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  1. Re: Foma Fomapan 100 in rodinal : exposing and developing

    i like fomapan 100@50 in r09 1+100 11'30' - see link below. tschau
  2. Re: Affordable 8x10: Any Other Game than Intrepid? woody man 8x10. Seems to be better than Intrepids.
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    Re: Fomapan 100, 200 and 400

    Fomapan 100@50, R09 1+100, 20°C, 30/30-5, 11'30''.
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    I've been thinking. I'm not a native English speaker. Everything takes a little longer with me.

    in the german large format forum a user has the idea to use a contact copy box with a flash. so he...
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    Does he produce black and white films and does he have to measure any densities daily to ensure a consistent production?

    That is rather unlikely, IMHO. That's why I assumed that he meant a...
  6. Re: Is there adequately protective flight case that can protect an ULF camera checked

    attention. if you open the case in a humid environment, it will store the humid air inside.

    if a cold, dry camera comes out of the case into a warm, humid environment, not only the camera will fog...
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    Re: Intrepid cameras

    I have got an Intrepid 4x5 Mk2. We can exchange our cameras, I will send you mine and I get yours.
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    Gossen Mastersix/Ultra Pro + Profiflex.
  10. Re: Justify the acquiring of a new Linhof Technika?

    What about a Horseman FA?

    Same technical back, same front standard, smaller lens boards, focus from 65-300, but without range finder, and nearly half the weight of a Technika?
  11. Re: HC110 1:63 mushy flat negatives dilution H

    The massive dev charts times are often wrong, IMHO.

    E.g. Ilford FP4+@50 needs 9'00'' at 20°C and 30/30-5....
  12. Re: Which lenses fold up into your field camera? Linhof Tecnika, Horseman, etc. quest

    Into the Super Technika IV: Rodenstock Sironar N 5.6/150 Copal 0 with 49mm filter
    Into the Wista N: Fujinon A 9/180 Copal 0 with 46mm Filter, as well as the two Fujinon W 5.6/105 and 5.6/125 with...
  13. Re: How to expose in unusual circumstances

    There is a german saying: "Wer misst misst Mist." Measuring measures a mess. I like the Sekonic L408 with its 5° spot and an incident meter. It's not too selective.

    The OP mentioned a fill-in...
  14. Re: Linhof Kardan Color bellows replacement

    Thank you very much. So, I will order a Master bellows.
  15. Linhof Kardan Color bellows replacement


    I have got a Linhof Kardan Color 4x5 - the later one with the Technika V standards and the "Kombinationsbalgen", a bellows with 2 sections: a wide angle section behind the front standard,...
  16. Re: How to expose in unusual circumstances

    This does not look like a guess. It is the standard procedure of incident light metering, explained e.g. in the Brockway Norwood Directer or Sekonic L28c2 manual. It's quite reliable....
  17. Re: Greta Thunberg wet plate photos by Shane Balkowitsch

    tons of co2. the whole process with the material overhead. imho, fkd 18x24 with a selfmade emulsion and caffenol is certainly better for environment. it is not enough to develop a photo in green...
  18. Linhof Technika IV re-leathering / new cover

    Hello all,

    I will receive a Linhof Technika IV that I want to "restore" a little bit. "Restoring" doesn't mean that I return the camera to "her" original condition. It means maintaining or taking...
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    Re: Linhof Kardan question

    Thank you, Bob and Cor, I got it and tried it with the Manfrotto MHXPRO. It is lighter and sturdier than I thought.

    In the beginning I wasn't a great fan of Linhofs because I thought they were...
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    Re: Linhof Kardan question

    No, sorry, question is: is a normal ballhead strong enough to hold a Linhof Kardan Color? Or should I get the dedicated clamp from Linhof. The rest of my post is some sort of german humour, but...
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    Re: Linhof Kardan question

    Once I had a white BMW E21 whose engine hood opened itself at 150 km/h, three times ... It had a "Kardanwelle". I wonder how I could tinker the Linhof kardan Color into the BMW ... I am waiting,...
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    Re: Linhof Kardan question

    Sorry for digging out this zombie.

    I think it's not about the drive shaft but a pivoted support system, c.f.

    If I understand it correctly, "Kardan" means...
  23. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    How much is this and how much are these measures in their entirety? Why don't you simply sold a decent plate on the bottom?
  24. Re: Loupe project -- cheap and easy for the handy and thrifty


    I have got difficulties to reproduce the problem of malfocusing on the clear side of the focusing screen. I don't see any projected image there coming from the lens.

    If I understand Bob...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!


    here is some steam punk with a camera named "The Brand 17".

    There are a few goals of this study:

    1. the camera has to be more lightweight

    2. the camera has to be more compact
  26. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    A nice try to tell us, that isn't dead but smells funny - whereas the authorities stay with Instagram now ... Some kind of bashing, of course. basing on just another...
  27. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery


    to imply, that there would be a "silent majority" that is satisfied only because you can count the opinions against the Intrepids, is - a classical fallacy.

    Even if there are successful...
  28. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    I agree completely, and of course it is very good that there is and remains an existent market for sheet films etc.

    I hereby solemnly declare: if there is somebody reading these words and...
  29. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    No joy.
  30. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery

    Außer Spesen nichts gewesen.
  31. Re: Intrepid - Communication & Delivery


    250 £ is a lot of money. even if a Technika costs 9000 $.

    But building cameras is not rocket science.

    E.g. we don't need a rotating back. Less is more.

    Using proper materials...
  32. Re: My father's Clarinet teacher & Edward Weston

    Short: There is nothing crooked. Everything' s straight. The cross is the key. And the old house a metaphor of a life with sun and rain.

    Long: You talk about "composition" but you mean...
  33. Re: Light Tripods: The Weak Link?

    I agree completely with Bob Salomon.

    I want to add, with a smaller bit of personal experience, that wooden legs cannot be "telescoped" together because they have to be massive. That means that you...
  34. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view

    Dear Drew,

    I am absolutely unable to understand what you want to say.

    Please excuse me, perhaps it is because I am not a native English speaker: everything you write sounds confused to me.
  35. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view

    Hullo Drew,

    now I really wonder about it, because you can't stop insulting.

    1. You really wrote that you "hate" particular genres. Apparently you spend much time with posting. But even a...
  36. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view

    Ideal conditions to use an orthochromatic black and white film. E.g.

    Instead of insulting digital photographers, art historians,...
  37. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view

    wilkes uses a linhof. - look at his videos. this isn't gimmickery. i like his photographs. he knows how to use the digital medium. it's tough.

    btw. such pictures were painted in renaissance and...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    Like Brexit: resubmission of the botch costs another pile of money, and you will wait for another few months for another frustrating outcome ...
  39. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view


    let's have a look at this:

    Perhaps the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS) of the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) could be your friend ......
  40. Re: Musings on landscape photography from a landscape ecologist's point of view


    people often mention a certain "view" or a "perspective" from a certain "point of view" - it is obvious that you have different points of views, as a photographer and an ecologist, perhaps...
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