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    Re: Calling shop wizards: Wash widget needed

    Go to the hardware store and buy a short piece of brass tubing that fits tightly in the hose, then squish the end down flattish so that the exit is a slit rather than a round hole. That will raise...
  2. Re: Question for chemistry--especially D-23--experts

    I use D23 1:7 for xray film. That would solve your problem but I haven't tried it that dilute with regular film. When it quits it doesn't slow down it stops dead, so you need to stay safely clear of...
  3. Re: Over the years - sheet film holders question - your most preferred and maintenanc

    I have way too many holders--dozens--because I bought cheap and couldn't resist, and consequently I have mostly wood, with zero problems. I can say, however, that a beat up old wood holder is a lot...
  4. Re: How fast can an enlarger shutter be fired?

    As an electric model most likely that is a #5 and only offers time exposure, not instantaneous.
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    Re: 210 mm Fujinar - any opinions?

    A tessar-formula from a solid company with great performing lenses? I'm going to bet that it's pretty good if you like Tessars. They're not for everyone.
  6. Re: "Extra" Aperture on Some Shutters (Copal/Schneider Symmar 135mm convertible)

    Think of the shutter aperture as being the largest possible lens that will go into that shutter, which might get used for a lot of different lenses, some large, some small. Any given lens may not...
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    Re: purpose of sheet mirror?

    Referring to the thread, basically the glycerin is for flattening, wax is against adhesion to the plate. The glycerin *might* have helped with adhesion, but basically what it does is make the paper...
  8. Re: Retaining ring for Wollensak 8x10 Rapid Symmetrical lens

    It's also nearly impossible that a lens made in the US in 1900 would have anything on it that would have metric measurements, so going at it from that angle is certainly doomed from the start.
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    Re: DIY 14X17" Camera with crazy ideas

    Demented, as usual! Thumbs up! If you made the AF external, it could follow-focus along with your subject wobble. DOF must be just about nothing.
  10. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    I just bought the highest, cheapest stands I could afford at that moment. I think one is a 13 or 15 footer that cost me $50 or so. It's got a huge base spread, thick tubes and since I only use it...
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    Re: Portrait Lens 8x10, soft focus

    I have a 11.5" Verito, a few 12" Tessar types, 36cm Heliar, the 375mm 4-element Caltar, a 333mm Wollaston, and that's the order I prefer them in for portraits.

    The Heliar is needle-sharp, almost...
  12. Re: snubby screwdriver made for tripod plate screws?

    I think if they'd wanted you to use a screwdriver they would have made it a screwdriver slot. It's not always necessary or desirable to tighten things as tight as humanly possible, though I certainly...
  13. Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    Something I have discussed with other news photogs is how we get "into the zone" when shooting, where everything sort of drops away and we become the camera, like looking through a tube, hearing...
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    Re: 100 Year Old Photo Studios

    When I was just starting out I visited a studio in Collingswood NJ where a friend knew the photographer. He was in an old movie theater. Dark, high ceiling, lots of space. He had eight different...
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    Re: Best 4x5 camera to accommodate a 65mm lens?

    The reason for the recessed board is to give more flex for movements, since the bellows are less compressed. It can't change the characteristics of the lens!

    For 65mm I use a Cambo, recessed...
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    Re: Hypo clear for large RC prints

    Also, if you overwash the prints will never lie flat, in the worst possible way, because all of the disturbance comes from water soaking in from the edges but not the middle, which I think stretches...
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    Re: Will 135mm Nikkor W cover 5x7?

    The original Fujinon W 135, with the inside lettering, covers 228mm. All of the Fuji lenses of the period are outstanding and cover more than any other similar line--I have even heard them being...
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    Re: What is the "object" in this lens?

