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  1. Re: Yet another Canadian , jumpimg in with both feet

    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the LF community. Like John....I'm just an hour east of you.


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    Re: LF materials strategic reserve?


    Interesting viewpoint.... but...yes, I would.

    I guess some of us enjoy the process as much as the result. It is the same with woodworking with hand tools or building a "cedar strip canoe"...
  3. Re: Nice layout even though I enjoyed the old style of forum.

    A simple, (and obvious..LOL), and effective solution.


  4. Nice layout even though I enjoyed the old style of forum.

    Good work folks on the successful transistion to the new forum.

    I was wondering how I might change my opening view to default to the "Unified View" when I first enter the forum.


  5. Win a 4x5 field camera on the APUG site.

    Actually it is I who is offering the camera.

    I would like to extend the offer to also include anybody who submits a new article to this site as well will be eligible to win (providing that is...
  6. Win a 4x5 field camera on the APUG site.

    Hello folks,

    I am posting this announcement here so that others may know of the opportunity. If you go to the APUG site and check the forums discussion area,...
  7. Defense of the Pictorial Landscape Photograph

    Quote ..."Turn on the radio, listen to some Rod Stewart. everyone likes him"

    Just for the record... I do NOT like Rod Stewart.

    Kind Regards,
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    Agfa Process AP44 storage life

    I also frequently use the Agfa kits and have not had any difficulty keeping the mixed chemicals for a few weeks. I now am using a Jobo 3010 drum for E-6 and find that I can do 2 "runs" of six sheets...
  9. Unicolor drum Gitzo tripod and paper toning

    Sounds like you have it correct.

    Just to be sure here is what I did.

    1. Remove shiny gasket

    2. Remove rubber gasket.

    3. Place down a layer of clear silicone on plastic lid where rubber...
  10. Unicolor drum Gitzo tripod and paper toning

    Odd that you are having difficulty Max. I had one drum that leaked so bad that it would almost lose half of 500 ml developer in a 6 minute cycle. I spent more time sponging things up than doing much...
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    Follow Up on J&C Classic Films

    I order some film about two weeks ago from J&C and have received it two days ago. I live in Canada and that is as fast as any other order that I have placed in the USA.

    Kind Regards,
  12. Looking for lens in shutter that won't cover 4x5


    I believe that the Rodenstock 100mm Sironar will do what you are looking for. This lens pops up on Ebay frequently.

    Kind Regards,
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    Paper trimmers and rotary cutters

    Recently I was visiting a friend's home and he demonstrated how effective his Rotatrim cutter was at trimming prints. I was quite impressed. Of course this has now started me thinking about acquiring...
  14. Ahhhhh, all the failures inbetween the "keepers"!

    Great ... Thanks Chris.

    If " 1500 sheets of 8x10 film per year" that translates for me in 4x5 format to about one good shot every three years !

    Yikes !

    Now I'm really down : > ((

  15. For the chemist types… can you explain?

    I was in a store today with a friend who was buying chemicals for his home spa. Curiosity took over and I began to look around and read the labels. On the shelf were two identical looking containers...
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    How to choose a lens?

    I do not believe that there is an answer to this question... only opinions. I own all of the name brands that you mentioned (not the 210mm format though) and have been very happy with each lens.
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    Paper Magic bullet?

    Hi Dee,

    My apologies for dovetailing onto your question ... but I do not have a recommendation for your needs in a fiber based paper. I would also would like an opinion on a paper.

    I like the...
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    What did St. Nick bring You?

    St. Nick delivered three alternative process kits to explore with. A cyanotype, a kallitype and a new Pt/Pd kits from both Bostick & Sullivan and the Photographers Formulary. Unfortunately the...
  19. Old printing papers ... lost and forgotten?

    Throughout the past five years or so since I have re-entered the realm of photography I have been seeing opinions voiced on printing papers lost and gone. You know the ones I am referring to such as...
  20. Confused about the "Circle of confusion"

    Thanks for all of the great replies. You have indeed answered my question. Also the links provided were very helpful as well as informative.

