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  1. Re: Arista EDU and Foma 400 - Are you using them in spite of .... ??

    Middle of the night here so I won't make a link (or not without messing it up) but the curves on the datasheet show the EI, Gamma, density, temperature and time for a good selection of options. ...
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    Re: Darkroom from zero: Chems disposal

    I think Ethan was meaning that the rules applicable to your location may not be safe or complete, or may even be harmful overall, but that you must nevertheless follow them otherwise you will be...
  3. Re: Headless LF Enlargers Rise UP!.....................LED

    It might only be paper-safe if the horse burns sodium, or could be modified to do so. Darkroom heating could also be solved in this way . . . Are these black, fire-breathing horses available...
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    Re: Development time for paper.

    I am curious to know why the instructions from the chemical and paper manufacturers are thought to be incorrect by the OP ?

    EDIT: That reads to be a bit rude. What I mean is that you have chosen...
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    Re: Broken film package from Kodak?

    I'd be wondering if the lab developing the film had a little accident with a light-switch at some point . . . Or did you develop them?

    I haven't used Kodak sheet film for over a decade, but IIRC...
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    Re: Shutter Speed Tester

    Using a microprocessor to run a shutter-speed tester seems like massive overkill. My effort was made from a photo-transistor and a few parts to form a switch that goes on with light and off with no...
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    Re: TAP Plastics/Acme Plastics experience?

    I have made project parts from 3mm and 5mm styrene sheets and it is very easy to cut by hand with a saw (fine full-size hacksaw or coarse jewellers saw, depending on the part) rather than a knife. ...
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    Re: Amsterdam photo labs?

    Not sure about labs (I live on the opposite side of the country) but please remember that Schiphol, the airport of Amsterdam, has new hand and hold baggage scanners that WILL fog film. You may or may...
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    Re: 2013 5X7 LED Enlarger Head Test 2

    Well, the horizontal enlarger and the tailboard camera are one and the same, or that's the plan anyway, with a different foamboard back. It will be a wall-projection arrangement, but simple to setup...
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    Re: 2013 5X7 LED Enlarger Head Test 2

    Perfect timing ! I have been looking at making an 8x10 tailboard camera (foamboard and birch-ply, nothing tricky) and the associated enlarger during the winter, and in your illustration we see the...
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    Re: Plastics question for film developing

    This is what I do, with the original tank for dev then kitchen plastic tubs for stop, fix and wash. Obviously this is in the dark. My sheet-film developing started with stainless hangers in baskets...
  12. Re: Ilford Direct Positive Paper - diagnosing Dmax problem

    May I suggest that if the usable amount of fresh paper developer is insufficient, that one pours it out and develops a second time using a second volume of fresh paper-developer? The process is...
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    Re: DIY 8x10 (or larger) Enlarger Chassis

    Aha, I missed that there are no huge heavy condenser lenses. Oops. I look forwards to seeing how it turns out :)
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    Re: DIY 8x10 (or larger) Enlarger Chassis

    As well as the driving-leadscrews I assume that you have a head counterweight, maybe moving vertically somewhere at the back via wire-rope and a pulley ? And, indeed, a table counterweight too.
  15. Re: anyone print 4x5 negatives with a black border?

    If the point of the request is to make a print with black borders, rather than to print the actual rebate and edge of the negative, then try the following:

    1) decide whatever size enlargement you...
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    Re: Maco Prototype IR film...

    Apart from Minox, I have never tried a bakelite tank in any size or format, but most bakelite products I have seen tend to be quite 'chunky' as the plastic is relatively weak. That suggests that...
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    The OP mentioned using colour transparency film (why not colour neg?). How many years or months does he think this might be available for, together with the high-quality processing necessary for...
  18. Re: Which would be easier to build - 8x10 SLR or TLR?

    On the back of most view cameras there will be a ground-glass. You can see your sitter in that device and position them appropriately, if necessary mark the floor and tell them not to run away from...
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    Re: A large-format laugh from Matt Marrash

    In the photo shop in the town here, the film camera shelves had an Olympus Mju II for 225 !!!!!!! I have one which I bought in a junkshop a few years ago for 7,50.

    Forget gold -- invest in...
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    Re: Maco Prototype IR film...

