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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    'Via' carries her original Volvo B-18 4-cyl; rated at 115hp in 1966. The previous owner replaced the original twin SU carbs with a 2-choke downdraft Weber, which probably won't make any difference in...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    213338It snows once every couple of winters in Tucson, so it's a happy event when it does happen. Last month the snow melted within an hour in town, but stayed for a few days up on the peaks of the...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    Tucker on the dock, 2011. He's still going strong ten years later. So is the 105mm lens I used, but the Nikon D2X is long gone.
  4. Re: Elmar 135mm: Will it cover 4x5? LSM to Copal adapter?

    I had one of these 90/4 Elmars decades ago. It had terrible flare in any kind of backlight. IDK if that was because of the scratch on the front element; I blamed the satin-chrome nameplate ring......
  5. Re: B/W film & B/W chems - What's in your darkroom?

    No need to "venture out" unless there's something you don't like about your pictures. Knowing how your materials will respond can give you great confidence in your work. Better to chase new and...
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    Re: D 23 Users

    Jim, I would never argue with your experience. In fact it is fascinating to hear!
    I'll just add that, from my own experience, any replenished process system, color or B&W, depends upon large volume...
  7. Re: Has anyone made a large split back contact frame?

    A general search for "graphic arts equipment" might be a start. Photographer's Formulary in the USA has large spring-back contact frames for sale, as well. But I've never used one larger than 11x14"...
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    Hmmm. Given the undoubted effort and cost of shooting 20x24, one would hope for a higher percentage of successful photographs than when using smaller formats.
    I admire anyone willing to tackle ULF,...
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    Re: Fujinon T 400mm F/8

    I used a Tachi for ten years- I imagine that the weight, and balance point, of the Fuji 400T would overpower the front standard. My 'long' lens on that camera was a Nikkor-M 300/9. Not the same, I...
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    Re: Strange accessories.

    You'll find odd things that way. Last year I bought a box of mostly darkroom ventilation stuff at a swap meet. Buried under the fans & ductwork (which have turned out to be quite useful) there was an...
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    Re: releases for buildings

    The right to photograph private buildings from a public space was litigated, some years back, by the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. They lost in court.
    I don't remember the details, but ASMP...
  12. Re: Ilford Multicontrast Classic FB/selenium toner

    Good points all. I haven't made any prints for a couple of years, so I have to re-train my eye. The MG Classic seems quite neutral; and I can't see any color shift between a final print and a fixed,...
  13. Ilford Multicontrast Classic FB/selenium toner

    Just finished my darkroom, and I'm getting back into serious printing. I'm working with Ilford Multicontrast Classic FB. And I'm looking for input from people toning this paper in selenium...
  14. Re: Carl Chiarenza retrospective exhibit, Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY - Feb.-June,

    Wish I could go back to the ol' home town to see this show. Once again I'll say that no reproductions can do justice to his originals.
  15. Re: Best way to ensure appropriate DoF in interior shots?

    Well, a true master has just hit the nail squarely on the head. Somehow (like most of us) I missed the OP's shutter speed requirement. Of course lighting takes the project to another level entirely,...
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    Re: Chemical storage question

    Light isn't the problem, oxidation is. Developers are the chemicals most affected- if you're only working occasionally, store those in glass.
    Stop bath, fixers, etc., no need to worry. Captain...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Another good one, Meekyman. I always enjoy seeing your work.
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    Re: Stop bath with TF-5 fixer

    Thanks everyone! Some good advice here.
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    Stop bath with TF-5 fixer

    I've just finished building a new darkroom and am about to begin printing my large backlog of negatives.
    When I last was printing, two years ago, I was using TF-5 fixer with a plain water stop bath,...
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    Re: Kodak Kodabromide G2 VS F2

    They are fiber-based papers. The plastic version was Kodabrome II RC. Of course Kodak stopped all production of b/w paper in 2005 or so, and Kodabromide was discontinued well before that, so your...
  21. Re: Modern tailboard camera with back for film holders?

