably #5 IR flashbulbs. Called "midgets" but were very powerful.I once made a shot at a high school night football game with a #5 and you could easily read the faces on the opposite side of the...
  21. Re: "The big two" - Please tell me about your japanese lenses!

    YOu're neglecting some great old American lenses.I have Fuji's, Nikkor's, Schneider's and Rodenstock's. But the ones I turn to most often are Wollensak and Kodak. The modern sharp cut-off lenses...
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    Re: Jobo CPP2 Motor Malfunction

    Mike that is probably the most informative message in this thread. Thank you.
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    Re: Jobo CPP2 Motor Malfunction

    I had the same problem 20+ years ago. I removed the motor and took it to a small electric repair shop where it was rewound. It never failed as long as I had the unit. Suchsmall repair places are...
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    Re: Examples of Work Known to be Orthochromatic

    I'll add a few to your list who worked , for at least most of heir careers, with orthochromatic emulsions.
    Hurrell, Clarence White, Mortensen,Curtis,Strand,Stieglitz plus most of the Hollywood...
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    Re: Removing film from Jobo Expert Drum 3005

    I load my Expert drums dry, and unload after filling with water. never a scratch, even with double sided X-Ray film.
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    Re: Aspect ratio of 10x8 and 5x4?

    I'm still wondering.
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    Re: Multiple Test Zones on one Sheet

    I did similar and still have the dark slides. It only takes 3 old dark slides to make 6 exposures on a single sheet. each exposure is made to register Zone I at exposures varying by 1/3 stop. one is...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    I have a fluo box which I built years ago, and a NuArc. with the slower processes like cyanotype and salt I prefer the sun. I have a UV meter which cost me 1/2 as much as materials to build the fluo...
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    Re: Around the house?

    NIce, and there are at least 20 nice macro images in this one.
  30. Re: F stop not as indicated? - advice on f6-384 Rapid Aplanat No.3 Ser.D.F.8 needed

    I agree this appears to be an adaptation of the old US system. One wonders why they messed with it even more.
  31. Re: Please post your Manuals & Resources on Building your own Large Format Camera

    Another beauty. I am intrigued by the mirrored level. Are the available,or did you just luck into it somewhere.
    Jim Noel
  32. Re: Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen

    I would put drop of Acetone on the rear of each of the visible screws or bolts. Then I would drill them out.
    I agree with other posts that this is obviously a poor effort to mount a lens to a...
  33. Re: Mounting a Metal Retaining Ring onto a Metal Lensboard

    Ihave 6 or 7 Technika boards which have been tapped in this manner. A nut can be applied on the rear of the board if one feels insecure.
  34. Re: Tips/Ideas For Hand Making Lens Caps For Vintage LF Lenses?

    No drill press needed. Dremel now makes a circle cutter which works for plastic, wood, metal and other materials. If you have a Dremel,the setup will cost you less than$20 including cutters for...
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    Re: Ilford multigrade contrast differences?

    IIRC the emulsions for the RC Pearl, and the fibre matte are two different animals. My experience with them was a longer, more pliant scale with fibre, and a shorter,more contrasty scale for RC. I...
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    Re: Platinum Prints

    At the time Weston and Stieglitz were working,the world in general was in a dark mood. This was reflected in the art of the day, not just photographic, but painting and prints.
  37. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    Yes,make your own. The easiest method is to make2 at a time. Stone polishing grit comes in a variety of sizes. get a medium grit, sprinkle a little on one piece of glass. add a few drops of water....
  38. Thread: Mushrooms

    by Jim Noel

    Re: Mushrooms

    Yes, you probably will need to get close. I don't know the length of your bellows, so use the 150 which will allow plenty of bellows extension.
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    Re: Pyrocat-HD Sudden Death!

    I use a magnetic stirrer with a heating element. This way the solution in question heats evenly with no hot spots. I Made my first one, but the others have been bought for less than $100. My...
  40. Re: How to Develop Characteristic Curves in Large Format...Cheaply

    Although not the system I use, Doremus idea is a very good one,and practical.
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