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  1. Re: Chamonix and Ebony's are gorgeous & Old Kodak 2D's are UGLY but they have their p

    What would you rather wear on a daily basis??? A tux or expensive suit that looks great, or old comfortable clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty if you have to and you can get away with...
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    Re: where to look for used gear

    Suggesting to those starting out to just get something basic to start shooting with (to get the hang of it), then allow time to find items as they slowly start showing up (could even take years)......
  3. Re: LED enlarger head creation -- just a thought

    Not super easy to replace on a Beseler or Omega due to the fact that both were basically designed for condenser stages that integrated into the upper body of the head... The add on heads usually had...
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    Re: Time to get Serious about DIY

    Film will go the route of the LP...

    Remember the reports of the LP's demise???

    Though if x-ray units go totally digital, there might be less coating lines out there that make photo film on the...
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    Re: Changing bags and dust

    A shop vac with a drywall dust bag and brush attachment works well for cameras, holders, changing bags, cases etc... Bag the things you clean ASAP, and don’t put anything down someplace that harbors...
  6. Re: Mailing exposed 4x5 film to lab for developing

    Let it sit for a week or so if you are worried... It dies, usually sooner...

    Steve K
  7. Re: how to remove the nameplate locking ring from a Graphex/Rapax shutter No. 2?

    Inner, under the lens mount... Careful, as to outer dial will want to come off easily...

    Steve K
  8. Re: how to remove the nameplate locking ring from a Graphex/Rapax shutter No. 2?

    The ring is not on too tight, as that would bind the speed dial... Usually will come off using two opposing fingernails pushing counterclockwise...

    Don't loose the thicker high speed spring that...
  9. Re: LED enlarger head creation -- just a thought

    Well, the easiest conversion for the everyman (or woman) , (for B/W) is using the condenser is simply changing out the bulb for a bright (slightly)warm white LED + diffuser at the same height of the...
  10. Re: Mailing exposed 4x5 film to lab for developing

    Film boxes... Leaves no question for the lab on how to handle it...

    Ask the lab if they have some they can send you (they usually have them)... And ask the lab if there is any other way they...
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    Re: Why are all of my photos soft?

    One older Epson scanner we had developed problems focusing, so that might be an issue...

    Steve K
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    Re: Waterhouse slot for 8 3/4 inch Verito

    Actually, I read that here some years ago, and some combination worked when I "borrowed" the Betax #4 from a TR 15" I had, but strangely enough, the Studio shutter on my Verito works well, but...
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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    They would make them look up so that shadow didn't become a mustache and stretch the muscles and skin... Must have been tiring to the subjects eyes!!!

    Steve K
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    Re: Waterhouse slot for 8 3/4 inch Verito

    The other option is these will fit stardard Betax shutters with their extension barrels on the elements (or at least mine with the studio shutter fit a Betax #4), but you have to check... And then...
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    Re: Tape like a post it note

    At better home and hardware stores, there is another 3M tape that is made for sensitive or delicate surfaces... (Like masking over existing house paint...) I forgot the name, but it is thicker but a...
  16. Thread: Spot meter

    by LabRat

    Re: Spot meter

    Then there is the basic test... Bring both outside on a sunny day, meter a grey card with both, one should read close to the "sunny 16" rule, which is in normal bright sunlight, at f16 set, the...
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    Re: Practical Movements for 90mm 4x5

    Like Bob sez, and also note that you will have to choose your lens first, as some lenses fit inside the shutter, and some reach far back, and this difference can affect the tilt/swing angles...
  18. Re: Artcraft still taking orders these days ( its the Cusp of Spring 2020 )

    John, and you stay away from me too!!! ;-)

    Steve K
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    Re: Out of Stop, switch to water?

    When I started using Foma 100 (and my remaining stock of Efke 25), I would occasionally get pinholes on these films when using acid stop bath... I actually then read the instructions and they said...
  20. Re: Artcraft still taking orders these days ( its the Cusp of Spring 2020 )

    Hey John!!!

