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    Re: Condenser lens in a snoot?

    cut the centers out of a few dollar store page magnifiers and sandwich them between the light and snoot.
  2. Re: New here, new to LF, strongly considering a Wista

    50mmx3.5=175mm 105mmx3.5=368mm

    lots of great 180mm lenses out there to choose from and it's not hard to find a 360mm or 380mm telephoto lens that would work with the shorter bellows of a wista.
  3. Re: anyone print 4x5 negatives with a black border?

    place a sheet of milky white plastic or glass directly above your negative.
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    Re: A large-format laugh from Matt Marrash

    that part was total bullshit. everyone exaggerates about the limited movements of graphics because they don't know how to use one. you have rise, fall, shift, forward and backward tilt or in portrait...
  5. Re: Getting back into 4x5 -- Need some Suggestions

    pacemaker speed graphic if you want maximum lens compatibility but somewhat limited movements, crown graphic if you want to go a little wider than a speed graphic at the cost of being limited to...
  6. Re: 5x7 B&J no longer focusing correctly - why?

    so your gg is slightly too far back then. are you sure it didn't get flipped around at some point?
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    Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    none of that matters. the subject of this thread is how to determine how much people are willing to pay for an item. that's literally what sold items on ebay tells you, minus what they paid for...
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    Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    asking prices can be inflated, sold item prices aren't.
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    Re: Ground Glass--repair, replacement-----

    if the frosted layer is just painted on you could try stripping it and repainting with frosted glass spray paint. or if you can get your hands on a broken lcd monitor you can salvage some paper thin...
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    Re: Barrel lenses for Speed Graphic

    comparons are an excellent option too. just as sharp as componons as far as i can tell.
  11. Re: Is a Transparency that was Exposed Backwards Salvageable?

    scan them with a colour corrected backlight.
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    Re: Reflection or light on an eye

    absolute BS. humans spend their entire lives looking into people's eyes and seeing catchlights that match their surroundings, which is rarely a single catchlight. anything other than that is...
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    Re: Reflection or light on an eye

    that's ridiculous. the sun has never been the only bright object reflected in people's eyes and we've been living in a world littered with artificial light sources for ages, so there's no reason to...
  14. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    you need to meter your lighting through a filter that mimics the sensitivity curve of your film.
  15. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    yeah, sure, ask film shooters why they chose film over digital in a digital photography forum... makes perfect sense...
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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    you could just get a small grow tent and flip the fabric inside out. a little less portable but more useful.
  17. Thread: Industar-37

    by maltfalc

    Re: Industar-37

    A 2" top hat lens board will get you close enough for head and shoulders portraits.
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    Re: 2 sheets of film in the same holder?

    That's what I'd recommend too. Black and white film in front with the anti-halation layer stripped and inserted backwards so the two emulsions are in direct contact at the correct depth with a higher...
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    Re: Reversal vs negative

    after inverting the tone curve, export as a tiff and that'll give you a copy with a normal looking tone curve and sliders that work the way they should.
  20. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    hard to say which specific film they're repackaging, but it's double sided orthochromatic, so fuji hr-u green would be similar but at a more useful 50-100 iso. i've bought from these guys before....
  21. Re: Use of X-ray film: technical discussion with example images

    yeah, they've been massively gouging people with that junk for a while now.
  22. Re: 4x5 lens recommendation for fast shutter speeds

    a speed graphic and a fast projector lens.
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    Re: Not DIY Curtains for a darkroom

    you could try a black roller blind, ideally with some extra framing around the door to create a groove that wraps around the edge of the roller blind.
  24. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

    no, 7x is the crop factor/multiplier between 35 mm and 8x10. applies to focal length and f-stop. i assume you're talking about a teleconverter or something.
  25. Re: The things I don't know... :) Help (Crazy lens movements; lens choices; bellows o

  26. Re: How much dimmer on the ground glass is an f/9 lens vs a f/5.6? Or f/5.6 vs f/4.5?

    1:1 will turn your f/9 into an f/18. if you've got a camera handy try using the viewfinder at f/18.
  27. Re: Spectral sensitivity of collodion and orthochromatic film

    ortho usually peaks at around 450nm and 550nm, with sensitivity usually bottoming out before 600nm.
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    Re: nice new lens, but sticky shutter

    soak a bit of kleenex in kerosene and place it in a sealed container with the shutter. the old lube will absorb the fumes and should soften up a bit.
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    Re: Film in freezer

    the two big problems are warm moist air cooling and causing condensation when in contact with cold film fresh out of the freezer or when trapped in the film's packaging and placed back in the...
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    Re: Methods for cutting 8x10 film down to 5x7

    my cutter has a raised edge at both the front and back, meaning i can have one permanent stop at the front and one at the back and just place the film against the front or back edge for the two cuts....
  31. Re: Crown Graphic age (camera vs focusing panel)

    i wouldn't expect to see that much wear on the gg from loading film holders and barely a mark on the leatherette along the rear edge that would have gotten just as much abuse if the gg were original....
  32. Re: Are Daguerreotype Included in Wet Plate Threads

    easiest way is to have a dim white light at the opposite end of your darkroom and hold the plate so you can see the white light and it's reflection next to each other.
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    Re: New to LF - First shot - Focusing

    or if he wants something more durable,...
  34. Re: STILL LIFE - Lens Thoughts & Recommendations

    if f/9 turns out to be darker than you want to deal with (it'll be f/18 at 1:1), the old chrome schneider enlarger lenses are really nice, if you can use barrel lenses or find a shutter to adapt the...
  35. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    volvox thrive around here. a bit of methyl cellulose will slow everything down if i have any issues.
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    Re: Wet Plate portrait lens

    you could try taping an electric toothbrush or something to your camera to add just enough vibration to blur out fine wrinkles.
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    Re: Newcomers to LF: First Read The Book[]=mediatype%3A%22texts%22
  38. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    well, i know underwater large format photography of moving subjects has been done with a graflex slr and if i remember right they used a massive amount of flash powder rigged up on a floating...
  39. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    two of my student scopes are this type.
    the top screws off so i can just use direct projection straight up through my speed graphic with no obstructions. with the other monocular scopes i...
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    Re: How do I remove mold on LF lens

    yeah, that's not mold. if it's not affecting image quality, leave it alone.
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