    B&J Rembrandt portrait camera, made through at least 1973. If that's "modern'.
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    Re: It is Majestic!

    Tin Can, perhaps your issue is why we used a chair of bar-stool height when I was a portrait photographer. For relevance, the 70mm long-roll camera sat on a Majestic tripod, itself on a dolly. And...
  23. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    Mr. Layton- is there a problem with your current prints- and do you think that this technique will solve that problem (whatever it might be)?
    I ask this question in all honesty- because after 40+...
  24. Re: Old stock of Kodak D-19 developer and Zone VI fixer

    D-19 is a high-contrast developer meant for scientific, technical, and graphic-arts applications. Not meant for normal pictorial photography- so no need t save it. The Z-VI fixer is (IIRC) similar to...
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    Re: KRST as Fixer? Yeah...Why Not?

    No doubt that this 'mistake' will give you prints of indescribable beauty and tonalities that you could never even have dreamed of... a look that would make you famous and rich... except that you'll...
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    Re: The first war to be photographed?

    Thank you Mr. Cornell- that was the discussion I'd referred to. Someday I'll return to it.
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    Re: The first war to be photographed?

    It was Roger Fenton who made that picture. Filmmaker Errol Morris has written a long article, trying to decide whether Fenton (and assistant) moved the cannonballs. Many people have opined on the...
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    Re: How Much Have We Accomplished?

    I've been trying to get out into the landscape this year, with limited success. But I haven't even made a contact proof in a year now (although I have processed most of the negatives I've made). But...
  29. Re: Preferences for 150-165mm lenses in 8x10?

    In my industrial-shooter days we had a 1960s version of the 165/8 Super-Angulon. No complaints about sharpness, coverage, or color rendition. A fine lens but huge and heavy. But then we rarely used...
  30. Re: 135mm f5.6 - Symmar-S MC or Apo-Sironar S for portraits?

    Remember that both of these choices were top-of-the-line lenses, made by leading optical companies for a demanding professional market. You'd be hard-pressed to see any difference between the...
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    Re: What to build next?

    Cambo made some 4x5 TLRs, Peter Gowland did too. There are plenty of 5x7 Graflex SLRs, most notably the Home Portrait model; and there are stories that Graflex made a few 8x10 SLRs. I think a...
  32. Re: What y'll know about cheap non shutter wide angle 75mm lenses

    old Zeiss Protar? I had a barrel-mount 90mm f/18 once. But I don't know if they made any shorter focal lengths.
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    Re: How Early Could It Have Happened?

    Not ready to answer that last question, but here's a book I read decades ago and still remember; "Lest Darkness Fall" by L. Sprague deCamp (a name too good to forget).
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    Re: Screw for Fuji 600mm

    SK Grimes should have them- or any camera repair shop.
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    Re: Are There New Shutters for Old Lenses

    A possible issue is that the cost of remounting the lens (pus the cost of a good recent Copal shutter) will likely far exceed the value of the lens itself. Not a problem if you have the money and...
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    Re: Film changing bag or changing tent?

    The flat changing bag will put dust on your film (through contact), resulting in black spots on your prints. Frustrating!
    Use a changing tent if you're using sheet film. I've been using one (a...
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    Re: Jack Deardorff in September 1980

    Nice to see the face behind the name. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Visualization, Pre and Post?

    Somewhere in my reading, don't know where now, I recall a quote from White's most famous student, Paul Caponigro;
    "Head for the cosmos, Minor, they'll never be able to corner you there." ...
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    Re: Old Collodion Com wetplate site return

    Perhaps few people are posting on that forum because 1) former members may not know that it's back, and 2) newbies have not been made aware of it?
    Just a thought... it might draw more visitors if...
  40. Re: Is there such as thing as a modern, fast, compact 360 for 8x10?

    Assuming both are in equal physical condition, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two lenses. Unless, of course, you expect to make wall-sized enlargements... and even then...
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