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    Is 6x12 considered LF? (Noblex?)

    I'm interested in what people think about the option of using a regular MF camera to make digitally stitched panoramas instead of a swing lens. It seems to me that the results are similar in look,...
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    Long trips without a darkroom

    Readyloads are great for traveling (although more expensive), and if I shot 4x5, I'd use them. When shooting 8x10 B&W on a long trip, rather than using multiple film boxes or dividers, as I unload...
  3. Using a tent to load holders, looking for advice.

    I consider my Harrison tent (not the pup--one size up) essential for 8x10.
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    Berlebach 3-section Tripods

    I've been using a Berlebach 2-section tripod with my 8x10 (Masterview) for a while. I like it because it was very reasonably priced (Calumet closeout for just over $100), is light for an 8x10...
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    Digital futer for large format

    I agree with Ralph. I think it's likely that very soon DSLRs will provide quality that is "good enough" for the vast majority of professional applications of all kinds. LF and even MF will be left...
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    19 inch Artar coverage on 11x14

    Done a search and reviewed some of the references out there, but the available information seems inconsistent. Could those with experience let me know whether the 19 inch Artar (Goerz Red Dot, if it...
  7. What is the most movement youve ever used?

    You'd better modify the legend of your photo.
    The camera used to take it is supposed to be a Mamiya 6."


    The linked version was taken on a Mamiya 6. See the last...
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    Ansel and his PhaseOne back ????

    Perhaps Ansel Adams is the best authority on this question:

    "I eagerly await new concepts and processes. I believe that the electronic image will be the next major advance. Such systems will...
  9. What is the most movement youve ever used?

    I think it's probably this one:

    In order to show the bridge, I had to be a certain distance from and an extreme angle to the window. It took...
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    do you use a loupe when focusing?

    For a while I got a bit lazy and stopped using a loupe when focusing my 8x10, figuring that it wasn't necessary to be so precise when shooting for contact printing. I started checking myself and...
  11. Anybody else getting heartburn with the new 'Carbon Print' ?

    Katharine, sorry for the misspelling.
  12. Anybody else getting heartburn with the new 'Carbon Print' ?

    Sandy King's description of the traditional carbon printing as a "a process which very few photographers, even advanced ones, knew anything about" pretty much debunks the notion that by calling their...
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    Eastman Commercial 8x10

    Excellent camera: light, rigid, compact (for 8x10) with a good set of movements. Lots of well-thought-out and useful features like self-locking geared front rise and spring-loaded knobs. Will fold...
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    Drilling a Masterview

    James is right about looking at weight savings other than on the camera. Film holders, for example are really heavy. Anyone tried drilling some weight out of their dark slides?

    But seriously,...
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    Drilling a Masterview

    Back in the 70's and early 80's some cyclist weight fanatics used to drill holes in bike components in order to lighten them. Sometimes they got quite ingenious and artistic. I'm wondering whether...
  16. Who has gone digital and what are your complaints about it if any.

    Digital is extremely attractive because of the incredible control it gives over manipulation of the image. As one very skilled wet dark room printer I know who has gone over to digital said, going...
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    Specific Tripod/head needs

    You might try the Bogen/Manfrotto 3028 head. It's a three-way with levers, a relatively low profile, weighs under 2lb, is extremely cheap (maybe 10 percent the cost of that Linhof), very easy to...
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    B&W Prints on Epson 1280?

    There are MIS Variable Mix ink sets for both 4 and 6 color printers (can't remember which the 1200 is). The real issue is whether a set of curves has been developed for the particular printer,...
  19. Seneca 5x7 Improved View Lenses and Film

    Assuming that your lens has a normal f-stop scale (not necessarily the case, since some very old lenses used a different scale)--that is, including some part of the progression 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 5.6,...
  20. is it possible to use canvas instead of photo paper...

    You could also explore some of the "alternative" processes (ie., not traditional silver) such as cyanotype or van dyke brown (probably the two simplist and cheapest), which are very easy to use on...
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    B&W Prints on Epson 1280?

