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  1. HELP--which color print film for a wedding?

    I used Portra 400VC for one wedding season and then I switched to Agfa Optima 400 II after that. I just don't see any quality difference between the major league films except that the Agfa is ...
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    Transparency submissions

    I'd give a lot of thought to having a high quality drum scan made from the image. Have them make it a tiff or Photoshop file and then have it burned to a CD. Then you can make as many copies as...
  3. Has it been done - Burn/Dodge w/ MC Filters?

    See if this was true you could use cyan to get all the tone and all of the contrast!

    This should have been: See if this was true you could use cyan to get all the tone and magenta to get all of...
  4. Has it been done - Burn/Dodge w/ MC Filters?

    Hold on for a second. My understanding of how multigrade filters function is that the yellow works on the emulsion layer to reduce contrast and the magenta will increase it. So how do you do a...
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    8x10, Photo-Flo, PMK, and Scratches

    Although I can do only one 8x10 neg at a time, and I don't use PMK; I've found that using a Unicolor drum and roller makes even development a certainty and without any hint of scratches. Slopping ...
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    Nikkor 300 M quality?

    I have a Nikkor 300 mm F9 M and I use it on both 4x5 and 8x10, and I've been amazed at its sharpness in both formats. Perhaps you do have a bad one. My 300 is the only multicoated lens that I own...
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    Why digital?

    Right at the moment I think film to digital is the best solution for amateur and non studio professional photographers. Film is archival and has many times the resolution as the best digital. As...
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    Help Selecting An Enlarger

    I have an Chromega D5 XL with the colour head and it's as good a 4x5 enlarger as you'll find. In this part of the world you'll find five D series Omega enlargers for every 4x5 Durst or Besler. ...
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    wood benches

    I did some photography a few years ago for a fine cabinetmaker and we traded off. He made me a custom designed table for the enlarger which kind of pissed off my wife since the finest piece of...
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    Need opinion on Omega D5XL

    I own A D5-XL with the colour head and I also have an 80 and 135 Componon-S lenses. Those three lenses are worth almost $750, so maybe you should buy it!

    You should also buy a cold head or a...
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    They Want My Negatives......

    The first rule of working with rock bands is to get the money up front. It's also the last rule. NO CREDIT!

    As for giving them the negatives, why not? Would you refuse to shoot colour...
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    PhotoTrekker Back Pack

    I have LowePro PhotoTreker AW. I purchased the add-on Tripod Sling last year b ut it turned out that I have an older backpack and that sling wouldn't fit. Doe s anyone know if LowePro makes a...
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    available light outdoors

    Using your 210 for a couples portrait would be just fine. I'd use a 400 speed film and NOT shoot wide open. I'd be concerned that the subjects will move a bit between the focusing and the actual ...
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    Nikon 90mmf8 or 110xl ?

    Those two lenses are in comletely different classes. I own a Schneider 90 mm lens and although it's a good lens I just don't like the focal length. The 110 is pretty much like a 35 mm lens ...
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    E100VS Slide Film

    I don't care how carefully you meter, E6 films are still made and processed by the devil. Since the cheapest part of this trip is going to be the film, I'd suggest that you bracket your exposures....
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    300mm f/9 choices?

    I own and use a Nikkor 300M and have always been surprised at how good it is.

    Before I bought it - to be used as a portrait lens on 4x5 - I just assumed that it would be to 8x10 what the Xenar...
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    do i need a recessed lens board?

    Which 65 is it?

    I have a 65 mm SA f8 and I use it with an older Toyo 5x7 field camera on a flat graflex board. The 65 f8 has a very limited image circle for 4x5 but I also have almost no...
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    Angulon vs. Super Angulon

    "The Super-Angulons [have been in] production for 35 years or more so there are (chrome) single-coated models and newer (black) multi- coated versions ..."

    Mark, I have a black 90 mm SA and it is...
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    The Worst Advice (in ANY format)

    Here goes:

    1) A pro should be able to get the exposure by just looking at the light.

