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    Re: Photography log/database setup

    Suggest trying a spreadsheet app on your phone. Google Sheets would probably be the easiest to try: free, and meets your desire for hosting the database online with instant sync between entry and...
  2. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    I bought a pound of 600 grit silicon carbide for US$8 from a local lapidary and rock shop (as HMG is suggesting). That's enough grit to last a lifetime. Tried it for the first time recently, and it's...
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    Re: Minimal chem for 8x10 dev

    The datasheet that Pere posted the link to, says that the capacity of D-76 1:1 is per 1 liter: 2 8x10 sheets per liter in a tray, or 2 rolls of 135-36 or 120 in a small tank. Each roll has film area...
  4. Re: Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen

    I have an idea ... Look up information about the ICA / Zeiss Juwel.
  5. Re: Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen

    Based on your measurement of 114mm and the picture, the gray board could be a Rittreck lensboard. I've never had one, but it looks similar to pictures, such as those in...
  6. Re: Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen

    You say you want to unscrew the lens from the retaining ring, but you also said that from the back, you can see there is no retaining ring. What is the lens screwed into, if anything? A picture of...
  7. Re: Brackets for multiple speedlights/flash units

    There are a number of different multiple flash brackets, some of them are designed to fire multiple speedlights into an umbrella, others to mount on a lightstand, or a 1/4"-20 thread. You can get an...
  8. Re: Seeking Clever Idea For My 8x10 Camera & Vintage Lenses

    Sliding a artboard mask into the filter holder to act as a shutter will be clumsier than the lens cap. Try using a hat as your shutter. A black fleece or felt hat works pretty well - for fleece,...
  9. Re: Removing a 21" Kodak Ektanon from a Prism

    Large front prisms were common on process camera lenses. For example see this Wollensak catalog:

    I think the main reason was to reverse...
  10. Re: Adams/Weston Exhibition @ Stanford University, CA

    New Mexico is part of the United States.
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    Re: Tripod part???

    It is a stud or spigot that goes on the top of a light stand. It's screwed or clamped in place and things (lights, etc) are screwed or clamped onto the top part. Here's one listed as "double ended...
  12. Re: Help: Seiko shutter hole diameter for lensboard fujinon 250 f/6.7

    I happened to find a Fujinon lens in one of these Seiko shutters that looks like a #1 but isn't, and I took some measurements, in the hope that it helps future perplexed people.

    The lens is a...
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    Re: () Robert Frank, dies at 94

    Interesting idea.
    I would guess not directly: I think a lot of Frank's impact was to bring a sort of subjectivity to work of a photo-journalistic style - rather than didactically telling a story, he...
  14. Re: Focusing range of Goerz Dagor 305mm 6.8 for portraits?

    If one uses an 8x10" camera to image a 16x20" subject, which is kind of like a tight head and shoulders composition, one is working at a reproduction ratio of 1:2. That means a lot of bellows...
  15. Re: Photodiox 4x5 to 35mm digital adaptor plate for stitching.

    I posted a thread about the adapter I made in the DIY forum, at . That may give...
  16. Re: DIY 4x5 Graflok to DSLR adapter (and drawbacks)

    Here is a tabletop example of images from the thingy.



    The first image is on-axis, no movements, and the second image has some rear backward tilt and front forward tilt. The...
  17. Re: DIY 4x5 Graflok to DSLR adapter (and drawbacks)

    This is what it looks like on the DSLR. I measured the overhang of the SLR prism/flash housing, and the depth of the T-adapter; the 5mm extension tube was the minimum to allow this SLR body to...
  18. DIY 4x5 Graflok to DSLR adapter (and drawbacks)

    4x5 to DSLR adapters came up in another thread. This is how I made one with only limited tools / materials. I made this to try it out rather than expecting it to really be practical, so my budget...
  19. Re: Photodiox 4x5 to 35mm digital adaptor plate for stitching.

