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    Re: Suddenly in Manhattan?!

    I took a view camera out on the streets of New York fairly regularly from about 1984-2001. Was never hassled by any cops, once or twice by a panhandler.
    I did stay out of Times Square (and midtown...
  2. Re: Replacements for Edwal FG-7 & Neofin Blue

    I saw this and was intrigued. Went to the Formulary site, and among many exotic developers for sale found nothing related to either one. And they are happy to describe many of their products as...
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    Re: Found Photographs

    NW2Wheeler, per goamules' post #665, "about 1957".
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    Re: Using TXP 320

    Apples vs. oranges on speed, grain, and resolution alone. TXP is an old-school fast film, and TMX is the first of the tabular super-fine grain films. Whether you prefer the 'look' (curve shape) of...
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    Re: Using TXP 320

    TXP320 was my choice in sheet film from 1981-2010. So I have some experience with it... I used HC-110 'B' in trays for some years in the 1980s but the development times were very short. Went to...
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    Re: Photographs of Historic Buildings

    Nicely seen, Mr. Graham!
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    Re: Photos From Nikkor 360/500/720?

    Great photo, Arne. I would like to have a 500/11 Nikkor-T for my kit; I see plenty of pictures these days where it would be the F.L. of choice. Maybe I'll find one in 2020...
  8. Re: Alert about a possible problem batch of Xtol

    It's a shame that Kodak should have had such troubles with XTOL, as I think that it's a great developer. When I worked at Kodak and XTOL was new, we tested it against our then-standard developers...
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    Re: Greetings from the Isle of Mull

    Welcome aboard! Don't be afraid to share some of your photos from a very beautiful part of the world.
  10. Re: transporting a Sinar Standard/Norma 4x5 in the field

    The issue with carrying the F-series Sinars is that big rail clamp. The Norma clamp is more compact and that makes it possible to get it in that Tamarac case.
  11. Re: transporting a Sinar Standard/Norma 4x5 in the field

    I carry my Sinar Norma in a 27-year-old Tamrac case with foldaway shoulder straps and belt. Not the best for real backpacking but it has worked all those years, although I rarely go more than a mile...
  12. Re: Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements

    It may have been originally fitted into an Alphax or Betax shutter. LFPF member 'Whir-Click' may be able to help with details; there's a lot of Wollensak info on his site... might be
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    Re: post your trees!

    Well played, Mr. Galli.
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    Re: Topaz Labs Sharpen AI app

    See a recent article about this software by Ctein at The Online Photographer (Mike Johnston's site).
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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    Mark, I'll be on that idea tomorrow. A little JB Weld... should be finished and dry by happy hour.
  16. Re: Alert about a possible problem batch of Xtol

    NW2Wheeler, here's an idea. Why don't you mix it up, process a test roll, see what happens, and report back?
    (If I still shot small-format film I'd be an XTOL customer myself.)
  17. Re: Culling the Lens Herd - Reducing duplication

    Why not test the two wide-angles? Set up a shot, shoot one side of the holder with one lens. Change lenses and shoot the other side of the holder. Use your regular film and subject matter: process...
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    Re: Nitrogen Processing

    It's worth noting that a system like this is best suited to a properly replenished developer and a fairly large amount of film. Once it's dialed in it works very well; I used a nitrogen-burst system...
  19. Re: Recommendations for a general purpose lens for a Calumet 4x5?

    -And I've been happily using a 180/5.6 Nikkor-W since 1986. Back then I paid $400 for a good used example. I'd grab that one Vaughn has mentioned if I didn't still have mine!
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    Re: Seal 200 Commercial press

    Seal is still in business... they were taken over about ten years back, and sadly I can't recall which company bought them up. But a search around might help you find a wiring diagram or some service...
  21. Re: Very neat artice by the New Yorker on Thomas Joshua Cooper

    The NY article was interesting... the artist surely is obsessed, and found people to finance his (very expensive) project. That alone is no small accomplishment. Not to mention actually completing...
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    Re: Oriental paper scarcity

