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    Re: Silver plated out of fixer onto jug

    If you used the brown plastic jugs it'd still happen and you'd be blissfully ignorant. I use gallon plastic jugs too (get my distilled water in them) Happens with both TF4 and TF5 fixers here. It...
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    Re: Where do y'all record your photo data ?

    I take a photo of the setup with my cell phone. Then it's in my Google map & timeline and if I need to see when/where I took the photo, the cell phone photo exif data has all that. Sort of cloud...
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    Re: Soft focus lens suggestions requested

    Fuji isn't really soft. It's a notch mellower than a tessar. Like if you wanted an old cheap triplet with good bokeh but in a shutter. I would call it a mellow focus lens.

    For 5x7 Kodak Portrait...
  4. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    I'd also suggest dektol, pyrocat hd, pyrocat hdc, pmk pyro, etc.. For the pyro developers, discard the develop when it's stop bath time (no second dip). The staining developers add density...
  5. Thread: FP4+ in Pyrocat HD

    by jp

    Re: FP4+ in Pyrocat HD

    I use 1:1:100 and 10 minutes with FP4+ at iso 100. You shouldn't need to lower your film speed with pyrocat hd/hdc.
    1 minute of continuous agitation at the start, then 10s every minute in Combiplan...
  6. Re: 4x5 Portrait lens recommendation with "classic" look and feel

    You might also look for some Fujinar SC lenses. Often they have a copal3s or shannel shutter. They are good tessar lenses with plenty of iris blades.
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    Re: What equipment is hard for you to find?

    From Flutot's website:
    Lastly, Ilex #5's are getting more and more difficult to repair Their parts are failing because of age and replacement parts are hard to find. At this point, Ilex #5's are a...
  8. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    No film ever goes in checked luggage.
  9. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    If you take your film factory sealed and perhaps hand inspected and empty film holders, just ship it all back. USPS has flat rate boxes (like the ebay sellers often use) at the post office and you...
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    Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Ansel Adams was just one of many quality photographers of the modernist era.

    (I don't have a viewing card)
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    Re: eliminate duplicates from hard drives

    This is a pretty clever idea!
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    Re: eliminate duplicates from hard drives

    It's probably not worth the time.. Let's say you had 1TB of duplicate images which is a ton, since 1TB lasts me 1-2 years at my current rate of shooting and scanning. A new 10TB drive is $300; thus...
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    Re: Film ASA differences

    Sheet film is usually different film than roll film; roll film is thinner/flimsier. An exception might be a roll of 5" aerial film cut down to fit sheet film holders.

    Sheet film would thus come...
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    Re: Keeping or tossing prints?

    I cut them into strips and make bookmarks.
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    Re: Photomicrography in Large Format

    These look cool! I bet they'd make some nice cyanotype contact prints for small prints toned in wild colors, or good massive poster/mural size prints in a lobby or nerdy household.

    (My only...
  16. Re: "Flickr has been a home for all photographers, no matter their subject." direct q

    The "safer" things in their blog/press release now implies what I suspected. Got this in my email. The blog mentions how they do not outsource moderation and their multiple means to detect CSAM,...
  17. Re: The Renaissance of Film Photography among Young People

    Nothing new under the sun. These same problems with the general public and film technique and ignorance about negatives could be from 1990 except for the insta references. It wasn't a fad then.
  18. Re: "Flickr has been a home for all photographers, no matter their subject." direct q

    I work at a shop fixing electronics.. We're photographing things with our camera phone all the time to read serial numbers. Lawyer fine print got nothing on technology hardware fine print. Power...
  19. Re: Are print drums a more practical way to print big in a bathroom?

    I don't really like drums for printing.. I used to have one for color printing long ago. it leaked a tiny bit. The unicolor roller was noisy. I couldn't watch the magic, and even though I don't...
  20. Re: "Flickr has been a home for all photographers, no matter their subject." direct q

    Seems like a well thought out plan.. We'll see how it works in real life.