    Hopefully I did not be over do this as I was just...
  21. Confused about the "Circle of confusion"

    I would like to start off this question by stating that I understand what the "circle of confusion" is and how it is calculated. What I do wish to ask, is for a subjective opinion on your experience...
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    Velveteen Screen. Anybody used one?

    I keep seeing this item pop up on E**Y and was wondering if anybody has purchased a screen like this. If so, would you be able to comment on the product and your level of satisfaction on using this...
  23. Logical Positivism and the Phenomenology of Photography

    Wow !!!

    You people are starting to scare me. <grin>
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    Is there a universal "smile" symbol?

    Occasionally when I wish to post a reply on this forum I sometimes wish to add a "tonque in cheek" comment or perhaps a light hearted quip. Unfortunatley I am always concerned that my words may be...
  25. How many years have you being doing LF photography?

    Well it is nice to see that we have so many friendly LF photographers back on the forum getting to know each other. I am eagerly anticipating learning something new about photography from all of you...
  26. How many years have you being doing LF photography?

    When I bought my first LF camera about four years ago I was on the receiving end of quite a few opinions by those who knew me. The most common thought was that "This was just a phase and would not...
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    Time to order your acetic acid

    This may come as a surprise to some... but I actually like the smell of acetic acid or should I say vinegar.

    Kind Regards,
  28. What is AZO and where kin I find info about it.

    It is with great interest that I have been observing the developments in this thread. I am one of those amateur photographers about to venture into the Pt/Pd realm. I also should confess that I have...
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    will this film testing work?


    Exactly like Steve Bagget, I have sacrificed an older holder. Same thing that Steve does, I do. Works wonderfully! (I use round holes from a drill press drilling)

    I get four exposures per...
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    Focusing Bellows - folding problem

    Thanks Ralph for the idea.

    I have been gently working the bellows somewhat like you say each time I use it. Hopefully I guess that time will just improve the situation. Like most materials, if you...
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    Color Sunglass filter?

    Thanks for the replies. You have indeed answered my questions.

    I guess my question was twofold. The first was simply curiosity as to whether a filter that was made like sunglasses would impart a...
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    Color Sunglass filter?

    I am sure that you all have noticed that when you put sunglasses on (outside on a bright day) that the fall colors seem so much more vivid. I also know that the human eye has an uncanny ability to...
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    Focusing Bellows - folding problem

    I recently purchased a focusing bellows for my Ebony camera and have been wonderfully pleased with the ease of use. The more familiar I become with using the focusing bellows the better it seems. For...
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    Alternatives to Prontor timer

    I have been watching Eb** and noticed that the Prontor self timer models are selling for a very, very high price. Does anybody have any suggestions or know of another self timer that would attach to...
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    Digital Depression

    James Driscoll,

    I am wondering if Bergger and Foma actually have the facilities to manufacture the film or do they just buy the product elsewhere and re-label the film?

    Just curious and...
  36. What's you favourite developer for FP4+


    I am curious as to your EI and the development times that you are using. After reading your answer I am tempted to give it a try. I gave up on Rodinal with Tri-X but recently put some HP5...
  37. Changing the speed on Beseler/Unicolor motor bases?


    Have you used the Unicolor drums sucessfully with PMK and Pyrocat-Hd without using an EDTA additive?

  38. Unicolor drum Gitzo tripod and paper toning


    After placing a thin layer of silicone inside the drum lid I then let it completely dry, re-insert the rubber gasket and then the shiny ring gasket. With a thin layer of silicone the lid...
  39. Unicolor drum Gitzo tripod and paper toning

    Well I guess the question says it all. :>)

    Actually I have discovered or perhaps learned three important things that I wish to share with you and am getting a bit lazy about waiting for an...
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    HP5+ in HC-110 or XTOL?

    Thanks Hogarth for such a complete answer. Every once in awhile I get tempted to move from HC-110 and Xtol has always been a thought. Even with the extra speed possibility (for myself) I am satisfied...
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