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  1. Re: Going to Yosemite but can't take my 4x5 or 8x10. What to do?

    I visited Lofoten this summer with a Horseman 612 camera and that same film.
    In good weather the speed of the film even allowed for the use of a red filter hand held. :)
    Grain is rather...
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I’ll add my vote for the orbital.
    Even though I own an spp445 the orbital gets used exclusively.
    I don’t bother with the base, I just lift a corner gently like you would when tray developing...
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    Re: What makes a photograph "good"?

    One day when I was inspired, I said : Photography isn’t just a recording medium, it’s also a playback medium. When the thing that you play back is somehow richer than the thing you recorded, that’s...
  4. Re: Weather-related Resources---Post Your Favorites!

    I use an app called Sun Seeker to figure out where the sun will be at a specific time.
  5. Re: “Good composition is merely the strongest way of seeing.”

    I don’t need to know more about the mind-brain that Rothko did, or Caravaggio or AA for that matter.

    Maybe if these considerations enter an Artists mind when composing their pictures, is it...
  6. Re: “Good composition is merely the strongest way of seeing.”

    Strong disagree here.
    Place your sentence in any other context than photography and see how appealing it sounds?

    Will you come to my lecture? Subject to me is merely a means to experience the...
  7. Re: “Good composition is merely the strongest way of seeing.”

    Agree with that sentiment. All this stuff to me is dated, I get the same feeling when looking at Russian avant garde photographers like Rodchenko. I get an intellectual reaction, like “I see what you...
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    I hadn’t read the thread on onlandscape when I posted about 612 and roll films.
    Based on that thread, if a Mamiya 7 can trounce the iq80 then one would think 612 has plenty of potential for huge...
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    As far as I know, 5x7 colour film is only available as special order from Kodak and OP stated they are interested in shooting slides.
    Op has also mentioned that they want to shoot 1:2 ratio.
  10. Re: Metering for the shadows with an incident light meter

    Just point your incident meter 180degrees away from the sun and you’ll get a pretty good exposure point.
    Since you have the Mamiya 7 and the lightmeter, why not go out and try them against one...
  11. Re: How much dimmer on the ground glass is an f/9 lens vs a f/5.6? Or f/5.6 vs f/4.5?

    I think more than the brightness of the lens it depends on the contrast of your subject and how magnified your subject is.
    I have an easier time focusing a portrait under contrasting modelling...
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    Re: Art is Emotion

    Could it be that you put painting over photography because you are... a photographer?
    It’s too easy for us to disregard our skills and hard work and imagine that others work much...
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    Re: A few advise before I dive !

    90mm are not rare lenses. And since you’re buying online anyway, Why not find one in a copal shutter like Tin Can suggested?
  14. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    Only on this forum does a guy who already owns two 210mm lenses and asks which one to pack gets advised to buy a third one. We are really the worst enablers of GAS.
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    Re: In praise of Sonnars

    Found another one.
    This was the 150mm. Still Fp4 and rodinal.
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    Re: In praise of Sonnars

    Love my two sonnar lenses on hasselblad. Got the 150 and 180.
    Can’t remember which sonnar it was, but the film was definitely FP4 in Rodinal.
  17. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    Bring the Schneider.

    I’m in the same case of having two 210s : a Nikkor W f5.6 in a copal 1 and a late Docter Tessar f/4.5 in a copal 3.
    At home I use the Tessar exclusively for its nice...
  18. Re: First and hopefully only lens for landscape?

    I’d go for the Fuji 250mm.
    Closer to the 35mm field of view you like, a little less bellows extension than a 300mm, making you a little less vulnerable to wind, and a little more depth of field if...
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    Re: 450 mm Nikkor-M vs. Symmar-S 480 mm

    I second Neil’s suggestion. A 480 apo ronar in Sinar DB mount would be cheaper than either of the lenses you consider.
    I have one (in a compur shutter) and am very happy with it.
  20. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    I’m assuming delivers to Switzerland?

    They have the black C-stand with boom arm in stock

    Or if you find a basic light stand locally you could just buy the extension arm from them...
  21. Re: Paterson Orbital - lost base, what can I do?

