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  1. Re: Hello and happy new year from Lancashire, UK

    Itís those few glasses of wine that can get you to buy things you might otherwise pass on. Iíve done that myself even having found my cc on the floor of our living room the next day! No more as I...
  2. Re: Marketing Platinum Portraits in 11x14 , Is this posible and then How?

    Iím retired now, but I started a professional photography business when I was in my fifties (1998). I was lucky to meet a fellow who became my coach and mentor. I recommend you do the same.
  3. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    Yousuf Karsh made the portrait of Churchill you describe.

    The story I heard about it is when Churchill walked in to have his portrait made, he had a cigar in his mouth. After setting him up for...
  4. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    This gentleman was my teacher and coach.

    Look at this video when placing this description in google search:

    portrait photography for everyone zucker

    Hope this helps you.

    The portrait of...
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    Re: High-Speed Sync for Speed Graphic

    Could the fp shutter be held open then use a lens on the camera with a shutter.

    Shutter in lens would sync with all shutter speeds.

    I used a graflex, long time ago, but if my old memory is...
  6. Re: Investigating the image orientation bug: feedback, please!

    What I do is to use “save as” is I will add the letter c after the file name. For the first iteration, c1 after the file name. Second iteration I use c2 after the file name. And so on. I use the...
  7. Re: Your experience with Perceptol and Microphen, compared to ID-11 - Some questions

    I find that ID-11/D-76 is a very good developer.

    Microphen gives me more contrast negatives.

    Perceptol is a fine grain developer.

    I use mostly ID-11/D-76 developers. But it depends on film...
  8. Re: Report Shows it is Rare to Translate Success on Instagram Elsewhere

    When I started my photography business in 2002, I soon learned that beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder.

    I had a great coach and mentor who helped me.

    I’m retired now. I enjoyed it...
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    Re: Darkroom from zero: Chems disposal

    Check with other businesses in your community that have waste to dispose. Car dealer, oil changing business, plumbing business come to mind. Maybe one of them could help you.
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Hi Bill,

    After I take the photograph, I don’t wind the shutter until I’m ready to set up to take another photograph.
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Haven’t had light leaks. I use the dark slide only when changing backs, otherwise I leave them out so as not to compress the gasket, which can cause light leaks. Some of my Hasselblad cameras go back...
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    Re: Lightleak: from where + what to do?

    Place to order light trap seals for Hasselblad:
  13. Re: Thinking of buying an Omega B-8 enlarger

    Omega D-2 is built like a tank. Both in high school and college used to make prints.

    Another consideration, if you’re only going to enlarge 2&1/4 square negatives is a B-22. I do own one, it’s...
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    Re: What makes a photograph "good"?

    I’m a retired professional photographer.

    There are basics to learn for making beautiful photographs. Essential to consider when making photographs of people are poising, lighting and composition....
  15. Re: Lowest temperature for C-41 / E-6 cross-processing?

    Interesting article:

    Thanks Bob for your thoughts.

    Now I only use...
  16. Re: Lowest temperature for C-41 / E-6 cross-processing?

    Iíve sometimes wondered if the temps that are used for developing with C-41 were originally recommended because thatís what labs used to get things done quickly during the heyday of film.
  17. Poll: Re: Poll: How do you process large format black and white film?


    Truth be known, Iíve been lazy for a while and havenít used my darkroom like I used to. Iím going to spend more time with darkroom work now that winter is drawing near.
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    Re: Thoughts on composition in portraiture


    Thanks for you thoughts.

    In my mid fifties, professional photography was a second career for me. Monte really helped me. There is a book that Monte had written that is quite...
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    Re: Thoughts on composition in portraiture

    The person I learned the most from for portraiture was Monte Zucker. He was my mentor and coach and he believed in a classical style of making portraits that produced lifelike and pleasing results...
  20. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    Here is the Quantum web site.