    This is a really big topic that can't be addressed fully here, but FWIW, following are my opinions on the most popular alternatives:

    1. Use the 1280 color inks. The least expensive alternative,...
  22. 8x10 Eastman Commercial all Metal View Camera


    The camera takes 6x6 inch square-cornered lensboards, which are pretty common. I've bought new ones from Midwest Photo Exchange.
  23. 8x10 Eastman Commercial all Metal View Camera

    Ansel Adams used this camera (it's mentioned in his book Examples). I have one that had the front standard modified to allow tilts. When I showed it to John Sexton at a workshop, he told me that...
  24. Are back, base, and yaw-free movements more than a convenience?

    I think that the original questions mixes up two different issues.

    First, is the issue of what minimum combination of movements is necessary. It's worth knowing that if a camera has the correct ...
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    Dry mounting cibas vs c prints

    For some good information about mounting Ilfochromes, check out
  26. USA photographers: Copyright Protection ; The PPA want you to contact your congressman

    Well, I'm glad someone is finally doing something about the pervasive problem of state agencies stealing copyrighted photographs. In fact, although OMB was charged with writing a report to support ...
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    A question of ethics.

    Regarding Adams & O'Sullivan: Adams' comments on the similarity between his and O'Sullivan's White House Ruin photographs were inconsistent over the years. In the Examples book he either strongly ...
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    Epson 2450 photo scaner

    I've been using the 2450 to scan 6x6 B&W negs for about 2 weeks now, and (I think) I've more or less got the hang of it. It's capable of scans that can produce 11x11 prints that usually appear as...
  29. Working/Assisting gravure/alternative printer

    Check out the Alternative Process FAQ ( It has a link to the alternative process mailing list, which would be a good place to ask this question.
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    Better Price than Light Impressions?

    I saw Michael Smith's article on ArtCare board and found it quite persuasive. On the other hand, the board is quite a bit more expensive than the similar products from Light Impressions. Is there...
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    medium format vs large format lenses


    Your tests are interesting, but let me suggest another interpretation. Starting with the waterski test (and assuming you were trying to focus on the ski): this may actually suggest that ...
  32. Condenser vs. Cold-Light/ 8x10 Horizontal Enlarger


    Regarding one part of your question, Ctein did a two-(or maybe three-) part series on condensor vs. diffuser vs. coldlight enlarger heads in Photo Techniques Magazine a year or two ago. ...
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    Epson Printer

    A couple of additional points: The newest Epson models (the 1280/890/780) are able to print at 2880 dpi on certain papers compared to the 1440 max for the 1270 and 2000. I've seen differing ...
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    Which tripod

    I believe many people carry around heavier tripods and heads than they need. With my Deardorff 5x7 I use a Velbon Carmagne--about the same size and weight as the 1200 series Gitzos but less...
  35. Piezography: Ansel Adams and the inkjet print

    The idea of digital B&W printing is intriguing, but even if potential image quality and permanence of Piezography prints has matched silver, there are still a lot of issues for someone, like...
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    My Bellows Is Fine

    This singular definition of bellows is troublesome. It looks like it is improper to refer to a "bag bellows," which should be called just a "bag" (no folds). And if you have one of these and a...
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    ilex general shutter - is it good?

    Steve Grimes has a page on Ilex shutters on his web site (
  38. wood field in the sultry South ? humidity

    See I'm guessing that if it's not a problem for this guy, it probably won't be for you.
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    Nicholas Nixon - Technique

    Well, Sean, I agree: the equipment of documentary film makers is, in most cases, even more intrusive than Nixon's 8x10 equipment. Perhaps that is why I often find myself thinking when I see a film...
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    Nicholas Nixon - Technique

    After looking at a number of his school photographs on the web, I'm quite impressed that he has accomplished what appear to be Leica-style "candid" images with an 8x10. But this leads me to wonder...
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