    I made an adapter plate for a DSLR to a 4x5 using simple materials and tools. It doesn't slide like the Fotodiox back to allow mosaicing, just has one on-axis position. I have been meaning to post...
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    Re: 35mm and digital infrared

    Yes. Not to get into a detailed technical discussion, but the D70 has more IR sensitivity (a weaker IR blocking filter) than most other DSLRs, so you can do something useful by getting a 720nm or...
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    Re: 35mm and digital infrared, Arizona, August 2019 by reddesert64, on Flickr,...
  22. Re: Late Wollensak Process Lenses: Designs and Specifications

    Thanks for finding and posting this brochure. Good information - just the cutaway lens diagrams answer several questions about the designs of the different lens types. For example, the f/9 - f/10...
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    Re: I-70 Colorado and Utah

    Get a paper road atlas of the US, and whenever you get a chance to take one of the roads with the little green dots running along it to indicate "scenic route," take it. In the Southwestern US, at...
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    Re: Anybody like circular images?

    In painting the round form is frequently called a tondo. It was somewhat commonly used in Renaissance art: With that in mind, one can search for examples....
  25. Re: DIY Dark Slides, some thoughts and a question

    I haven't tested black FR4, but I think there is a good chance that it is opaque. My experience with FR4 is from its use in PC boards; it is significantly stronger than a phenolic paper-based PC...
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    Re: Wista 45 Metal Field Camera Question

    If you look at a Mamiya Super 23 / Press / Universal, on the side opposite the handgrip, there is a rail with a 1/4" threaded socket that is similar, but different dimensions. The flash adapters have...
  27. Re: DIY Dark Slides, some thoughts and a question

    There are different kinds of Garolite. In another thread where DIY dark slides were discussed, I suggested using black FR4, also known as G10 or Garolite G10. This is a fiberglass reinforced epoxy...
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    Re: ? use of Oscilloscope lenses in LF?

    You can buy focusing mounts now for relatively little money. Look on ebay for "focusing helicoid." They come with a variety of threads like M42 or M58 - probably easy to find adapters for a micro 4/3...
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    Re: 7 1/2 inch Kodak Ektar F4.5 question

    Simple math ahead. This is all basically derived from drawing similar triangles:

    If the lens is focal length f, and you extend the bellows by some length e, then the lens is (f+e) away from the...
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    Re: 4x10 Point 'n Shoot Camera Build

    Those 1/3-2/3 and 1/2-1/2 are just rules of thumb, not exact. Consider for example a lens focused at its hyperfocal distance - the acceptable focus will extend from half the hyperfocal distance, to...
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    Re: Shipping Container Camera

    It's based on the same Polaroid camera that the original Instagram logo was based on, and the more stylized camera logo they used until a couple of years ago. Anyway, that connotes "photography" to...
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    Re: San Francisco - Monterey 10 Days

    A few more comments on the Santa Cruz area. As one continues down Highway 1 from Pescadero, there are a couple of small roads off to the side that lead back to Pescadero, then you pass Ano Nuevo...
  33. Re: CBS Sunday News Macro Coin Photography Large Format

    You might like to read about the artist J.S.G. Boggs, who drew very detailed, but modified, versions of US paper currency, and whose art included the performance of attempting to get people to accept...
  34. Re: Ideas for new shutters 40 years from now when ours are all dead

    Optically, the difference is between "between-the-lens", and "behind-the-lens" shutters - focal-plane is a convenient place to put a behind the lens shutter. Leaf vs curtain shutters are two...
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    Re: San Francisco - Monterey 10 Days

    Sorry for the derail. Here is an interesting website for exploring these issues: . Plug in any college's name in...
  36. Re: Ideas for new shutters 40 years from now when ours are all dead

    The price for a Uniblitz shutter is not unreasonable (especially considering these are professional tools for industrial applications) but the problem is also that you typically need a $1000 shutter...
  37. Re: Ideas for new shutters 40 years from now when ours are all dead

    Electronically controlled shutters are still a going item in optics and laser applications. Uniblitz and Melles Griot make them. They aren't cheap, and they aren't a drop in replacement for Copal...
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    Re: Where to buy used lenses, etc?

    IMO: As an amateur photographer, these days, it feels a bit like being a visiting barbarian stumbling around the decaying capitol of a fallen (professional) empire. You can pick up all sorts of...
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    Re: Negative reduction woe

    Treat with hypo clear and rewash? I have no experience with this problem, but hypo clear is intended to transform thiosulfate into a more easily dissolved ion ...
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    Re: Optische Institut Munchen Petzval Lens

    When searching for an obscure article, it helps to provide links to the journal reference. Otherwise it's very difficult to find. Fortunately Karl Ventzke plus the subject matter makes it searchable....
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