    At some of the gigs, all I needed to do is clamp the light. I was cordless for transmission of firing from camera to flash.

  21. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    For me I bought two Quantum flash units.

    They work great for me. I usually only needed to run them at 1/2 power. Very easy to move around since they are battery powered. I have a couple of extra...
  22. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    I like photoshop.

    I still use CS-4 and it works fine for me. I make photos saving only RAW files. I use ACR in photoshop to process.

    Photoshop is about layers and blending. I find I need to...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    Just an idea that works for me.

    I use empty 2 liter soda bottles to store my stock developing solutions. The plastic doesnít react with the chemicals and the lid seals it over and over. There are...
  24. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    1. No. Digital photography has won the photography ball game.

    2. I used Omega D2 in high school and college. Extra curricular activity. For my analog darkroom I have an Omega B-22 and it covers...
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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    No phone in darkroom.

    I have voice mail.
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    Re: E-Bay and PayPal: What should I know?

    Just a thought to help.

    Have you given consideration to selling on Or here on this forum?

    Like minded folks there.
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    Re: Website structure views?

    Well you could test your ideas at a place like facebook. It won’t cost you other than your time and your creativity.

    Then test the waters there and see how it works out.
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    Re: Tray print washer question

    ďmultiple prints would stick together requiring one to shuffle through the stack Ē

    Yes, I find thatís true.

    I do own a print washer but use it only when I have a number of prints to wash at a...
  29. Re: Getting ready for bw development which developer?

    Hi Steven,

    My wife and I are taking a short tour of the Grand Canyon the middle of September. We’re on a Road Scholar tour. Looking forward to the trip.

    Film developing has a lot of different...
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    Re: Darkroom Ventilation advice, please

    How long of a duration do you intend to spend in your darkroom?

    In high school and college I don’t recall ventilation being used.

    I would be more concerned about dust with ventilation you...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Stop Bath

    I see I have a bottle of formulary stop bath stock.

    Thought I had some Kodak as well but maybe I used it up.
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    Re: Enlarger Dust Cover for Beseler MXT/45S

    I use a beach towel to cover my enlarger. Itís only an Omega B22.

    However, pretty nice size beach towels are available.
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    Re: Tmax 100 in D76 +/- development

    What do you folks think of stand development?

    I will use it with T-Max 100 and I like the results.

    Rodinal 1+100, 60 minutes at 68 degrees.
  34. Re: Best advice for loft darkroom HVAC filtration and humidity control new system.

    Mine is older but the wick looks like mine.

    Yes, this is much better than the ultrasonic variety.

    To be honest, I have never had a darkroom until last fall. I always set up, using a card table...
  35. Re: Best advice for loft darkroom HVAC filtration and humidity control new system.

    I use a Holmes humidifier that has a circular wick to absorb the water with a fan that fits in a case that blows air with the center part of the wick. I've found the humidifiers that operate with an...
  36. Re: Looking for sink manufacturer recommendations...

    My wife & I had a bathroom finished with my very first darkroom. The company that made our counter tops also incorporated, in the process, a sink large enough to hold my trays.

    Perhaps you...
  37. Thread: Ventilation

    by wclark5179

    Re: Ventilation

    How long will you be working in your darkroom each time you make prints?

    Hobby or main source of income for you?

    I have my analog darkroom set up in a bathroom and wash the prints in the...
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    Re: Powder chemistry expiration dates

    I find all sorts of stuff, even critters, in my garage but haven't resorted to keeping photo chemicals out there. Since I live in Minnesota, it can get pretty cold in my garage in January!

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    Re: Need more contrast in my negs

    May I suggest trying Ilford's Microphen developer.

    You can purchase it here:

    Hope this...
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    Re: Film development in paper developer

    Chime in if I'm wrong, but why not use a high ASA film, develop in 1+200 Rodinal?

    I've been told higher dilution gives a wee sharper image but at higher grain.

    Thought I'd suggest this & hope...
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