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  1. Re: Westen Photographic Historical Society annual Show and Sale

    This was a great little show! I’m not local but was coming out to Chandler for work and took the drive down to Tucson to check it out, glad I made the trek!
  2. Greta Thunberg wet plate photos by Shane Balkowitsch

    Saw this pop up somewhere else and thought it might be of interest here:
  3. Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    The last image here is a satellite view of the playa that shows the extent of the trail left by the SUV:...
  4. Re: 4th annual meet and greet! It's that time again!

    I had a great time, it was nice to get out and meet everyone and be able to put some faces to the names of folks I see here all the time.
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    Re: Exciting discovery

    His collar has the Ronald McDonald House Charity logo on it. The charity was founded in 1974 so it'd be curious to see the logo from a photo from the 1800s.
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    Re: October 2014 Portraits

    Given the subject I guess the only appropriate response is "Oh my!"
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    Re: New Epson V800, V850 flatbed scanners

    Yeah, me too. I just bought a V750 in May, it'd be nice to be able to just get the improved holders if possible.
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    Re: George Hurrell Hollywood Style Photos 2nd Attempt

    You might want to get with the times. The article you linked is over four years old and larger sensors have been made since then. Example:...
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    Re: August 2014 portrait

    A shot of a burlesque performer I know that I took at Tiki Oasis in San Diego this past weekend.


    Pacemaker Speed Graphic, Aero Ektar 7"
    Kodak Portra 160
    1/50 at f/2.5 using the...
  10. Re: From Wet Plate to Pixel: Three Centuries of Photographic Processes

    Sounds like a nice show! I'm going to be in driving up to Santa Barbara for a wedding on the 18th, hopefully I can find some time that weekend to swing down and check it out.
  11. Re: Cart or Stroller to Transport a Sinar F2

    I carted my P2 in its hard case in this for a while:

    I still use it to haul my photo and lighting equipment on...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    A digital shot from a recent shoot that I liked.

  13. Re: MF (6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Finally have a scanner than can do MF and 4x5.

    Ford Model T steering wheel
    Bronica SQ-Ai, 80mm f/2.8, Ilford HP5+

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    Re: Polaroid 545 and Wanderlust camera

    Perhaps its the browser you're using? I'm able to see and click on the pre-order button just fine using Google Chrome.
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    Re: Chamonix F1 Specs

    Oh, my mistake. I thought he lived there as the company's there and he was usually replying to me in the middle of the night
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    Re: Chamonix F1 Specs

    Hugo was very good at answering questions before I bought mine, you just have to remember he's both busy and in China so response times were usually the next day....
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    Re: May 2014 Portraits


    One of the first LF images I took after starting shooting 4x5 for the first time in almost 20 years, a portrait of my wife taken on her birthday in New Orleans. I shot it a few months ago...
  18. Lens board for Aero Ektar on a Pacemaker Speed?

    I just acquired a very nice condition AE with the intention of trying it out on my Speed Graphic but it looks like Jo Lommen isn't selling the lens boards anymore (his supplier went out of business)....
  19. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    I guess the rangefinder and rangelite don't work correctly. Inside there's a small round spring that's supposed to hold the lever up against the installed cam but it came loose and is just sort of...
  20. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

  21. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    Mine has a drawing of the battery with polarity indicated done in pencil. Do you know if that's that how they came or did someone do that later?
  22. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    I thought the flash was used because it has scratches on it but I just opened the battery compartment and found the original manual still rolled up inside. I took the film holders out of the box and...
  23. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    No, there's a little block of black wood in the battery compartment.
  24. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    And the last pics..
  25. Re: My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    More pictures...
  26. My amazing Craigslist Speed Graphic find (sorry, pic heavy)

    I've been looking for a Speed Graphic off and on for a few months, taking my time looking for a good one at a good price while reading and learning more about them. I've only checked Craigslist once...
  27. Re: "For Sale" Forum available for new members

    I want to point out that I completely agree with the other reasons you stated and think having a waiting period for the for sale forum is a good thing, but this part is just not true.

  28. Re: Extra sheets in Ilford 25 sheet boxes?

    I guess I'll just chalk it up to Ilford giving me a bonus. I only asked becuase, like I said, the first time it happened I thought for sure I'd missed loading a sheet in a holder and then proceeded...
  29. Extra sheets in Ilford 25 sheet boxes?

    I bought a couple of 25 sheet boxes of Ilford HP5+ and the last couple I opened had more than 25 sheets, the most recent box I opened and loaded into holders tonight had 28 sheets. Having mostly...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    A couple taken at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park yesterday, went on a walkabout with a local photo group. Using a Nikon D4 with the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII.
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    Re: Calumet Closing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They didn't even tell their employees. Apparently many showed up for work today to find they were closed.
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    Re: 1800mm APO Nikkor

    Vaughn, that's probably Ian Ruhter you saw -
  33. Re: Sinar P or F at auction. Which is it?

    It also has two different rails in the pictures - one black and one chrome. I wonder if it's just a big mish-mash of parts with both sets of standards? Too bad about the mold though.
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    Re: August 2013 Portraits

    Really nice!
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    Re: cold shoe blanks?

    What about something like this:
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