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    Re: Moon lit scene with Txp 320

    Vaughn, the second part of those notes look like they were taken directly from the "Kodak Professional Photoguide" or their pocket version of same. The OP might do well to find a copy of one or the...
  2. Re: Help me choose a camera to hike 2000+ miles

    As a long-time 4x5 location shooter, my idea would be to look into a 120-size technical camera, a la the Horseman VH-R or a 2x3 Linhof Technika. If those turned out to be too heavy, I'd get two...
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    Re: ULF - 11x14 - Focal Length Lineup

    I'll suggest that it all depends upon your subject matter, whatever that may be.
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    Re: Collodion websites closed

    An automotive group I belong to (Volvo 1800s) moved its existence to this year when Yahoo Groups shut down. Perhaps the collodion group could find a home there too, if it's not too late?
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    Re: post your trees!

    Nicely seen, well done, Laurent!
  6. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    Ha. After visiting New Mexico (and meeting Mr. Gittings) back in '12, I thought that it would be an interesting place to live, but never thought it possible. Then in 2017 life (that is, my wife's...
  7. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    The best US state for landscape photography is the place that you like. I'll suggest that all 50 have much to offer if you keep your eyes open- even though there are some few I've never visited. ...
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    Re: Linhof vs Berlebach for Sinar Norma

    I could use a wooden tripod for my 4x5 Norma, and the Zone VI as well. I'll have to start saving money... I won't sell my steel-bodied 1938 National guitar (with its spun-aluminum resonator cone) to...
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    Re: Experience with Colenta Processors

    When I worked at Kodak I operated and did some maintenance on my department's Kreonite roller-transport C-41 (and RA-4) processors, for twenty years or so. I shot a fair amount of the C-41 film that...
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    Re: Help identifying lens board (C-1?)

    Sure looks like a C-1 board to me. Earlier (magnesium) ones were painted green, later (aluminum) ones were black. In the interests of accuracy, I don't know if the green lens boards are magnesium or...
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    Re: Lens coating removal question

    An optical engineer posts on this forum as Nodda Duma. Why don't you ask an expert?
  12. Re: Wollensak Serial Numbers: Request for Known Dates

    I'm sure you know that there was a long thread here, some years back, about trying to determine the serial numbers and ages of Wollensak lenses. And that the quest has never been completed... I don't...
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    Re: Ilford ULF annual film order

    During the "annual special order", you could order as little as one box from Ilford. Outside that period, you'd have to ask them. Obviously with the shutdown, everything is in flux. I just hope that...
  14. Re: What color negative/transparency would you recommend for night photography?

    The lower contrast and (relatively) subdued color rendition of the Portra films will be a big help. Might as well shoot 400, you'll want all the speed you can get. I haven't shot any in ten years, so...
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    Re: Nikkor 360/500 on Linhof Technika?

    IIRC, Linhof offered a 360mm Schneider telephoto lens (Tele-Xenar?) for the Technika. I'lll suggest that the 360 Nikkor will be usable, but the 500 will be too long. My own experience with the...
  16. Re: 25th Anniversary of the Large Format Photography Forum

    It's true, this forum is a wonderful place to follow our shared obsession. My sincere thanks to QT, the moderators, and all who keep the doors open!
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    Re: The New Marketplace Rules are Too Restrictive

    This site, and its forum, are about many more things than buying and selling gear. I've both bought and sold items here , but that's not why I show up so regularly.
    I'm here because I regularly see...
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    Re: Faces and Places of Appalachia

    Both Dorothea Lange and Paul Strand would have been proud to make these portraits.
    Have you ever exhibited this work, or had it published anywhere?
    These pictures, the portraits and the others,...
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    Re: Fixer- sediment layer on bottom?

    Metallic sulfur will eventually precipitate out of any liquid fixer concentrate, making it unusable. This generally happens long after he expiration date (as in years). It's a while since I've used...
  20. Re: Coverage of Wollensak Velostigmat lenses

    I started my view camera work in 1981 with a battered Ansco 8x10 and an uncoated 12"/4.5 Velostigmat series II/Fuzz-O-Matic. I did run out of front rise once or twice... and it was certainly sharp...
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    Re: Congo lens

    Apparently it's not a well-known lens, but it's still worth a try. I'd cobble up a lens board and hot-glue the lens to it. I assume that it's not in a shutter, so make a few test exposures when the...
  22. Re: Picking up my second LF camera in the Washington, DC suburbs

    I used these for many years on the job- real workhorse cameras. As far as the different models go, I believe that the CC-400 is the standard model, with a 16" long rail. The CC-401 has a 22" rail,...
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    Re: post your urban landscapes

    4x5 Plus-X was made into the early 2000s, i think. TMX-100 (and digital) took its market, although the two films didn't look the same at all.
  24. Re: Speculation on why the Omega D negative carriers are white on top?

