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  1. Exposure Factor Needed with Diopter Closeup Lens?

    Alan, clear diopters do not cause any light loss in achieving their magnification [I'm not an authority on them, so I consulted "Closeups in Nature", by John Shaw (my guru in all things macro), and...
  2. All-Ttime Funniest Comment You've Gotten While Shooting

    I was at Arches National Park taking pictures along the Devil's Garden Trail (a very popular spot), when a whole busload of retired folks from a tour bus came up the path. One elderly man paused to...
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    Linhof Viewer

    I've been using the Linhof reflex finder you describe for 15 years with my Technikardan. I find it indispensible for composing, but I still focus with a loupe on the groundglass. My only problem...
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