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    Re: Digital IR

    Wow, there's some great shots in this thread...

    A couple in false colour:
    Infrared tree by Peter Brooks
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    Re: Digital IR

    Andrew, this is most likely down to the lens, not all are IR friendly. Bjørn Rørslett on his Nikon Lens Evaluations pages often states whether a lens is suitable for IR or not... I tested all my...
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    Re: Digital IR

    I've spent years looking at the Large Format pages and have only just started looking at these 'other' pages - even more years of enjoyment to come!

    Back in 2013 I converted a D200 to IR, broadly...
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?
    Icicles by Peter Brooks
    Icicles by Peter Brooks

  5. Re: UK lens makers and budget lenses questions

    Maybe a bit long for quarter plate but the Kodak Ektar 203mm f7.7 is a very fine lens, quite compact and fairly common in the UK. You will often find them in Epsilon shutters, and if you google the...
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    Re: In praise of Sonnars

    No other Sonnar fans out there? I'm surprised.

    Couple more, both with the 90mm Sonnar (which the internet tells me is actually an Ernostar) on a Contax G1.
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    Re: Pencil of Rays

    I am now, fascinating stuff. Thanks for pointing it out Randy.
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    Re: Post your signs
    Untruths No 01 by Peter Brooks

    Contax G1, 28mm, Fuji Reala. London. Obviously cropped square.

    My overly logical brain just...
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    Re: In praise of Sonnars

    Your post in the other section made me think to start this thread. :)

    That is why it is in 'Everything Else', rather than the LF section. :)

    Let's see some more pictures!
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    In praise of Sonnars

    I couldn't find any threads specifically about Sonnar lenses...

    I own three:

    - A venerable Nikkor-P 105mm f2.5 that I use on a Nikon FE
    - The 180mm f4 for Hasselblad-V
    - The 90mm f2.8 for...
  11. Re: Non-metric filter sizes / custom filters

    Ah yes, years ago I bought some IR filter material from them for a D200 DSLR conversion. looks promising...
  12. Re: Non-metric filter sizes / custom filters

    Thanks.. Am I right in thinking that gels are for lighting? Are they optically good enough for image taking (having said that, I'm quite partial to a bit of soft focus)?
  13. Non-metric filter sizes / custom filters

    Two related queries:

    1) does anyone know of a resource / information on non-metric filter sizes (I've looked in the excellent 'Where to look...')? For instance I have an Ilex Paragon 12" f4.5 (in...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    Very nice. Went to Camasunary Bay a few years back, it's a really beautiful sight as you go down the path with the mountains towering over...

    Saddest thing was to see the large piles of plastic...
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    What reflex LF camera is this?

    Can anyone identify the camera here? Possibly a reflex.

    It's my grandfather, he was a newspaper journalist but it looks like he took photos as well.

    Judging by the clothes I would think it's...
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    Re: post your trees!

    When you said 'triplets' I thought you were talking about lenses - just shows how one-track an enthusiast's mind can become :)

    Wonderful image - in the fullest sense of the term.
  17. Re: Beck Biplanat Series II No 8, 17" f/6

    I have a smaller size Series II Biplanat - a No. 5, 9 1/4", f6.

    Unfortunately I haven't used it, so I can't comment on the softness. From the description on earlyphotography as a 'modified...
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    Re: October Portraits

    +1... And the video linked from that Flickr page is excellent too...
  19. Thread: PPE lens

    by peter brooks

    PPE lens

    I picked this up on that auction site a while back. It's about 90mm tall with a barrel diameter of 65mm.


    As you can see it has 'PPE UK PAT APP FOR' on the barrel. Googling...
  20. Re: Let's see your landscape lens (with meniscus / achromat lens)

    Great idea for a thread.

    You probably know this already but the Wollaston 'Re-invented' is made by Reinhold Schable who also posts on this site. I have a 250mm. As mentioned above they are...
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    Re: Post Your Photos Made At Close Distance

    Is that the very excellent Hasselblad S-Planar 5.6/120mm? If so, could I ask what adapter you are using?

