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  1. Re: Filter size of Carl Zeiss Jena Apo-Tessar 60cm F9?

    I can't help, but will say, they probably made them long enough that the filter size may have changed more than once. (also, the oldest Apo-Tessars are f/10, so, take my input with a grain of salt)
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    Re: in-camera negatives for Salt Printing?

    Be careful of overdevelopment, you want the shadow areas of your neg to be quite clear, it's as important as sufficient density in the highlights. I've only printed Salt from vintage collodion negs...
  3. Re: There is a weird little screw on my Schneider SA XL 5,6/58

    As pointed out by others, that is an "anti rotation" screw, to prevent the shutter spinning on lensboards if the retaining ring becomes loose, more of an issue on wooden boards with humidity changes....
  4. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    I would say your best marketing tool would be a strong portfolio of work like what you're trying to sell. If your portraits are not strong, a hard push on the process will only get you so far.
  5. Re: Large Format Conference / University of New Mexico

    Ah, THAT was 2001, and part of APIS. The problem with the 20x24 was that it was one of Wisners versions of the Polaroid. They were barely light-tight enough for use INDOORS. (fact not snark)
  6. Re: Large Format Conference / University of New Mexico

    Steve Simmons is alive and well, still living near Abq, retired from publishing, and seems to be living the dream spending a lot of time on horseback.FYI, He may still offer the occasional LF...
  7. Re: Large Format Conference / University of New Mexico

    Steve Simmons may weigh in on the LF conferences he held several times*, I think the first one MAY have been in '02 and yes, it was in Albuquerque. I was there with the Polaroid 20x24 from my studio...
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    Re: Repair missing broken tenon

    Richard Ritter gives good advice.
    I wouldn't call the broken bit a tenon, rather, what is left of the rail after cutting a rebate (rabbett) in the top.
    If, IF, you are a good woodworker and have...
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    Re: Rack and pinion for 20x24

    24 pitch, 20 pressure angle is probably a good size. The face width of the rack and pinion / spur gears is typically 1/4". If you are in EU, then you might want to source metric gearing which is...
  10. Re: Hey, Guests! Please consider joining the Forum!

    But the humans who do join will be sure to ask the same questions that have been asked hundreds of times without bothering to search for the answer.
    Oy Vey.
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    Re: 5x7 Gandolfi with 4x5 Back

    If the inside dimensions of the bellows are 7"x7", or very close to that, then it can handle the format. You may be able to find an original back, or have an 8x10>57 back for some other camera cut...
  12. Re: Copal 0 Shutter - Different thickness

    It's not threaded, just get something like a popsicle stick and pry it out. You MIGHT even be able to pop it out by getting your fingernail under it.... (you could use a screwdriver, but you don't...
  13. Re: Copal 0 Shutter - Different thickness

    Yep. That inner ring can be removed. (not the one that say: "Copal 0")
  14. Re: Copal 0 Shutter - Different thickness

    If it's a later Copal shutter, the rim around the lens mount threads MAY be a removable plastic trim ring. I have seen this on late Copal #1 shutters.
  15. Re: 5x7 B&J no longer focusing correctly - why?

    Fingers crossed for you.
  16. Re: 5x7 B&J no longer focusing correctly - why?

    Check to make sure the ground glass frame (which moves out of the way when you insert the film holder) is seating all the way forward when you're focusing. There could be some obstruction, spring...
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    Re: 5x7 Deardorff lensboard

    Pretty sure the lensboard size changed once or twice over the years. Mine (1937) take 4.5" x 4.5" boards with rounded corners. The Deardorff catalog reproduced over at Cameraeccentric says 4x4, and I...
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    Your experience with 13cmx18cm should inform you well. The one thing that surprises people the most when moving up to much larger formats (especially for near subjects) is the bellows extension...
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    Re: Rare lens maybe only exists in catalog

    "Hypergon 200mm. I have never seen a photo of such a lens"
    I remember seeing one for sale, perhaps on Ebay, or through Lens and Repro in NYC. My memory is a little foggy, but I think Wisner may have...
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    I shot Polaroid 20"x24" for many years, and built a back to take "standard" 20x24 double sided film holders for Bergger and Ilford sheet film. I am currently without a working 20x24 camera but have a...
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    Re: Aero ektar for 8 x 10 camera?

