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    Re: Cars, Boats, Trains, Planes

    Recently painted my wheels in graphite, and hand painted my wheel crests:

    220526 220528 220527
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    Re: Enlarger sizing mentioned birch plywood, square bellows, and rails on wheels.

    Well, here is my birch ply DIY horizontal enlarger (re-crafted from an earlier DIY vertical enlarger)...with square...
  3. Re: About red safelights. How much red is damaging for the paper

    About that "safelight window" idea...didn't Kodak do this to a rather large laboratory back in the day?
  4. Re: How to keep film ending up wrong side of dark slide after exposing

    A feature that should be present on every film holder, but unfortunately is that little recess in the septum, at the midpoint on the loading flap end - making it easier to grasp the exposed...
  5. Re: Question Regarding 35mm/MF lenses for Macro on 4x5

    I did this (watch movement) image ages (like 45 years) ago…but as I remember, I first crafted a lens board (for a 4x5 Crown Graphic) out of tempered masonite, cut a hole in this and into this hole...
  6. Re: Planning a brief course on the history of large format photography

    History of Photography by Beaumont Newhall.
  7. Re: Question Regarding 35mm/MF lenses for Macro on 4x5

    Reversed 55mm 3.5 Micro-Nikkor on 4x5 film. Not a great actuality the entire image is very sharp! (except the tops of the pinion shafts, which are outside of the DOF)

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    Re: Schneider APO-Tele Xenar HM 800 f/12?

    ...and what about that evil grapefruit with toothpick character - you think I'll ever set foot in the produce isle again? Not on your life!
  9. Re: UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

    Nice video. I kinda wished that the reporter had spent more time a the Chroma booth as it looked like they had lots more interesting products that weren't mentioned.

    I also wished that they'd...
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    Re: Tiny Camera Porn

    Actually I was thinking that the owner of the camera assumed that it was beyond repair (stuck self timer could indicate something serious?) and decided to create a mold of it...perhaps as a "business...
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    Re: Tiny Camera Porn

    Ha! Better to make a chocolate mold than to fix that self timer!
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    Re: Tiny Camera Porn

    Ha! Clickbait!

    Actually (to let myself off the hook:rolleyes:)...this is entirely legit on the Pelican Parts Porsche forum - where it appears as "engine porn."

    So, naturally, I'd (correctly)...
  13. Re: I would like to learn how to do macrophotography with my 8X10.

    Did this ages ago with a vertically mounted 4x5 crown graphic, reverse mounted 55mm micro nikkor lens, with single desk lamp at a strong angle...of watch movement components floating on the surface...
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    Re: Anyone else printing smaller?

    Jeesh - my prints have been getting bigger and up to 40x60 (more like 37x55) wet prints, in a 48x66 frame - seascapes which I love huge, but so difficult to transport around, and whose...
  15. Re: During Virus Time - a new series by Stephen DiRado

    I'd dropped in on Stephen D. and Frank Armstrong a few times at Clark University...where they run a truly stellar photography program, with great facilities for both analog and digital. Very active...
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    Re: canyon de chelly

    Same here with regards to 6x7 - has "saved" me on many occasions where weight, weather, and/or logistics of LF have simply proved untenable. Also many photo-forays choosing MF over LF for its own...
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    Re: Compur-Rapid cleaning woes

    Given the extremely high speeds reached by the shutter blades, I'd be very careful about risking the depositing of liquids onto these this would then place adjacent lens elements at risk....
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    A better alternative to foam core would be gatorboard (much sturdier/stiffer than foam core) - comes in black, also as 4x8 foot 3/16 and 1/2 inch thickness. Should be sturdy enough to...
  19. Re: Presentation of Lotus View Camera 14x17 (video)

    For those with sharp enough eyes to have seen the vertically oriented camera back move slightly while the bail was being closed (at about 13:40 in the video), l can put you at ease by saying that...
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    Re: Building a 4x5

    Two points in favor of employing relatively larger front bellows dimensions, one being that this facilitates larger rear lens element diameters as mentioned above...the other being potentially better...
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    Rescue blankets are re-useable to a point...but I think the idea of using a white bed-sheet would be better.

    I might suggest sewing the bedsheet to the outside of the pop-up to make for easier...
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    My critique was basically in response to the person who mentioned the possibility of using the darkroom for wet plate, at least in cases where a subject is photographed outdoors in sunlight at a...
  23. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    To help get this thread back on track (yes, I plead guilty of willful digression!), I’d like to add a caveat to my earlier “I could care less” (about the medium) statement - that while I wound never...
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    Would be problematic to use Ilford's pop up darkroom outdoors in sunlight - not for light leaks...but because it would get hot as heck inside because the outer surface is black. Design flaw IMHO.
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    Re: Durst Laborator 138?

    I gotta much as I love my Zone VI series 2 enlarger (like new for 400.00...came with an unopened, frozen 50 sheet box of 16x20 Forte Polywarmtone!)...that yeah, I'd love to get set up with...
  26. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    better be careful though...could be a hoodon't, or even a hoodunnit!"

    Probably would need a panel of experts to be maybe H. Bosch, S. Dali, S. Freud, and - for good measure (or as...
  27. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Oh, dear...what would Freud think of these?

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    Re: What is this antique thing?

    Hmmm...I think you've hit the nail on the head - that what you have in an antique...thing!
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    Re: Munewca Cameras

    From the video I'd say thats a 5x7. Looks very versatile and flexible in terms of available movements.

    I'd be very curious about how this camera might facilitate "fine tuning" of movements while...
  30. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    As long as I am moved, inspired, enlightened by an image...I could care less how it came to be.
  31. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    Oh…dear. My assignment from hell.

    17 year old kid wanted me to photograph a pencil drawing for part of his art school application. Had to be on location as the drawing was huge (8X10 feet), ...
  32. Re: End grain glue joints versus side grain

    Side to side is always best if not augmented in some other way. End to end should always be augmented by either creating finger joints (which, in effect, creates a side to side attachment), or...
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    Re: Bellows glue

    Combination of contact cement and screwed-on strips. Be sure that the contact cement layers are thin (but still viable) and even, as a "blob" of glue can transmit light! The screwed on strips can...
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Ha! Just yesterday I noticed the array of shoes placed in front of my chair...a pair of Solomon light hikers (got'm for half price!) which I wear into town and for walks, my old chewed up Moabs...
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    Sticky: Re: Large Format Channels on YouTube

    That woman...Lena? 11x14 Enlarger?
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor still have all ten fingers?
  37. Re: How did they blacken the metal stops & caps of the Daguerre era lenses?

    Richard...ya gotta give us more details - otherwise "liver of sulfur" just sounds...really unappatizing!
  38. Re: Those platform gitzo heads with 2 tripod screws, what size front?

    Huge head-slap here...designed two tripod holes into the base of my L-45A (to offer best balance for selected lenses/focus distances), but - with no consideration for the "double screw" design of my...
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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Got a 30gallon/175maxpsi/6cfm/min@90psi Huskey from HD awhile back...while "too big" for my otherwise huge v-groove ceiling project, I could nail all day and the thing wouldn't need to recharge. ...
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    Re: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    That Heiland looks amazing...and I have every bit of confidence that its the cats pajamas! I say this after having not only seen many Heiland/Keinzle products up close - but also as I own a Heiland...
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