    I placed an order a month or two ago, and it took about a week for him to get back to me, so there was a slight lag... Try emailing AND calling first, then wait, before assuming the...
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    Possible to build enlarger head chassis with new machined parts, but a lot of design and machining, longer bellows, neg carriers, but would still need an entirely new light head...

    Might be easier...
  22. Thread: Filter fog?

    by LabRat

    Re: Filter fog?

    Moisture, that dries up... Changes of air pressure slowly force moist air over time that cannot leave... It dries over internal surfaces, ultimately leave a haze...

    Ammonia based lens cleaners...
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    Re: Better lens for my Crown Graphic?

    So, have you actually shot this lens yet, and did you find the results unacceptable???

    One of the pros I worked with used the top lenses for studio 4x5's, but wanted a Graphic for field personal...
  24. Re: Compur Shutter and Strobe firing at slow shutter speeds

    Clean the contacts first... If there is a imperfect connection when internal contacts are closed, they can miss or multiple fire... Most old plated contacts will be oxidized...

    Steve K
  25. Re: Picture frame refurbishing a la cheap with polyurethane

    If you switch to shellac, there is a brief out gassing period that alcohol leaves, but then inert...

    Steve K
  26. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    You can get one wall in great focus by using swings, but at the expense of other planes further OOF...

    Think of your focus plane like a wedge shape... The narrow apex is closer to the camera, and...
  27. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    First, make a chart of hyper focal distances for each lens for different stops to use, and maybe a focus scale on the bed of the camera to dial in focus, rather than view it (my old Linhof Tek III...
  28. Thread: DIY Filmholders

    by LabRat

    Re: DIY Filmholders

    I have tried to replace some light traps on old holders, and noticed some stuff...

    The Velcro idea seemed good at first, but in practice turned out that some tiny pinholes of light can go through...
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    Re: I can't get my 4x5 back from the repair guy

    I have had amazing results these days after I mentioned to the business owners in question that I will be sure to write up a detailed online review about my experience working with the business......
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    But can stain trays and paper base...

    Steve K
  31. Re: What happened when I mixed ID-11 (calling on ID-11 users)

    Most off the shelf MQ developers will mix with some color due to some oxidation... A pinch of sodium sulfite in the dilution or mixing water reduces it by getting rid of free oxygen in the...
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    Re: Best enlarger you have used

    One that holds consistent fine alignment, and is user friendly in use...

    Steve K
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    Re: VCCE vs Color Head (for B&W)

    The main difference is callibation for the specific materials and the B/W head does not have a cyan filter...

    MG settings on a color head are not too hard to get the hang of if you have an old set...
  34. Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    That got into my head also, but I wanted to get up a little closer to subjects where it becomes less of an scene, but more of the zone where the image becomes much more form oriented... And I was...
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    Re: Kodak vs. Rodenstock 135mm

    The 135mm WF is one of my go-to WA lenses, as the IC is large enough to slightly exceed the range of movements my 4x5 cameras provide, so can rise as much as I want without worrying about cut-off......
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    Re: Toyo 45 Field Camera back piece

    If you look at the GG focusing panel, you see the the arms that come off it, and near the panel side you see a little tab sticking out of them... There is the spring on the inside of the panel that...
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    Re: Alignment workflow (architechture)

    All of the elements you listed are correct, and you are looking at the right parameters, but these can be tricky...

    I'm thinking this is from a combination of two parameters... First, it is hard...
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    Re: I don't understand Rodinol...

    Yes it does... The contrast layer on MG is blue sensitive, so this allows more blue... (Magenta has blue in it, so adding it cuts green, but adds blue...)

    X-ray prints contrasty for many users of...
  39. Re: Easy fix that makes a 4x5 Gowland-Calumet Pocket View less fiddly and easier to

    They make knobs that press fit over standard head Allen bolt heads out of plastic that would work also... Pretty cheap from a bolt supplier...

    Steve K
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    Re: Confused by lens math

    Also, be aware that SF lenses might have an increased flare/fog level in under actual shooting conditions the exposure might be (usually) even more light, so you might have to calibrate a new scale...
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