    Mark, removing the cells is not hard once you loosen the little toothed cam on each cell that prevents counterclockwise rotation.
    Once you have the cells out, then what? I am a hobby machinist and...
  22. Re: Long Process Lenses for Landscape? 24" RDA? APO-Nikkor 610/9?

    A photo for reference, the late, aluminum barrel 24" RDA on top of the Apo NIkkor 610.
  23. Re: Long Process Lenses for Landscape? 24" RDA? APO-Nikkor 610/9?

    FWIW, the 610 Apo NIkkor (f/9) is huge compared to the 24" RDA (f/11).
    If you can find a 600 Apo NIkkor it's a little smaller than the 610.
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    Re: Kodak 305mm F4.8 Portrait lens on 8x10

    I have shot this lens just a little bit on 8x10, full length studio nudes, probably around f/5.6 / halfway between f/5.6 and f/8. It's fuzzy (in a way that I kind of like) used this way.

    2 images...
  25. Thread: Nude

    by Tracy Storer

    Re: Nude

    A member was looking for info on the Kodak 305 Portrait on 8"x10". Several years ago I shot a couple sheets in the studio with that lens, probably between f/5.6 and f/8, there's a lot of "effect"...
  26. Re: Omega D2 and zone VI cold light questions

    As pointed out, you need a diffuser, a round piece of white plexiglass goes below the cold light grid.

    Here's what nobody else has said yet: The diffuser and cold light go into the aluminum "drum"...
  27. Re: Suggest a 12" (300mm) lens for portrait work on 8x10?

    Another +1 for the Dagor. I don't know what version you had, but if it was too harsh looking perhaps you were stopped down too far? I also enjoy my 11.75" Heliar, but I tend to use it closer to wide...
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    I'll echo what a couple others have said: "Best doesn't exist"
    A heavy studio camera will be poorly suited to hiking, a lightweight field camera may not be versatile enough for the studio. Do you...
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    Re: G Claron 270mm f/9 lens cap size?

    There are also two versions of this lens, the older Dagor type and the later, more common, plasmat type (which is what I have).
    The front filter thread is 58mm
    Rear, plastic Schneider cap is...
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    Re: How many film holders?

    "You can never be too rich, too good looking, or have too many film holders"
    For the exotic, ULF sizes, I have 4-6 per format.
    For 8x10, I have about.... a lot, I don't have a problem. Honestly,...
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    Re: Dodging & Burning 8x10 Contact Prints

    Yep/ I worked in a repro lab for Polaroid and we made "dodging masks" out of layers of frosted myar taped to the back of the white plexi diffuser. These got filed with the interpositives we were...
  32. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Oh. My. God. THAT is inexcusable. For SHAME Intrepid "Camera" Co.
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    Re: Why is aperture backwards??

    As others have said: the "f/#" is a ratio of opening size to focal length. (simplistically, usingd in the same units of measure) A smaller opening "goes into" the focal length more times than a large...
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    Re: Pinhole Technique and ULF

    I've done pinhole on 14"x17" and 20"x24", both years ago. Worked fine. My goal was never "optimal pinhole size" sharpness, rather, a balance between the infinite depth of field, some weird, short...
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    Re: 7 X 17 Film Hangers Exist Sorta

    Many many years ago, over drinks at the bar down the block from the lab, I was telling Dan Oshima (RIP) from The New Lab in San Francisco, that I was experimenting with some 9.5" aerial E-6 rollfilm,...
  36. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    direct email to my gmail address for more info.
  37. Re: Polaroid 20x24 Cameras and standard films?

    The Fuji-A 1200s were extremely rare and not often used. The New York studio does have one again. The vast majority of work done with the camera was with 600mm as a "short-normal". Elsa used a "De...
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    Re: Polaroid 8x10 processor repair

    TRy removing the rollers and see if the motor runs, sometimes the rollers get stubborn with lack of use. If that works, give the rollers a good cleaning and manually turn them via the spur gears on...
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    Re: Tennessee Deardorff Video

    Yeah, this bothered me too....
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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide distance markings

    One of my few criticisms of that wonderful project is that the distance markings are SO SMALL ! Ben and Justin, if you're reading this, Thanks again for the passion and hard work.
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