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  1. Re: Should I Drum Scan, X1 Flextight Scan, or use the Epson V850 w/Aztek Wet Mount Ki

    @ Sasquatchian

    Well said. It's exactly how I arrived at using the Creo instead of the Epson. I thought about a drum scanner and spent some time with Lenny in California and I finally concluded...
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    Re: Single Travel

    I used to live in Los Gatos before moving to Tucson - had a good friend down the street who was always telling me to not wander around in the mountains between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. I never knew...
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    Re: endless external HD shuffle Part deaux

    I built a new system last year - 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 10. Plus backup copies on DropBox and Google Drive. And Amazon just started an "all you can store"- unlimited free photo storage so I'm trying...
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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    A couple

    1) Hasselblad V/150mm


    Zeiss Super Ikonta that my father bought new in 1937. Taken at Shirakawa-go during our last trip to Japan a couple of years back. I lived there from...
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    Re: Question relative scanner performance

    The 700 didn't include the mounting station, the 750 did - I expect it's the same story for the 800/850 but I don't know because I upgraded to an IQsmart and the Epson is holding down a stack of...
  6. Re: Likely Very Naive Question, sheet film then scan to produce a digital print.

    I have to admit I'm thinking seriously about getting a 30 - 40 MP back for my Hasselblad V, I really like the results I get with the 645 but in the end I prefer looking at an IMAGE on a ground glass...
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    Re: lateral arm for gitzo tripod?

    I have a monster Majestic tripod with a side arm I think the tube is 2 1/4 inch - haven't actually measured it - but I've hung an 8 x 10 Linhof Kardan Bi out on the arm for a vertical shot and it was...
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    Re: Changing bags and dust

    Another vote for Gaffer's tape. It's quite good and designed for easy removal. When I did AV I'd use it to tape audio cables onto walls, floors, furniture, etc. I even taped the legs of my mic stands...
  9. Re: Help needed with Wollensak f:4, 11.5 inch Verito

    +1 on using a Packard shutter. You can always get a couple of square plastic Neutral Density filters.
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    Re: Help request - Darlot lens

    I have a nice Dagor in a Volute shutter mounted on my RB67 with an adapter that accepts a Technika-type lensboard so it's perfectly feasible to use older lenses on "more modern" cameras. If the...
  11. Thread: My mistake

    by Jim Andrada

    Re: My mistake

    Yes, and there are no problems either, only challenges and opportunities to excel.
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    Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    My wide angle lens is a Super Angulon with a center filter. I use it on 4 x 5 (Technika) and 5 x 7 (with not much in the way of movements - pretty much on center only - but it's really wide!)

  13. Re: Arca Swiss Mounting Plate and Ritter 8x10

    The QR plates for Mamiya 645/RB67, etc have pins that fit into holes in the camera body. They don't spin. It's not beyond the realm of possibility to drill a couple of small holes into the camera...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    Bobcats and mountain lions - pffffft. The jaguars are back in the mountains south of Tucson. Google "El Jefe"

    But this is a nice photo - I have to rummage around for a few of a young bobcat on our...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    Well, if she said mountain lion on the roof i think I'd believe her. She lives right up against the mountains and there are a lot of bobcats around - the way she described it, she was hearing...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    I used to live in Los Gatos - and the cats referred to were Mountain Lions. I remember a few years back that there was a lion sleeping in a tree in a neighborhood near Stanford that was shot by...
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    Re: Epson V700 High Resolution lens

    Interesting that they refer to it as high resolution and super resolution.
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    Re: Epson V700 High Resolution lens

    I went looking for apple juice a few weeks ago when I had to skip food for 10 days and just drink clear liquids. I noticed at one store they had Martinelli Apple Juice next to Martinelli Apple Cider...
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    Re: epson p800 and digital neg's

    Forget the rebate? who on earth could do that? besides me, that is. But I only forgot by a day - fingers are crossed...

    I really like the printer but figuring out which paper to put where is a bit...
  20. Re: Software rather than center filter for correcting illumination falloff?

    I use the Schneider center filter on my 90mm Super Angulon most of the time - but then again I use it on 5 x 7.
  21. Re: Drum Scan vs DSLR vs Epson Scan (From Nick Carver's Youtube Channel)

    Hi Pere.

