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  1. Re: Strange Experience in Monument Valley

    One can't really blame the Navajos for managing (or monetizing) their land as they see fit.

    That said, I will no longer photograph in a number of places on the reservation just because they have...
  2. Re: press-on lens shade for 203mm Ektar?


    I adapted a 52mm stepping ring to the series VI threads on my slip-on adapter for my Ektar 203mm lens. I had one machined, but you may be able to find a Series VI to 52mm adapter ring...
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    Re: Neutral Density filter advice?

    Down-and-dirty solution:

    ND gel filters and tape (I like skin tape since it comes of easily and clean).
  4. Re: Getting back into 4x5 -- Need some Suggestions


    Of course, I was generalizing broadly just for the sake of simplification and overview. The Technika is indeed one of the faster cameras to set up. However, I can get my Wista DX set up...
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    Re: haze in negative

    Flare. Now you see why using a lens shade or shading the lens is a good idea in many situations. :)
  6. Re: Getting back into 4x5 -- Need some Suggestions

    Different styles of cameras have different strengths and were designed for different purposes.

    Handheld 4x5? Get a press camera with rangefinder.
    Interior architecture with ultra-wide lenses?...
  7. Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    Check the completed listings on eBay. The "sold" items will give you an idea of current going prices; the "unsold" ones are usually the ones priced too high.

    Used prices from places like KEH,...
  8. Re: Leaving Kodak for Ilford

    Michael has your formula, or use the spoon recipe that I posted earlier. D-72 is super-easy to mix; easier than packaged Dektol, and gives great results. Once you've acquired the stock chemicals...
  9. Re: What lens board for Wista 45DX and Schneider 90mm f/8

    I have two Wista DXs and an SW. The recessed board is almost a must with 90mm and shorter lenses in order not to damage the bellows when using movements. Sure, you can mount and focus the lens...
  10. Re: Leaving Kodak for Ilford

    The same approach applies to film developers as well, however :)

    D-76 and D-23 are easy to mix from scratch and there are lots of other commercial formulas available as concentrates or kits...
  11. Re: Which field camera for usage with 90mm lens

    While the Technikas are great and well-made cameras, I'm not sure they fall into the price category that the OP is interested in.

    Also, we need to better define "field camera." Metal cameras like...
  12. Re: Leaving Kodak for Ilford

    Uh, I think we're talking about paper developers here...

    Anyway, I second the motion of mixing your own (although Bromophen is really nice - just more expensive).

    However, I like to keep things...
  13. Re: Scientific reason why some developers causes decrease film speed


    Maybe Stephen Benskin will chime in here: He and Michael R seem to be the real experts in this field, along with a few others. If he doesn't you may find answers by searching his older...
  14. Re: Using Buffered Crescent Board for Image Display

    My concern, in addition to those mentioned, would be that the color and texture of the overmat would not match the board the print is mounted on. If, like me, you leave a bit of the board to which...
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    Re: Importance of back movements


    Don't confuse tilt/swing for purposes of optimizing the position of the plane of sharp focus with positioning the back for rendering parallel vertical or horizontal lines in the scene...
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    Re: Importance of back movements


    It seems you're making a fundamental conceptual error here (from what I gather, at least).

    Swings revolve around a vertical axis, not a horizontal one. The green line in your...
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    Re: 2 sheets of film in the same holder?

    I don't know about your holders, but mine (all of them, Riteway, Lisco, Fidelity, old wooden Graphic holders, etc.) won't accommodate two sheets of film on one side; they just don't fit under the...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    This is the correct thing to do if you want to keep parallel verticals in the scene parallel on the film. Pointing the camera down with the pan/tilt head on your tripod would result in keystoning,...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    Who made that a rule? That only applies if you want the plane of sharp focus to fall on the face of the building you are photographing.

    Keeping the front and rear standards parallel and plumb...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    Maybe not necessary, but in a situation with a lot of foreground in front of the building one is photographing, a bit of front tilt can help with focus spread and enable the use of a more optimum...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    Simple Alan, see my earlier post. The camera back has to be parallel with the plane of the face of the building if you want the verticals in the wall parallel. Period.