    IIRC the tanks which were IR-transparent were a few ranges of 1980s, cheap, blow-moulded, dyed plastic tanks. They are both no longer made and never very strong even when new, so are unlikely to be...
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    Re: Modern Changing Tent?

    Presumably people want changing-tents to handle film whilst not near their darkroom. Also, it is likely that most (not all!) people will not be carrying the changing-bag while back-packing and in...
  22. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    I always wondered about that. The cats of my acquaintance would have had a sense of humour failure before the third 'take'. Are there highly-trained stunt-cats available somewhere??!! Or possibly...
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    Re: Fomapan 100, 200 and 400

    I was somewhere near there in 1985, cycling across Spain from the Picos d'Europa, Eastwards to Barcelona, then Northwards through France, back to England. I remember a misty morning, near the river,...
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    Re: Four Liter Jugs ?

    The HD polyethylene bottles used by most chemical-packagers have (or should have, possibly it depends on the brand) a blown liner that seals them, when it's necessary to reduce oxygen porosity. IIRC...
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    Re: "Budget" ULF Landscape Rig?

    I read this thread and thought of a basic container that might serve as a camera-body. At work I had to sort out a way to move CVD and AlN wafers coated with light-sensitive material from one...
  26. Re: How could I rinse 50x60cm prints using these sinks?

    As the sinks are too small for the paper, I'd suggest finding one of the trays that get placed under washing-machines to catch leaks. They are usually over 60cm square. One quick surface rinse with...
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    Re: How Much Have We Accomplished?

    Work has continued, it has actually even increased due to customers deciding that a shortened supply-chain is good at this time and ordering from a 'local' producer instead of the Far East. Of...
  28. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Focomat V35?

    It seems that you don't know what contact-printing is? The light-source doesn't matter. Just use a desklamp with a low power bulb, and maybe a few layers of normal white paper as a way of getting...
  29. Re: Thinking out loud, why doesn't someone just 3d print a triple LF box?

    Sounds like a job best approached with thick matboard, or perhaps 3mm black foamboard?
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    Re: Expiration time for Ilford photo paper

    It's one of those occasions when the most accurate answer is the traditional 'it depends' . . . In this case it depends on all of the factors mentioned above, as well as some really weird ones such...
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    Re: Teach me about Lens Design

    Making the board from 3mm birch ply, with a fretsawed-and-sanded hole would be quick and easy, and both stronger and more reliable than mattboard. If there aren't enough threads to get through 3mm of...
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    Re: 3D Printing a lens board adapter?

    I must admit that I'd go for a simple tapered shape in 3mm birch ply before I'd look at 3D printing, unless you know someone who has already done the learning part of using the device, so that you...
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    Re: Long life opened liquid paper developer

    If you have a litre or 1/2 litre bottle of concentrate that isn't being used up quickly, simply open it to begin with then top up a 1/2 litre bottle (if you start from 1 litre) to the brim, then a...
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    Re: Taking a class and now totally baffled

    To get a clearer separation of skintones vs. scarring you could also add the complications of colour-filters. If the scarring is purple-ish on pale skin, try a yellow filter for example, or the...
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    Re: endless external HD shuffle Part deaux

    As others have said, these days avoid Seagate. Look for WD or, if you can find them, Hitachi. Just remember that the failure rate for hard-drives is 100% -- it's only a matter of when.

    A storage...
  36. Re: Camera scanning on the cheap -- an example approach

    One could also use three, then it would always be stable during adjustments. Or use a baseboard with three wooden wedges underneath at the edges, moving them in and out to level the baseboard and...
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    Re: colour version of Rubylith

    Like everyone has said, rubylith and other masking materials (eg. paint) were used in making colour output, but at the stage of making lith negs or positives (ie. on black and white ortho materials)...
  38. Re: Large printing paper... e.g. 40x50" available anywhere?

    The papers are all made in Europe, so why not look for a European distributor?** Or as the OP seems to be in Australia, maybe Fuji still make some large rolls for the Japanese home market? That...
  39. Re: An imagined LED enlarger light source for 4x5 -- NEW INFO FOR TECHNICIANS

    It obviously depends on the requirements of each enlarger, but there are high-density foamboards available here (art suppliers in NL) that are probably also available in USA. I've used the two...
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    Re: 8x10 Enlarger Chassis for Heiland LED Recs

    If one was to make a horizontal enlarger then things might be simpler, though taking up much more floor-space of course.
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