    Some other photo sharing / social networks seem to be taken over by porn because the hosting is free and unmoderated and...
  21. Thread: Contact Printing

    by jp

    Re: Contact Printing
    would be a step up for a printing frame. It will hold the paper nice and tight with...
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    Re: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?


    My filmholders I put labels on each side, "loaded" or "exposed"
    Loaded is for unused film.
    Exposed is for exposed film (or empty).
  23. Thread: post your trees!

    by jp

    Re: post your trees!

    Could have done better with focus, but I still like it...
    img202112036 by Jason Philbrook, on Flickr

    This turned out better.
  24. Re: Features of a universal Filmscanner and why the Epson 700/800 has or has not.

    The grain seems pretty crisp on the tmax400 scans!
  25. Re: Features of a universal Filmscanner and why the Epson 700/800 has or has not.

    Part of my business is being a distributor of a niche of Japanese electronics. That includes having repair parts for 0-20 year old electronics equipment.

    I would be confident in guessing that the...
  26. Re: Features of a universal Filmscanner and why the Epson 700/800 has or has not.

    I think a universal scanner is about as practical as a universal camera.
    We need something quick and high quality (a step up from the Epsons, maybe coolscan quality) for scanning rolls of small and...
  27. Act of Sight: The Tsiaras Family Photography Collection (Colby, Waterville ME)

    An exhibit with some good tastes in photo history!

    Colby College
    Waterville Maine
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    Re: RIP William "WFW" Whitaker

    Will was a great guy to many of us.

    He was in my area once for a Paul Caponigro talk, and Will and I had a great lunch and afternoon.

    We'd mostly kept in touch after he moved south (so he...
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    Re: Mylar sheets for alt process printing

    overhead transparency material FOR LASER PRINTERS is mylar. Normal clear overhead transparency material melts in a copier/laser printer and is not mylar.
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    Re: How many film holders do you bring for a day out?

    As others do, I develop 6 or 12 sheets at a time and that makes a difference in how much I shoot.

    I bring 7 4x5 holders since that's what a plano ammo box holds. That box keeps them clean and dry,...
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    innards of a 40cm square digital sensor
  32. Re: The Problem with Modern Lenses.. transfered to those new to view camera image mak

    I love large format soft focus, and gentle focus like the tessars and that sort of thing...

    For digital I love the Sigma art lenses.... They are crisp where they are in focus, and buttery smooth...
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    Re: Darkroom from zero: Chems disposal

    A little bit of time and pyrocat HD is oxidized and inert as best I understand it. Science nerd but not a chemist.

    I live in a rural area (well and septic) and dump most things down the drain with...
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    Re: Because Speed Graphics are cool

    Nice. I had no idea so many varieties and so few quantities of preanniversary speed graphic were made. Looks like my 1927ish $100 100% reliable beater is one of just a few hundred.
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    Re: Portable electric room heater

    According to youtube and it's worth considering.. The cheapest outlets are junk and you get way better ruggedness and reliability spending $5 instead for an outlet which is still very reasonable.
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    Re: Portable electric room heater

    Use a 12 or 14g super heavy duty extension cord and be fine. They don't recommend power strips or normal extension cords because they are made to varying quality and capacity and most are not up to...
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    Re: Help identify cloud-like artifacts on film

    Looks like it had some out of focus exposure and was then double exposed. The 2nd image might show the film shifting in the film holder between uses.
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    Re: Tmax 400 in D-76 correct dev time

    I have only used d76 1:1 and used something just longer than 10 minutes but it's hard to remember since I've used pyrocat for such a long time now.
    The benefit for me of using 1:1 was that I could...
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    Re: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

    The 3047 is inexpensive, but it's also much taller (higher COG over the tripod, so not as desirable) and not as solid as some of the other options. It's probably fine for a light 8x10 with wide angle...
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    Re: Why Not Movie Film Filters?

    The goldmorphic streak reminds me of the smear/bloom from old analog camcorders or cheap cell phones at night. Or cheap cell phones with dirty lenses in the rain.
    Lots of unique ways to get away...
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