    Don’t use the base either. I just lift a corner and rock it gently.
    I’m getting great homogeneous results with 4x 4x5 sheets, but with 8x10 I’ve had some uneven development.
    I use 500ml solution...
  22. Re: Post your homage to another photographer (any format)

    I agree with Randy. The game of “guess who” isn’t that fun, and this thread would be more valuable if it allowed neophytes to get exposed to new names and new artists to discover. IMHO
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Not to start a whole thing, but I think the opposite opinion should also be stated.
    Too many on this forum preach speeds of 1s and slower, and in the same breath complain about wind ruining their...
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    Re: Epson V850 Pro Scanner and 5x7 film & other

    I bought a V850 in 2020. I think that some version of silverfast was included, but I bought the discounted upgrade to have the option of saving RAW files and tweaking them later (they call this HDR...
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    Re: post your trees!

    Nice tree Roberto!

    Here’s a tortured tree from Oslo :

    Botanical garden, Oslo - April 2021.
    Nikkor sw 4.5/75 no center filter. Txp320 @200, orange filter.
  26. Re: Anyone see the work of young photographer Bryan Schutmaat? Camera/Lens used?

    There is no way this is what Bryan uses, but there is a fellow on eBay selling a 180mm f/3.2 Fuji Gx680 lens fitted into a seiko shutter and he claims that it covers 4x5.
    I imagine this lens would...
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    Re: Still Life, 2021

    Good stuff!
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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10”

    I use a Leofoto LN324CH
    It’s a carbon fibre tripod from the orient, rated for 20kg and extends enough that I struggle to look at the ground glass.
    I was in my local store asking about the...
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    Re: Problem with New Fujinon W 135mm f5.6

    This lens isn’t rare so depending on the cost of a CLA I would look into returning it.
    Btw I have one myself (actually a CM-W but potato/potato) and it’s a lovely lens, definitely worth owning.
  30. Re: Prontor Professional Shutter control questions

    Hi, I’m unearthing this thread because I just received a lens in a prontor pro shutter.
    I was under the impression from reading this thread and others that a pair of cable releases would be enough...
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    Re: Technique for focusing "into your scene"

    You’re assuming the relationship between standard extension and focusing distance is linear, which it is not.
    Just do the test : pick points A and B, mark the position of the standard and then put...
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    Re: Good 210 for 4x5??

    I have two :
    Nikon W 5.6/210
    Docter Tessar 4.5/210

    I like them both for different reasons.
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    Re: Favorite Current 8x10 B&W Film?

    I use FP4. Great looking film, and it plays so well with Rodinal.
    Great setup for people like me who do not process film that often (once a week at most). Rodinal lasts forever.
  34. Re: Best 75mm / 90mm lens?......totally kidding, but not on pls

    Of course this was just my personal opinion and taste. I don’t mean to be the police of what others are doing with their cameras, what an exhausting job that would be!!

    I just think in all...
  35. Re: Best 75mm / 90mm lens?......totally kidding, but not on pls

    Someone smart will probably expand or explain this better, but there is a difference between retrofocus wide angles for SLRs and wide angles for view cameras.

    On a 4x5 view camera, a 75mm lens...
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    Re: Chamonix vs. Xxxxx?

    And and off the top of my head so do the Chamonix F cameras, Ebony U cameras, and the Sinar P...
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    Re: DSLR Film Scanning

    Your lens would be fine, it’s just that you’d get a bigger file if you could get closer and stitch several shots.

    Unless your dslr has very low resolution, 1:1 is overkill for 4x5.
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    Re: Cannot Over Expose?

    I find that Tyler Shields challenges some of my notions of Art, success, aesthetics...

    On the one hand, his pictures often appeal to me. Beautiful people, cleanly lit, what’s not to like?

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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    I have a few of Andrew Moore’s books.
    Of course the reproduction in even a fancy coffee table book could never hood a candle to an exhibition print...

    My 2c is that Moore’s look is a...
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    Re: F Stops For Portraits Questions

    I have resolved to artificially light my 4x5 portraits. I’d rather be free to use a “slow” lens of the right focal length than limit myself to a short lens because it’s faster.
    When the setup time...
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