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    Re: Stateside Linhof Pricing

    The UK Linhof distributor and the US Linhof distributor are both supplied by the same factory, yet their pricing is very different. It is not the factory that is responsible for higher US prices, it...
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    Re: Stateside Linhof Pricing

    Or you can mail-order from an authorized Linhof dealer in Europe such as Linhof & Studio (the UK Linhof distributor) or Photografica in Copenhagen.

    There is an extensive listing of Linhof...
  3. Re: Thinking of "downsizing" from a Linhof Tech Master, to a Tech IV

    If you already own a Master Technika, you have one of the finest 4x5 cameras ever made - period. Even so, in this day and age it has depreciated considerably in value, and you may think that you...
  4. Re: Elevator Digital... Silver Gelatin Fiber prints from Digital Files!

    Elevator does indeed do a wonderful job - but don't be discouraged that it is in Canada's largest city (Toronto).

    The US shares one of the longest common borders in the world with Canada, and...
  5. Thread: New Jobo

    by Henry Carter

    Re: New Jobo

    According to the link below, CatLabs is the exclusive US JOBO distributor:
  6. Re: Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    Since when does B&H discount from their online pricing? The comparison quoted above is between posted online ordering prices from UK vs. USA, and the USA pricing is double the UK pricing. Why is...
  7. Re: Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    The striking differences are in the camera plates, not so much in the clamps (which are both excellent). The RRS plates come in many sizes and configurations to fit given cameras, and have...
  8. Re: Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    For what it is worth, I have a range of RRS plates on my various Linhof Cameras (4x5 Master Technika, 4x5 Technar, 612 Technorama, 2x3 Technika Vb), and they all fit very well in the new Linhof...
  9. Re: Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    Both heads have 2 panning stages, one at the base and one just below the QR clamp.
  10. Re: Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    Hi Peter,

    The heads are not as expensive as the B&H site would suggest (US $2399 for the 3662 3D Micro with dovetail). Linhof & Studio, the official UK Linhof distributor sells the same head for...
  11. Linhof 3-way heads now compatible with RRS plates!

    I just took delivery of 2 newly introduced Linhof 3-way tripod heads:

    (1) Linhof 3D Micro Levelling Head with dovetail track (3662) - a fully geared precision 3-way head.

    (2) Linhof 3D Head...
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    Re: 2x3 view camera vs a Mamiya 7

    I would concur with David - the Linhof Technika Vb 6x9 is a wonderful rangefinder camera for hand-held use or traditional view camera use on a tripod (ground-glass focusing & movements), and it is...
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    Re: Malfunctioning Grafmatic Film Holder

    I have 15 Graphmatics, and I have only had problems with one of them. They were designed for hand-held 4X5 press photography, and that is how I use them - for hand-held (or monopod) shooting with my...
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    Re: Lens Cap Replacements

    SK Grimes machines lens caps from solid Delrin. They are light, strong and inflexible (and hence very protective). They are made to order to your specs or using your lens itself (if you send it to...
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    Re: TMY vs HP5

    I have had excellent results using 4x5 and 120 HP5 developed in PMK Pyro. This has been my main film/developer combination since the 1990's. I am also very pleased with Fuji Acros 100 in PMK Pyro. ...
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    Re: Wide angle portraits?

    Shelby Lee Adams uses a 65mm on 4x5 for many of his wide angle portraits.
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    Re: Unified View broken on iPhone

    Neither the "Unified View" nor the "New Posts" functions work on my new iPad, but I am having no trouble posting this reply.
    So both the iPad and the iPhone have the same issue with this forum...
  18. RRS camera plate for Linhof Technorama 612?

    Has anyone figured out which Really Right Stuff camera plate best fits the Linhof Technorama 612 while still allowing the back to be removed? (The B24 plate is too wide and partly covers the release...
  19. Thread: Linhof

    by Henry Carter

    Re: Linhof

    Photografica in Copenhagen is a reputable Linhof dealer with a large inventory of new (and used) Linhof cameras.

    The Master Technika is a wonderful beast!

  20. Re: so, do you guys consider my 6x9 to be "large format"?

    I shoot with two versions of basically the same camera. One is a 4x5 Linhof Master Technika, and the other its baby brother - the 6x9 Linhof Technika Vb. Both cameras can be used hand-held (or on a...
  21. Re: Linhof monorail - Technikardan 45s or Kardan GT???