    I don't think anyone says the Epson isn't a nice scanner - it is and for the price it's hard to beat. If it had autofocus it would be a better scanner. And we can all do good work with...
  22. Re: Drum Scan vs DSLR vs Epson Scan (From Nick Carver's Youtube Channel)

    I don't even have a drum scanner - just a Lowly IQsmart 2. And I don't prefer the Epson 750/850. I have one, but haven't seen a need to use it since I got the Creo/Kodak. Which is what I actually...
  23. Re: Printing Cut Lines using Roll Paper - P6000

    ImagePrint RIP does nesting and cut lines - like it. It uses its own printer drivers
  24. Re: Likely Very Naive Question, sheet film then scan to produce a digital print.

    Frankly I like the look of what I get with the hybrid process better than the look of digital capture. Particularly with B&W.

    I use digital of course - a Cannon 5D from 2006, a Canon 5D III, an...
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    Re: Hasselblad Flextight 343

    Yessssss!!!!!!!! Just one (well maybe 1 1/2 Epson evangelists)

    But to be fair I've made a lot of nice prints from Epson 750 scanned 5 x 7 B&W negs and no complaints from the folks who've bought...
  26. Re: Suggestions for a low cost incident light meter

    B&H is listing the Sekonic 208 for $126.

    I have a couple of them and they're fine - have (had actually - I lost it somewhere - a small digital Gossen about the same size but the digital version is...
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    Re: Long throw cable release - Betax shutter

    I use the Schreck cable releases and they're great but the throw isn't quite long enough for some of these old shutters. The best ones I've found are the old Prontors - the ones that have the two...
  28. Re: I'm looking for a "thing", something to hold my lenses with Technica boards

    It's amazing what's getting 3D printed. I had a meeting last year with the folks at Invisalign who make the clear plastic tooth straighteners. They get replaced every two weeks and act progressively...
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    Re: How Big Enlarge How BIG Copy for WEB

    If the stars are aligned just right and you hold your breath and don't get your finger in front of the lens or get a call you can get some really good shots with a phone camera. I was walking (well,...
  30. Re: How Many Ways to Process ANY Film: List Them

    I have the Minox daylight loading developing tank - the whole process is done in regular light including loading the film from the Minox cartridge.
  31. Re: Scanning 4x5: Buying an Epson Flatbed VS my current DSLR (5DII) VS Lab Scans

    I went with an IQsmart 2 - I got it refurbed by so it was around $5k. Not that much more than a Canon 5D with a good macro lens I guess.

    I still have the Epson 750 sitting around - not sure if...
  32. Re: Please Sign This Petition to Adobe Regarding DUST and SCRATCHES on Scans

    And if they lick the negs it's like they've been sandpapered.

    My cat thinks my lightbox is her sleeping place. When she isn't walking on the keyboard

  33. Re: Please Sign This Petition to Adobe Regarding DUST and SCRATCHES on Scans

    I always use the Spot healing Tool and can usually clean up a photo with it in 10 - 15 minutes.Less if it's really clean, more if the cat walks on the negatives before I scan them.
  34. Re: Small Cable For Linhof Recessed Lens Board?

    I have the Gepe cable release - I have a 75mm Rodenstock in a COpal 0and the nipple threads were shot so I JB welded a Gepe release onto the shutter and it's been working perfectly for a lot of years...
  35. Re: Small Cable For Linhof Recessed Lens Board?

    I had a couple of those small extensions around, for some reason that I forget, so I used one in the recessed board, but they're impractically pricey. They do work OK, though
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    Re: New Mexico during Christmas

    The Saguaros around sunset are pretty neat. There's also a less well known mission in Tumacacori about 30 - 40 miles south of Tucson on I-19. The road itself is interesting because "miles to xxx"...
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    5 x 7 Ektar 100 available

    I heard from Keith Canham today that Kodak has accepted his order for 5 x 7 Ektar 100 and it should be available soon. He had to order quite a few more boxes than he had committed orders for so, if...
  38. Re: Thoughts About Nikkor SW 75mm F4.5 on Linhof Master Technika?

    I have a master Technika and use it with a 75mm Grandagon. Works OK but I personally find it a bit tricky to get the lens on the very back of the movable rails - sometimes I find hanging it a bit off...
  39. Re: Epson V850 work-around for scanning 5x7 negatives.

    I wet scanned a lot of 5 x 7 on my 750 and never needed a piece of tape. I used the mounting station and carrier and fluid mounted the neg face down under a piece of the mounting plastic I got from...
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    Re: Lens Not Focusing, What is the Cause?

    Or set your extension to approximately 250mm (plus minus a bit doesn't matter - do it by eye) and then move the subject toward and away from the camera and see if you get it in focus. This is just a...
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