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    Re: Faulty Light Meter

    OP states that he has the viewfinder for it.
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    Re: First exposure with Frankenstein 200

    I like HC110, but I am not super happy when using it with Foma200 (same as your Frankenstein). Rodinal works better to my liking for that film, but others may have more experience and better...
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    Re: First exposure with Frankenstein 200

    You asked.
    I am not sure I fully understand the reason for going through all the trouble of LF and then "cheat" by using a monobath?
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    Re: Faulty Light Meter

    Agree. The 1/15 F16 at 125ISO off a gray card in direct sunshine is wrong.

    No need to do test shots. You know sunny 16 so you know the L-478 is way off.

    The L-308 readings sounds more in line...
  5. Re: How to finish, wash and dry fibre paper prints for exhibition and sale

    I find "dry-mounting" destructive and would never pay a premium for a dry-mounted print.
    I highly prefer that the print can live & breathe hinged behind the passpartout.

    The prints I have...
  6. Re: Refinished LF Wood Camera 'coating' Melting

    Before and after pics?
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    Re: Searching in this forum

    Sometimes Google yields better results - try punching below into the Google search field:
    "Kodak TMY"
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    Re: Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash

    Sure looks cool.
    I wonder if the reflector is big enough to shape the light in a way that is noticeably different from a regular camera flash?
  9. Re: Refinished LF Wood Camera 'coating' Melting

    Acrylics can take years to cure.
    I have experienced painted acrylic surfaces that would stick to other plastics 3 years later.
  10. Re: Refinished LF Wood Camera 'coating' Melting

    You are not exactly generous with details.
    I have actually no idea what you are talking about.
  11. Re: "If I wanted to be safe, I would have done Landscapes."

    Nah. Not necessary to discuss - she is right.
    She’s a brave woman.
  12. Re: Schneider Angulon I Purchased - Is This a Problem?

    I am familiar with this golden "droplet" phenomenon from Leica viewfinders (from the late 50's early 60's).
    It is normally considered early stage of separation of the canadian balsam used to cement...
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    Re: Where do y'all record your photo data ?

    Here’s one thing where I don’t find it necessary to pay extra for a specialized product.
    Just a cheap notebook. I prefer hard cover, spirals are just hanging onto something, soft cover tend to wear...
  14. Re: International Shipping Costs Seeem Outrageous, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL?

    eBay collects VAT for all purchases made from an EU country from an country outside EU.

    The eBay seller must use an eBay provided IOSS number and print it on the shipping label. The IOSS number...
  15. Re: Bernd & Hilla Becher at the Metropolitan Museum

    There's a show I would like to see. Hope it comes to Europe.
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    Re: What film to use for first test shots

    To make it more comparable to US pricing which is normally discussed without VAT/sales tax:

    A box of Foma200 4x5 - 25 sheets: €20,97 = US$21.40 (before Tax)
    A box of Foma200 4x5 - 50 sheets:...
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    Re: What film to use for first test shots

    50 sheets of 4x5 Foma is 40€ including 19% German VAT (give or take a Euro depending on ISO). That’s current pricing from, Germany.
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    Re: What film to use for first test shots

    Everything indicates that it is Foma. It is not cheaper than Foma, not compared to EU prices, that is.
  19. Re: Arista EDU and Foma 400 - Are you using them in spite of .... ??

    Foma 120 seem to particularly problematic - don’t know why.

    My personal experiences with Foma 200 (shot @ 100) has been fine in both 35mm and 4x5.
    If I notice problems, it can mostly be...
  20. Re: Any suggested tools for business transactions?

    Depends on you circumstances (country, VAT status etc.).

    Where I live, B2B is normally done via bank transfer which is easily done online, cheaper for all parties and safer for the recipient.
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    Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    "some imperfections" :-)
    Just goes to show that "perfection" is really subjective. I love Sally Mann's work as well, although my preference is the Immediate Family work.
  22. Re: Arista EDU and Foma 400 - Are you using them in spite of .... ??

    Foma is a nice economic alternative - I am happy it is available. I think 400 is fine in LF when shot at 200. In 35mm not so much.
    I personally prefer Foma 200 rated 100 - it works well for me in...
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    Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    Today, Intrepid's Instagram story said 1 week lead time on red and black 4X5 MK4.
    Same info is repeated on their website. 4X5 MK4 green or blue are still 6 weeks.
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    Re: Negative Dark Patches

    Give a unique number to each of your film holders with indication of the two sides (for example 01A and 01B, 02A and 02B). In your exposure notebook you include this data, and it makes it a piece of...
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    Re: Any "Musts" is South Korea?

    Not the slightest expert on Seoul or South Korea. I have only been there once on a business trip around 10 years ago, but I have lived in Asia for several years and traveled the region extensively....
  26. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    For this experiment, obviously it did.
    I have only heard statements like yours often repeated, but never seen the results.
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    Mine are DIN.
  28. Re: Air Travel Wwith LF Film: What should I Do?

    I wouldn't trust that factory sealed film would get less attention as a rule, after all, you can just re-seal roll film boxes with a glue-stick. Foma and Ilford sheet film boxes are just sealed with...
  29. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    Wow. That is bad. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    From the Pentax Spotmeter manual:

    "When taking black-and-white pictures of a colored subject, you know that the areas adjacent to each other having little difference in light reflection, although...
  31. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    There is really a lot of speculation on this subject, understandably.
    Hasn't anyone done more structured testing? Maybe there are too many variables to be valuable in but a very few situations?
  32. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Spotmeters are overrated.
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    Re: How to learn a type of film?

    I am probably guilty of proposing to "learn a film" if not on this forum, then probably in some of the other forums where I hang out.

    The advice is normally given in a context of learning a new...
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    Re: post your trees!

    Thanks newtorf - much appreciated!
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    Re: post your trees!

    One of many great pictures newtorf!
    I notice this particular one is on Fomapan 200 in HC110.
    I have two boxes of that film which I am about to embark on, and was wondering if you mind sharing how...
  36. Re: which Spot lightmeter for field use (dead Spotmeter V) ?

    Risking opening a can of worms here, but are you (OP) using the Zone System?
    In my limited experience with Large Format photography I fail to find a spotmeter essential when not implementing the...
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    Re: B&W Film Completely Blank After Processing

    If the strip test does not yield a black leader, then I strongly suspect the developers are contaminated.
    I have used HC110 10+ years past expiry date stored in a half empty bottle - and it worked...
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    Re: Cheap 4X5 Cameras are Everywhere

    I see an extremely imperfect market for film equipment.
    If you look at the usual suspects; ebay and known dealers, there are not many bargains to be had.
    On the other hand; in local classifieds...
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    Re: Keeping or tossing prints?

    If you gift them to somebody they will surely frame them and put them somewere so you'ss see it every time you visit - a constant reminder of your mistakes.
  40. Re: Best practices for storing 1000s of prints?

    I notice this: "Multi-surface adhesive at the top"
    Do you mind describing what is meant by that?
    If it is to close the flap over the opening in the top, is the adhesive on the flap itself or on the...
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