    Seems that distribution has often been a problem for them. In 1982 or so, I was working as b/w printer in a custom lab, and the regional(?) Oriental sales rep visited. He gave us a box of 8x10...
  23. Re: Seek Late Victorian USA Photographers & Reenactors info

    Wool suit w/vest, white shirt w/detachable collar, derby hat. Pocket watch on a chain. Sideburns and handlebar mustache optional.
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    Re: Diagnosing a Light Leak

    I don't think so. If it were coming from that far away it would look more diffused. Note the relatively sharp edges almost parallel to the film edge. The light leak is probably very close to that...
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    Re: Schneider-Kreuznach misprint

    Human beings make mistakes... and sometimes they get past the QC office.
    You should photograph some storefronts and see if the lens mis-spells any of the signs...
    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    Re: PQ Universal for HP5+ and/or Pan F+

    My experience with other 'universal' developers is that they don't do film very well. Compared to film-specific developers, sharpness is likely to suffer, and graininess will likely increase.
    I have...
  27. Re: Single Story Project at AIA Center for Architecture in NYC from 11/21/2019

    Wish I could see the show. "Changing New York", to mention Berenice Abbott's pioneering work, has been a worthy subject for a long time. Hope the show is a success!
  28. Re: Box of paper dated 1952, what to do with it?

    Photo paper can last a long time. Last year I was given several boxes of long-frozen Ilford Multigrade III RC paper. I've been using it for contact proofs only, as it's not fogged. A recent article...
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    Re: identifying an Omega enlarger

    We had numerous turret-mounted Super-Chromegas at (that big photo company) and never saw an alignment problem due to the turrets. D5XLs or D6s, I'm not sure now.
    Chromegatrols blowing up was the...
  30. Re: Pics of Spruce Goose, if you have them...

    I saw it maybe 15 years ago at Evergreen in Oregon. It absolutely dwarfed everything else in the museum. I never scanned my 35mm shots from that day, so can't send any.
    My take on the HK-1 is a) it...
  31. Re: Thoughts About Linhof 4x5 Technikardan 45s ?

    No camera is perfect. Few of us will ever find a view camera that couldn't be improved somehow; I never have and don't expect to.
    Were I to use a TK for a while, I'm sure I could find things about...
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    Re: Question about Kodak 5x7 holder

    I've run across a few 8x10 holders made the same way. I think that your Kodak holders were just made to an older design standard.
    They might be well over 100 years old, after all. The 8x10 holders...
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    Re: Found a new way to screw up...

    Ha! A mistake we all have made. At least those of us who have used film packaged like that. Luckily it's a mistake you only make once.
  34. Re: Historical Research: Film stocks used by Arthur Fellig AKA WEEGEE

    Was Weegee's archive saved, and if so, where is it held? Whoever is taking care of his work might know, or would likely be open to your research.
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    Re: Rating stored tmax

    These days I'm shooting TMX100 that's 14 years out of date. I've been rating it at EI 50 (I did the tests to check). That's basically to compensate for the slightly increased base fog. I'd shoot your...
  36. Re: Bellows Lens Hoods for Graphic View I

    I expect that you'll have to do some rigging if you can't find an original. I think Calumet made a compendium for their CC-400 series cameras, and later Cambo made one for their monorails. But none...
  37. Re: Thoughts About Linhof 4x5 Technikardan 45s ?

    I've been working in 4x5 since 1982, and have owned several cameras and worked with quite a few more. Wooden field cameras both Japanese and American, Calumets, Sinars, Graflexes, Technikas, and some...
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    Re: Schneideritis?

    One would like to see the results of any tests that compare similar optics with, and without, "Schneideritis". I'd also want to know the methodology of such tests. Since no one has ever been able to...
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    Re: The new Tri-X 8x10 film

    Long experience testing films (much of it within EK itself) tells me this; anomalous results happen. And they mean one thing; run the tests again.
    Perhaps cut the sheets down to 4x5 to save...
  40. Re: Removing a 21" Kodak Ektanon from a Prism

    Best of luck Michael, I think you'll find it a fine lens.
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