    2) Never mind what Kodak (Ilford, Fuji, Agfa) says, don't even try their time/temperature development...
  20. Walker's Flare Buster - Ebony's Shade Clip

    Since I can't get a dedicated bellows lens shade for my older 5x7 Toyo Field Camera (has anyone heard of one for sale?) I make due with the Flare Buster and it's better than nothing. That may...
  21. All-Ttime Funniest Comment You've Gotten While Shooting

    I was shooting a hockey game for a daily newspaper. It was something like Junior B and I arrived with a few seconds left in the first period so I got to chill my bones through the intermission.
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    Film holder light invasion

    I haven't had any problems with light leaking in through the darkslide hole when the darkslide is removed. On the other hand I kind of pick my spots. If the back of the camera is in bright ...
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    rotary developing question (8x10)

    I have a Unicolor roller and drum for processing 4x5 and 8x10 B&W film. I use about 250 ml of developing solution per sheet of 8x10 film and about 2/3 of that for two 4x5 sheets. I've routinely...
  24. Arca Swiss 6x9 FC vs. Linhof Techikardan 23S

    What about a more conventional 4x5 camera and then a 6x12 film back? I know that you have indicated a lack of interest in 4x5 but they are certainly more common and would give you more capability ...
  25. Did anyone see the editor's statement in B&W

    I find it funny to hear analog photographers echo painters and critics of the early 20th century. Those critics despised photography and why not; "photography requires no skill", "it ain't art"...
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    Minolta Autometer III F

    It might be a fine ambient meter (although I don't think so) but it's a horrible flash meter. I had one that I traded away and I have another that a friend was so sick of he was going to throw it ...
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    Shadow Mystery

    I wonder if could it be possible that there was some type of fill flash that overpowered the ambient light enought to throw a shadow?
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    For whatever its worth...

    Although this might be adding a level of complexity to your idea I'd suggest that once you get a few people interested you set up some type of cancellation fee. That fee could be held in trust or...
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    AGFA RXS 100

    The RSX II was all I used to use for 4x5 transparency shooting until I tried some of the new Ektachrome film. The RSX II has neutral, accurate colours while the Ektachromes and Velvia's colours...
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    Streaks and Mottling in Film Development

    When I first switched from 4x5 to 8x10 processing in my Unicolor drum I used the same amount of developer solution - about 90 ml or so. The results with 8x10 were horrible and just about everyone ...
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    Spiral Film Loaders

    Although the loading of 35 mm film is off topic I want to take issue with the idea of leaving the film's leader sticking out of the cassette after the film is exposed. I know that's so you can...
  32. Nikkor-W 240/5.6 lense or Schneider Apo symar 210/5.6

    I'd suggest (as I usually do) that a Nikkor 300 M would be a better, smaller and cheaper choice for a portrait lens than that 240. A 300 will be the same as an 85, 90, 100 or 105 mm lens on 35 mm...
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    Muslin Backdrops for Portraits

    I bought one of the self supporting muslins from Calumet. Tote- around or some such thing. These aren't cheap but they also don't need any support, you just lean them up against a wall.

  34. Kodak to Re-introduce a Variety of Emulsions in Sheets

    April fool?
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    Omega D2 Enlarger for 4x5

    The D series Omegas are pretty much the industry standard. For every Durst or Besler you see you'll see five Omega's. Subsequently there are lots of used ones out there and even more importantly...
  36. 65mm vs. 75mm, angle of coverage actual/phsycological

    I looked at 75 and a 65 mm lenses as well, and I settled on the 65 for a number of reasons. First it's pretty much like a 20 mm lens (possibly a bit wider) in 35 mm format, while the 75 is more...
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    MF same as LF? Really?

    I think that the depth of detail that you get when you increase neg size is what it's all about. The grain in ISO 100 colour films used in a large MF (6x7) format are superb. But you still see...
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    Need a lens to go with my 110mmXL

    When I got a used Toyo field camera it came with a 90 mm SA. At the time I thought that a 210 would be the next most logical step to take, and I bought a 210 Symmar. A few years and a few lenses...
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    Large Format Backpack?

    I use the Lowe Pro Photo Trekker AW. I carry (typically) a Toyo filed camera (the older and larger 5x7/4x5 model), 65, 90,150, 210 and 300 mm lenses; all on lens boards. I bring about a dozen 4x5...
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    You suck film holder. (Vac.810 holder)

    You might have flatter film, but then you have to be concerned about vibration. I'm not sure how you would use such a back in the field unless you develop some type of battery powered holder. In...
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