    That's a relatively common lens for Speed Graphics, but it also had some military uses that I don't specifically know. The board it's mounted on, however, is for some special piece of equipment, an...
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    Re: Huge Lens Shutter & Adaptors

    When I set up my Ansco 8x10 I got the largest synched Packard I thought I'd need, then built a box behind the board an inch or so deep and mounted the shutter back there, to allow for lenses that...
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    Time o lite with a foot pedal. When I was a lab rat it stayed at 5 seconds, never moved. It made everything simple and direct. Great for selective burning, too.
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    Re: vintage Gundlach LF lens questions

  22. Thread: D 23 Users

    by mdarnton

    Re: D 23 Users

    D23 is so easy to make, and given the consistency of always having a fresh batch I have never considered replenishment. One thing that I have done that works well is using it diluted. For xray film I...
  23. Re: Longest focal length telephoto lens with bellows draw under 300 mm

    If you are into older tech, the Wollensak 15" (381 mm) tele-Raptar/tele-Optar is a very fine lens. It's got about 7.5" flange focus, and nearly covers 8x10. They used to be dirt cheap, but I see that...
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    Re: What image browsing program do you use?

    Another Faststone user. The nice thing about it, aside from being a good browser, is that it has a very extensive photo editing program tucked away in it that I often use instead of PhotoShop for...
  25. Re: Weird Coverage with Wollensak 159mm Velostigmat ?

    I haven't used mine (the 9.5 version) enough to verify this, but supposedly the difference between the two lenses is that the 9.5 was designed for banquet cameras, has minimal movements, but achieves...
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    Re: Hello from a LF hopeful

    Put your location in your profile and you might pick up some local LF friends.
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    Re: Burke & James 5x7

    To answer one question: when I had mine I made a recessed board for it and could fit a 65mm/5.6 Super Angulon, but the lens didn't cover. No possibility of movements with that combo. I believe the...
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    Re: Identification, please

    It appears to have more in common with B&J than Ansco, though it's certainly not. However, there are aspects of it that could convince me that the person who designed the B&J had one of these on his...
  29. Re: convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    Yes, I have holders, a couple of roll holders, and some bag mags, but the bag mags give me the greatest pleasure of the mess.

    A hint for buying holders is that you have to check everything because...
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    Re: Flash Socket for Old Shutter?

    My experience with Paramount cords is that it's worth haviing a cord for each shutter, then leaving it there. Because the P cords fit so tightly, I'm always wary of ripping the posts right out when I...
  31. Re: convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    Is there some reasonable resistance to just buying the right thing and using that? They aren't unobtainable, and because the size you want isn't desirable they aren't even particularly expensive.
  32. Re: convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    Graflex holders have a groove lightlock along the slide side, instead of the ridge found on normal holders. How will you deal with that?
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    Re: Rail size for a CALUMET 4X5 CC401?

    As people have said, KEH, while a good place, has some problems. I ordered a basic Cambo 4x5 from them once, and they sent the much fancier (and much larger) geared model, in a large box with one...
  34. Re: 300mm f5.6 TeleCongo Lens ... Which doesn't exist?

    Looking for the emblem on the shutter speed dial, I found this shutter with a similar dial, a Durax:
  35. Re: 300mm f5.6 TeleCongo Lens ... Which doesn't exist?

    It looks like a Prontor Press shutter, but of an older vintage than I would expect for the lens. Anyway, it's a mechanical shutter, not electric.
  36. Re: Goerz Doppel Anastigmat Serie III No 7 360mm f6 COVERAGE or lens catalogue
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    Re: 15" Tele-Raptar front group FL question

    The center of the elements, basically where you should be measuring, in that lens is quite a bit forward.The position of the aperture is irrelevant.
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    Re: 15" Tele-Raptar front group FL question

    With the front in front it is about f/2,8, in back, about f/5.,6 The focal length is around 180mm--I have never attempted to measure it precisely. The effect is different in front or in back: in back...
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    Re: 8x10 Camera + Accessories: Advice

    The Bogen 3057 head is great, but it's much too large and heavy for your application. Pix don't do justice to the size.
  40. Re: Replacement corner pins for 8x10 back (ie Deardorff, B&J, Ansco etc.)

    That's what I did.
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