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    Re: who do you use to publish your books?

    I've used Blurb to produce a couple of small monographs. The first one I had printed was quite good, but the 2nd book I created (template style, so all pages the same and all photos had been scanned...
  2. Re: What portable lighting equipment do you use when your shoot portraits outside stu

    I have a couple of Bowens Pioneer units. Fitted with an adapter they can hold brollies or a small softbox. These were sold before the Gemini power packs and are much easier to carry and store.
  3. Re: Duoscan T1200... my hunt for the first scan...

    This is what I did, although I'm still using the Agfa software. Works a treat!
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    Re: Hi from Australia

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for the awesome welcome - great to see some other Aussies on board too, and it's nice to know I'm not the only Aussie newbie here, Lorraine. :D It's a steep curve indeed! I...
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi all.

    Dann Fromm suggested I drop by on another forum, as I've just purchased a little Arca Swiss 6x9 Oschwald camera. Has been great checking out the various threads as I enter the LF world, so...
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    Re: Who is using LF commercially?

    Interesting information regarding schools and LF.

    The college I graduated from has also gone totally digital - no more wet processing at all!! They have some LF kits that are presently being...
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