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    Re: Zone VI Type II 8x10 VC Head Problem

    Electronic components, except perhaps electrolytic caps, don't fail sitting in a box. And those caps look fine. This is even too young for 'infant mortality'. It must be assumed that the product...
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    Re: Zone VI Type II 8x10 VC Head Problem

    I had the Aristo version for a time. Long ago. It was a simpler design than this, so probably no correlation.

    When you say "white light", I have to assume that is blue + green as there is no...
  3. Re: Keeping borders square when trimming photos

    Rotatrim here too. Nice cutter. Had it 40 years. It came out of square right out of the box and not that sharp either. Sent to factory for a tune up. They sharpened but did nothing about square....
  4. Re: field processing and contact printing wet negs?

    There once was a quick dry solution for film. We used it at the newspaper. It was probably alcohol which would displace the water in the neg and then dry quickly.
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    Silver plated out of fixer onto jug

    I hadn't printed on some time. My gallon plastic jug was grey on inside from the silver in the old rapid fix. Hypam. I've seen this before, but now it's happened with fix that fresh and little used...
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    Re: Custom lens caps?

    Make your own. There was a website that showed how to do it.
  7. Re: Seeking Advice on Waterproofing Custom Built Wood Trays

    I've used the West. It's very good. I've heard good things about having them sprayed with truck bed liner stuff. Many years ago when I had no money, my friend and I made a cardboard sink and covered...
  8. Re: What will happen to your negatives in "the end"?

    One of the Weston grandkids used to make a print and dry-mount the neg to the back. Some only shoot Polaroid. The Famous transfer them to the Archive in Tucson at the Univ of Arizona. Morley...
  9. Is there a small darkroom available for borrow or rent in Taos New Mexico ?

    Title says it all. My daughter is in Taos and would like to do some printing. Nothing fancy required. Do you know of possibilities?

    Thank you fellow photogs.

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    Re: Technique for increasing depth of field

    Is there a telecentric lens available for large format? These change the rules on depth-of-field. DOF is no longer an issue, but everything is a trade. Only one magnification.

    Therefore, use...
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    Re: A Pinhole is a Lens

    A pinhole is not a lens optically, physically, nor mathematically. A completely different beast that fools you to call it a lens.
  12. Re: Depth-of-focus problem, enlarging lenses

    I use Satinice; specifically the 1/8" clear type. This gives about 1/3 stop loss per layer.

    The first layer is 1.5" below the LEDs, but that is for widely spaced, 1 amp LEDs. The second is...
  13. Thread: Tripods

    by Eric Woodbury

    Re: Tripods

    I used one for a long time. It was fine.
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    Re: Darkroom Sink Slope & Drain?

    My sink is that size. I built mine flat and level and adjusted with blocks under the legs. It's about 1/8" per foot and it's plenty.

    With a router, cut a relief for your drain flange so it is...
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    4x5 Chamonix, 5x7 Deardorff, and 8x10 Deardorff. I haven't done much with any of them since the Damndemic. And the 8x10 is up for sale soon. I agree with Kirk.
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    Re: Show me your darkroom!

    There are several of these topics here already. Here's one:
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    Re: Bird Photography with LF

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    Re: Smarter material for ground glass shim?

    I used black paper. It was a heavy stock, probably 2 point. It can be sanded or peeled thinner if needed. Or it can be stacked; glued with rubber cement, if thicker is needed. A piece of film...
  19. Re: When do aspherically ground lenses date from?

    The Schmidt corrector plate is an aspheric surface with a 'wave shape' cross-section. Originally used in some telescopes, it is now used for other applications. About 100 years old.
  20. Re: Is it worth buying 8x10 to cut to 4x5?

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    Re: How about some infrared images

    Self portrait. Actually a 5 sec movie in mid-wave infrared (4 to 6 micron) taken with a camera I designed in 2011. So yes, it is digital and I have sinned.
  22. Re: Planning Roadtrip for June in Middle/Western USA

    Add a temperature column to your spreadsheet. As noted, the SW is really hot and temperatures are in the shade, of which there is none in DV.

    Anything with NP after it will be busy. And...
  23. Re: LF: Stainless Spring Steel for Rear Standard

    Old steel blades from hand saws. Or, find a shop that makes springs. Cameras I've made I reused old camera springs.
  24. Re: Further Refinement of Plexiglass Ground Glass

    1600 grit wet/dry. Any finer and it is clear.
  25. Re: How many film holders do you bring for a day out?

    All my Deardorffs, 3 of them, needed the ground glass repositioned. I did it by measurement, but photograph a ruler with small f/# works too.
  26. Re: Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL - filter conundrum

    Only saying that as one stops down, the radius of use of all the elements stops down too. At 5.6 you need the full front element. At f/22, the image is no longer in the outer fringes of the glass. ...
  27. Re: Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL - filter conundrum

    I use 4" gels (poly) with mine. Either handheld or in a Lee snap holder. Unless you are using f/5.6, then your image rays don't go through all the glass and your filter doesn't have to cover...
  28. Re: Anybody used condenser lenses to build a taking lens?

    Try it. If you like soft fuzzy. These lens are probably cast, not ground, so the surface curvature could be anything.
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    Re: Butane for developer preservation

    breath still has much oxygen. We are not efficient about the conversion because CO2 is poisonous to humans. CO2 is acidifiying, but not much. Ask the coral.
  30. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Rectified AC is just higher frequency w overtones. Basically a mess unless you filter or regulate.
  31. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Buy a 120vac coil w DC contacts. A 'contacter' is such a device. Check contact currents.
  32. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Dry relay easiest. Check your ratings.

    I used a PFET and an opto coupler. Tricky business.

    Whatever. You want ground isolation from unit to unit.
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    Re: Point Reyes Advice?

    Two days? Don't take so much gear. You'll spend your time figuring what to do, rather than doing it. Whichever camera you take, you'll have plenty to photograph.

    Have fun.
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    Re: Duchess Portraits

    The Duchess looks like a Vogue model. Was that the point? All I see is the photographer and not the person. Not to my liking.
  35. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Lots of info here and there is a link to the full blown datasheet.

    With 36 LEDs on 12x12 aluminum, it is a simple 6x6...
  36. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Disclaimer: I have not made the elgatosuizo design. My comments are based on five LED sources that I've designed and used.

    I'm using a 6x6 array of 1Amp LEDs made by Cree mounted on a 1/4"...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.


  38. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    "Sit, Stay"
  39. Re: Seeking better flip-up/down eyeglass magnifiers

    I find the flip-downs heavy too. Mostly I use different pairs of glasses for different things. All custom because my eyes are unbalanced and wonky.
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    Re: Gluing camera screws

    Loctite 222, but nothing stronger. Loctite doesn't bind with stainless steel or anodize unless it's primed. Primer is just copper ions.

    I'm sure there are other remedies without buying a...
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