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  1. E-Bay and PayPal: Cancel and Get Money Back?

    I "bought' this item on e-Bay for $800 via PayPal. Never had trouble with either before. The seller has a 100% posative feedback score. The seller has not shipped the item in over a week and does...
  2. Re: What are the cons of using this lensboard ?

    Only con I can think of would come from using a more extended top hat. A taller(longer) extension could vignette with tilt or swing.
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    Re: My new backpack, Seek Outside Exposure 5000

    A new day and more Coffee:

    What is your, as-packed and on the trail total weight for a weekend, say two nights?

    I have not carried a backpack for an overnight for many years (decades) now. . ....
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    Re: Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens


    Heated the assembly to 170f in the oven for 30 min.

    Used oven mits to twist. No luck . . .stuck fast.

    Necxt try will be an hour long heat soak. Then . . .

    Next try will be a...
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    Re: Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens

    Lots of well meant advice here.

    I will avoid impact force and heroic clamping. The soak and/or heating approaches will come first. Then perhaps the heat with freezing technique. Thisis not a...
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    Re: Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens

    Maybe a last resort. All of tis is 150 year old brass, so caution is important.
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    Re: ISO Monopod Suggestions

    I suggest that you rate tripods at ISO-3.
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    Re: Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens

    But this is brass . . .

    I'll try the penetrating oil followed by freezing the body with "canned air" and heat the flange with a small soldering iron.
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    Re: Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens

    TC: Thanks.
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    Re: Custom lens caps?

    Check ouit YouTube videos on how to make your own.
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    Re: Reference website for Darlot? Others?

    Thanks for the links!
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    Dissassembly of an Antique Brass Lens

    I have acquired an antique brass lens, without lens elements, for parts. The hood unscrews easily. I am looking to remove the flange for use with another lens. It is stuck. I have used hand...
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    Reference website for Darlot? Others?

    I am beginning to develop an interest in some of the antique brass lenses. My interest is in shooting 4x5 and/or 8x10 (what I have). Initially I will use film, but eventually dry plates. Don't...
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    He built a scanner, but dosen't know it

    Ok, this guy is crazy, but has the basic set up for a huge scanner . . . .but he is doing something else with it.
  15. Re: Portable Solution to Make Overhead (90°) Photographs

    I have done 4x5 imaging shooting straight down with a front mounted mirror.

    Years ago, I got a Spiratone "Circo-Mirrotsach" which screws onto the front of a taking lens like a lens shade but has a...
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    Re: Backpack for 8x10

    I do not backpack any longer. However, my 4x5 kit is centered around the Photobackpacker lens boxes, a box for the Zone VI body and Cascade wrap for the film holders.

    Its all good stuff and works...
  17. Re: Artsy Home and What Is Going On?

    Ongoing update:

    My computer's protection software now gives me a warning on tthe website. And they arew still not responding through the posted "contact" form.

    Looks like I am...
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    Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    "Technically Perfect"?

    Well, no. Technically inept LF photographer that I am, I often find that what I had wanted to capture on film is not what the film captured. Framing, exposure and focus...
  19. Re: Artsy Home and What Is Going On?

    OK, so "Artsy Home" and "Artsy" are two different outfits. Apparently "Artsy" is newer and I have never had anything to do with them. In the end, their low-level AI was polite about it.
  20. Re: Artsy Home and What Is Going On?

    I had suspected that. As it turns out, and are different entities and I gos confused. Now I am persuing my issue with Artsy Home . . .I will have to wait for a response...
  21. Re: Artsy Home and What Is Going On?

    Update: "They" say there is no record of any account in my name . . .this is so (fill in a bad word here).
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    Re: How to use half-frame dark slide?

    Re: The paper templet idea . . .

    Why not just expose one half of a piece of B&W film and process it?

    It will; be clear-0ish on one half and black on the other.

    Plce that over the GG to...
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    Re: Two or three wheel dolly

    A jogging stroller?
  24. Artsy Home and What Is Going On?

    Many years ago I was contacted by Artsy Home sugesting that I should post my images there with the view to selling prints. Back then it was sorta like Etsy is today, but early on and a bit...
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    Re: Two or three wheel dolly

    A number of years ago, I got a golf bag cart at the Goodwill store.
    Took it hoime and stripped off most of the golf bag related parts.
    Got out a vintage external backpack frame and fastened it on...
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    Re: LIttman Camera, still being sold ?

    I have seen "pre-Owned" Littman cameras come up on e-Bay from time to time. Conversions by other makers are available there too.

    There is a nine-year long train of threads on this forum devoted to...
  27. Re: Air Travel Wwith LF Film: What should I Do?

    So, what about coming back with exposed film in the now unsealed boxes?

    Anyone . . .?
  28. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    Having worked for a firm that made radiation sources for industrial uses, I understand about background radiation at 35,000 feet, and from the thorium-sand beaches in faraway places. If high levels...
  29. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    So hand inspection not the carry-on bag X-Ray then?

    Well OK, but I am a bit nervous about that.

    Back in 2011 we made the same trip. In Houston I asked for hand inspection of a fifty sheet box...
  30. Re: Test exposure steps in half stop increments.

    I have had a little trouble with getting the stripes the same width on the negative when testing this way. Three is easier than four. Not sure how I would do five.

    Years ago, I did some...
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    MTERING for a deep red filter

    I meter with a Minolta Autometer IV F, in incident mode or with a 5-deg spot attachment. I have had poor results in the past using a deep red filter and applying a filter factor . . .either I have a...
  32. Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    We will be traveling within the USA iun July; one direct hop from Houston to Denver and return. I have not flown with LF gear for five years or so. What should I do with the film??
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    Re: Looking for info – 8x10 viewing hood

    What I am getting is that the inverted/reversed GG image is the issue:

    My experience is that after a while the brain adapts and this is no longer a distraction or a problem.

    An out of the...
  34. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Sure an LF camera is a tool to be used, but I view the older wooden cameras heirlooms to be conserved for the future use of others. My view is that we do not actually own that Ansco, 2D or 'Dorff. ...
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    Re: Cheap 4X5 Cameras are Everywhere

    I may be wrong on this, but it seems to me that DSLR outfit will come in at 3x to 5x over an LF shooting outfit.
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    Re: ULF DIY Camera Cart

    What a nice DIY project, and so well done. Please post some images with it loaded and in the field.

    I would like to see a parts kit to convert a golf bag pull cart into a camera bag transporter....
  37. Re: Kodak 2D: Dating by the Name Plate Changes

    TYhat does look like a real SN.

    Where can I find the relationship between the SN and the date of mfg?
  38. Thread: Ebike?

    by Drew Bedo

    Re: Ebike?

    What about a Segway? Are they still a thing?

    Why not a full-on electric trail bike?

    A Golf Cart?
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    Re: Shopping cart camera carrier

    I'd like to see a parts kit for converting a golf-bag pull cart into something that could mount an f64 size LF camera bag and wooden tripod.

    That would allow for travel over reasonable turf (like...
  40. Re: Kodak 2D: Dating by the Name Plate Changes

    I understood that to be an assembly number.
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