    The TK is a hybrid of the Kardan and Technika (hence its name). If you already own a MT, the Kardan is probably the better addition as it is a pure monorail, and you "have the best of both...
  22. Re: Linhof monorail - Technikardan 45s or Kardan GT???

    Thank-you for the helpful and informative replies.

    It sounds like the TK might be the better choice given its greater portability while still being sufficiently rigid. The Kardan is probably a...
  23. Linhof monorail - Technikardan 45s or Kardan GT???

    This forum has provided me with much information and good advice over the years, and I need to reach out again for your help.

    I have been using a 4x5 Master Technika for 10+ years, and there are...
  24. Re: Linhof MT vs. Technikardan 45s for urban landscapes and architecture

    Many thanks for all the excellent replies!

    I have been using a MT for 10+ years, and my projects have changed over time. I am now shooting more architecture and urban ladscapes, including long...
  25. Re: Linhof MT vs. Technikardan 45s for urban landscapes and architecture

    I care what people think because of their unique experiences.

    I am familiar with the MT, but not the Tachnikardan - and I have no opportunity to see one in the flesh.

    So if you already had a...
  26. Linhof MT vs. Technikardan 45s for urban landscapes and architecture

    For 4x5 urban landscapes and architecture, is there really any advantage in using a Technikardan 45s over a MT Classic or MT 3000?

    The MT is a very portable and rigid camera, probably more so than...
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    Re: Where to begin with digital negatives?

    Bob's work necessitates some refinement in the use of the term "digital negative".

    Until recently "digital negative" implied an ink-jet "negative" printed on a transparent substrate. We will now...
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    Re: Staying with MF or going to LF ?

    My main camera is a 4x5 Linhof Masrte Technika Classic, and I have never regretted this purchase made new in 2000. It is truly an outstanding tool, and one of the great camera of all time. It is...
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    Re: T-Max 400, HP-5, Tri-X comparison?

    Film resolution is not the only factor to consider in determining sharpness, you must also cosider acutance and the edge effects of grain and their contribution to perceived sharpness of a print made...
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    Re: Horseman 45FA vs. Master Technika

    After extensive experience with small and medium format photography, I bought my first LF camera in 2000. I wanted the best camera for my needs, and after looking at many LF cameras, I settled for a...
  31. LF exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

    There is an exhibit of 4x5 social documentary photography on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and it runs from 15 May to 11 Oct 2010.

    "House Calls with my Camera" depicts the work...
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    Re: Handheld LF Portraits

    The secret to using a 4x5 Technika hand-held for any lenth of time is to take the weight off - use a monopod.

    135 mm on a 4x5 is a wonderful focal length for hand-held use.
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    Re: Wide F***ing Open!

    Great pics Stephane!

    Kenton has white rings around his pupils, which is called arcus senilis, and often indicates high levels of cholesterol. Time to have a blood test (if he has not done so)!
  34. Re: does a color negative have the same dynamic range as a regular b&w film negative?

    B&W negs are also more archival than colour negs.
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    Re: 65 mm/5.6 SA sharp enough at f8 or f11?

    I remember the 2004 Technar fiasco well that jb7 alluded to above. I find it hard to believe that over 5 years have flown bye. One thing is clear, Linhof will probably never produce the Technar...
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    Re: 65 mm/5.6 SA sharp enough at f8 or f11?

    Outstanding Joseph!

    The focusing mount does indeed have a focus scale, making guestimating on the fly very easy. Thank-you for the link to the Hyperfocal Chart, it is excellent!

    The lens has...
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    65 mm/5.6 SA sharp enough at f8 or f11?

    I have acquired a 4x5 Linhof Technar (similar to a Sinar Handy) with a 65 mm 5.6 Super Angulon lens.

    It is basically a simple 4x5 camera with a grip built around a wide angle lens on a...
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    Re: Famous images taken with large-format

    "Migrant Mother" by Dorothea Lange.
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    Re: 480 mm on Phillips Compact II

    Avedon shot "In the American West" with a 360 mm on an 8x10, so you are in good company!
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    Re: Large Format Shooters... MF as backup?

    I have been using a 4x5 Linhof Master Technika for almost 10 years, and really like its versatility as well as the option to use it hand-held with rangefinder focusing. I love seeing prints from...
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