    I think the change came when they switched the carrier alignment design from the two-pin style of the D2's to the rotating style (with the frame on the bottom) of the D5's and later. I used both...
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    Re: Condenser lens in a snoot?

    Somebody here was talking about, or selling, a device that would let you attach a Dyna-Lite flash head to a fresnel spot light originally meant for a tungsten bulb. Wish I could remember more, as my...
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    Re: Color Crossover?

    Generally, it's just ugly. Crossovers were usually seen when trying to print an improperly balanced internegative (that had been made from a color transparency original). Commonly you might find cyan...
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    Re: Uneven illumination Omega D5XL

    Condenser head or Super-Chromega color head? The color head's diffusion box (if so, which size?) should eliminate most unevenness.
    If the variable condenser head, the condensers have to be in the...
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    Re: Split grade printing question

    Thank God photographic practice cannot be reduced to mere procedure!
    If you're careful with your craft, and sensible with your approach, and most of all keep your eyes open, *then* the magic can...
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    Re: Unusual Machines

    Ha. A significant part of my job at Kodak in the '80s and '90s was to photograph the various specialized film processing and handling equipment that we designed and built for the US Government. It...
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    Re: SLIMT notes for those interested

    There's no guarantee that 35mm and sheet film versions of a film with the same name have identical emulsions. You might ask Ilford about that.
    For example;1) the emulsions are on a different base....
  31. Re: Chromium intensifier vs Silver intensifier

    Victor's Mercury Intensifier (VMI) is/was the most powerful negative intensifier I've ever heard of. George Krause wrote about using it in Ralph Gibson's book 'Darkroom'. But that was published 40...
  32. Re: Ilford FP4 expired in 2004 but frozen ,What tod do? Shoot it?

    HC-110 is often used for expired film because it helps keep the fog level down. I'd just test with that. Once you've run the exposure/development test, you should be fine. Slower films like FP4+ age...
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    Re: Long exposure experience with portraits?

    I'd say study the earliest portraitists. Hill & Adamson come to mind, Southworth & Hawes too. Two different processes, calotype vs. daguerrotype, and location vs. studio portraits.
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    Re: Testing unknown films

    Kodak Precision Line films were 1990s replacements for Kodalith; labeled "Rapid Access" for machine processing. I've extensively used two of them: LPF7 on a 7-mil base for making negatives, and LPD7...
  35. Re: Flash Cable for Kodak Supermatic Shutter

    Some Flash Supermatic shutters have an "ASA bayonet" flash connector. For mine, I long ago found an adapter that converted it to a standard PC connector.
    It sounds like yours has the common two-pin...
  36. Re: Covid-19: Ilford factory in Mobberley shutting down for now

    Well, I certainly hope that Ilford can survive, whatever it may take. I fear for all the film manufacturers these days.
  37. Re: Chamonix and Ebony's are gorgeous & Old Kodak 2D's are UGLY but they have their p

    Bob, Drew, it's universally understood that Alfred Stieglitz was a better photographer than I'll ever be. He used an Eastman 2-D with a 12" Goerz Dagor for many pictures; my point being that that is...
  38. Re: Chamonix and Ebony's are gorgeous & Old Kodak 2D's are UGLY but they have their p

    A 2D was good enough for Alfred Stieglitz. That's good enough for me.
  39. Re: TRI-X Pan TXP 518 4x5 16 Sheet Pack Film advice/TIPS?

    Filmpack is on a thinner base than regular sheet film- probably the same base as 120 roll film. So beware putting kinks in it when handling. Its dimensions are slightly larger than the equivalent...
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    Finding an Omega E-series enlarger in Paraguay may be difficult, but best of luck in any case!
    KHB Photographics in Toronto, Canada, has a marvelous site with all manner of information about (and...
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