    Any futzing for...
  22. Re: LF hikers, do you remove plastic tree ribbons?

    They did roughly the same things, they just didn't have plastic :)

    Cairns, cloth, broken branches, memorizing landmarks, etc. Not so much different, just biodegradable.

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    Re: Importance of back movements


    As far as "perspective" is concerned: it's cleared up for me, but there are those who haven't seen that older thread and those who participated in the thread that never really accepted the...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    I look at all these movements in a different way.

    Two things really matter in image management: 1. The position of the back in relation to the subject and 2. The relative positions of lensboard to...
  25. Re: Not understanding Toyo Base Tilt Front and Rear

    The tilt specs are somewhat confusing.

    The problem with the specifications is that they often don't take into account that the bellows get in the way (especially the specs for the base tilts).
  26. Re: LF hikers, do you remove plastic tree ribbons?


    I'm a pretty experienced outdoorsman, and I've flagged trails to find my way back out numerous times. Especially in the forest where things all look similar and I'd rather concentrate on...
  27. Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    The used tones produces a fine black precipitate, a silver compound of some sort most likely. Since I transfer prints directly from the second fix to the toner, they still have fixed-out silver...
  28. Re: Darkroom print and data filing system

    My system:

    I keep exposure notes in a small notebook. Each set-up gets a separate sheet with information about exposure, place, working title, filtration, development chosen (ZS) and notes about...
  29. Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    I use both these papers and have no problem getting a tonal shift with KRST. A stronger dilution will likely get you some results, but don't jump to 1+3 from 1+20... Maybe try something in between....
  30. Re: LF hikers, do you remove plastic tree ribbons?

    Well, in days past I regularly carried a roll of flagging tape (that's what we called it, not "ribbon") with me to mark my trail into the woods so I could easily find my way out after dark. I...
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    Re: Index Tabs to your film holders

    I use notches too, but in a Roman-numeral system: small half-round notch = 1, "V"-shaped notch = 5, square notch = 10, thin slot = 50, etc.

    However, the index tabs look pretty trick; I might have...
  32. Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    If your paper tones too quickly, use a weaker dilution. In my experience, dilution does not affect the final image tone, however; it just takes longer to reach with a weaker dilution. Still, using...
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    Re: Best dual axis bubble spirit?

    I test my shutters regularly (at f/22, which is close to my normal shooting aperture), average the results and note that average to the nearest 1/3 stop. The times get printed on a label, which gets...
  34. Re: Wista 45VX stiff focusing knobs and back swing

    I don't know your model camera, but, certainly, you should be able to focus easily with one hand. On my wooden Wista cameras, the left-side "focus" knob is a focus lock. Are you sure you don't have...
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    Re: Common Large Format Mistakes

    Ouch!! I've done that once as well (only once, thank goodness...). Same scenario: packing up after a long hike in Death Valley, placed the tripod on the passenger's side of the rig, packed...
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    Re: Paper cutting preferences

    Rototrim for me too. I have two other trimmers sitting in storage and just use my 24" Rototrim for everything now. Once squared well, it is reliable, accurate and robust.

    Dave, I imagine a...
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    Re: Best dual axis bubble spirit?

    Late to the party here...

    I have installed/attached small bull's-eye bubble levels to all of my cameras. I set up the camera for a shot of a scene with vertical lines that are guaranteed plumb,...
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    Re: Dating your prints

    On the back of my prints (that is, on the mat board that it's dry-mounted to) is the following information:

    Photograph by Doremus Scudder
    Title: ..................
    Location: (usually just a...
  39. Re: 4x10 how does it work and what do I need

    I like the panorama format for many subjects as well, but I wouldn't want to be limited to it.

    So, how about 8x10 and just crop when you want that panorama? Then you could make an 8x10 print too,...
  40. Re: Yellow, Orange, Red Filter Factors?

    You're finding that filter factors are not nearly as "simple" as you may have believed.

    Manufacturers give you exposure factors that work under the controlled lighting, metering and exposure...
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