    (I never realised a lens for 21/4" square would cover 5x4...)
  22. Re: Shanel 5A Shutter missing the lock ring for attaching to the lens board

    They're in Europe and I don't see anything 'off the shelf' in that size but you could also try

    (I have no connection with them, apart from purchasing a ring for a...
  23. Re: Lens mounting flanges - measurements and other info

    The VM seems to allude to this near the end of the section titled 'Threads, Lens mounting' -

    In Europe, threads persisted as a different, partly metric series without so much standardization,...
  24. Re: How To Figure Out Subject Distance To Camera For Infinity?

    Well said. A few years back I made a 5x7 box camera with a fixed 90mm lens. At f22 it has a huge depth of field, and it is really refreshing to just concentrate on the scene and not be able to faff...
  25. Re: Convertible / part lens for longer focal length

    Thanks everyone for the replies, suggestions and advice. It makes sense that any virtually symmetrical lens could be used... I now have a whole load of focal lengths that I never knew I had!

  26. Re: How To Figure Out Subject Distance To Camera For Infinity?

    Ah, Jim got there first...
  27. Re: How To Figure Out Subject Distance To Camera For Infinity?

    If you're in bright light (outside) and can use a reasonably fast film (400) then how about using hyperfocal focussing? If you can get away with the shutter speed to use f22 (might be tricky) then...
  28. Re: Lens mounting flanges - measurements and other info

    Ron, a laudable aim, and it has also sparked discussion about these things... very useful in itself, and surely the way that research develops? One thing leads to another...

    As PKG suggests, a...
  29. Convertible / part lens for longer focal length

    I'm aware that some lens designs can be used with elements or groups removed to give longer focal lengths, with a corresponding change in aperture.

    Convertible lenses are obviously designed to do...
  30. Re: Lens mounting flanges - measurements and other info

    I'm in the UK, and am clueless about what threads were commonly used in the US... Does anyone know what thread standard (or angle) was used for Ilex shutters?

    I have an Ilex #5 shutter without a...
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    Re: Direct negative with positive photo paper

    Nice. Have you seen the excellent - and very long - Paper negatives thread?
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    Re: Still Life 2020
    Dreaming of the desert by Peter Brooks

    5x4 TMY. Nikkor-M 300mm, 1sec at f64. Rodinal.

    Struck me as ironic that these desert...
  33. Re: Lens mounting flanges - measurements and other info

    One day there will be domestic version of the 3D laser scanner, as used to scan archeological sites, volcano craters etc. in remarkable detail. There are already some diy ideas on the internet....
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?
    Lockdown arrangements by Peter Brooks

    Someone has been busy in this low river. The stony bank that I was standing on was also...
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    Re: Sinar Auto-Aperture Shutter

    If you don't have access to metal working facilities you can always use wood and a large hole saw. This is 25mm (1") plywood, you could layer thinner pieces to get the correct thickness.

    You would...
  36. Thread: Doors

    by peter brooks

    Re: Doors

    Soft focus purists will probably scoff at the use of a humble Softar but I really like the effect... What lens?

    I've tried a Softar fairly close up with a 300mm Nikkor-M here with a 52mm to B50...
  37. Re: Information sought on a lens by C Burr, London

    My lens has a hood, and a black band just below it but they look similar. Nice to see that the 'L' of London is in an identical script :)

    (Metric inches seems so wrong but that is digital verniers...
  38. Re: Information sought on a lens by C Burr, London

    No further info on the maker but I have a lens engraved

    C. Burr, Optician. London
    10 x 8 Rapid Doublet

    It has a slot for stops. I haven't used it (yet) but it is well made and the glass...
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    Re: Cooke Portrait Lens Serial Numbers

    Series II f4.5 12.75" serial number 125338 - a knuckler.
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    Re: What enlarger is this from?

    Jose, Jim, many thanks to both of you for your replies. I think you're both correct, it seems that the MPP Micromatic and Omega E3/E4 share a large amount of DNA... including the autofocus mechanism...
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