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    Re: Sounds if a drum scanner

    Black and white should be a no brainier regardless of scanner type.
    After inversion and tones adjustments put a channel mixer layer on top of the stack and set it to grayscale.
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    Re: Different versions of Slide scanned on Howtek

    Try to get it right at the time of exposure...If light is not great or something else is "not quite" - better to pass on it - PS is not going to fix that (or I don't know how).
    Critically review the...
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    Re: Different versions of Slide scanned on Howtek

    I would request them to provide a copy of their printer profile and convert my images into that profile. Then ask them to print as-is with no color management applied.
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    Re: Different versions of Slide scanned on Howtek

    Not neccesserely. As an example convert an image from sRGB into Prophoto. They will look identical. And "soft-proof" identical.

    It may look just fine printed even if some colors are OOG. It all...
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    Re: Different versions of Slide scanned on Howtek

    >> Sergey, I respectfully disagree.

    I am not going to argue. Just sharing my knowledge and experience. There were scans from positives presented in this thread as well. Quite a few commercial...
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    Re: Different versions of Slide scanned on Howtek

    >> If I am converting from scratch and do scan without profile assigned. Then convert adobergb.

    Assuming that you work in PS..
    When you open an image with no RGB profile assigned and discard the...
  7. Re: Should I get a center filter for my 65mm Nikon-SW f/4 & 90mm Sinaron-W f/6.8?

    The amount of light fall-off at the edges decreases with reduction in size of aperture. At F22-F32 it becomes almost non-existent or very easily correctable in PS by applying Curves masked with...
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    Re: Gregory Crewdson's 'An Eclipse of Moths'

    Here we go again (every image produced in the darkroom, especially the ones that were exposed on "expired" film, with no help from exponometer, developed in ages-old chemicals , mixed with a recipe...
  9. Re: Epson V850 Scanner: can you save unprocessed scans?

    >> CMS file ... tells the scanner how to scan the film so the final scan saved has no software manipulation

    That's an interesting topic.
    Would not the CMS file be parsed and applied to the data...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    In the Land of Red clouds often have a Red tint to them too.
  11. Re: Best "inexpensive" pigment-based printers for digital negatives in 2020?

    Here is another option to consider
    z3200 is not a small printer and is discontinued but still can be found at a very low price...
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    Re: IQSmart3 Driver Error

    Open the log file. It should tell you quite a bit of what is going on and where it hangs
  13. Re: Epson V800-Kami or substitute for wet mounting

    I would use Kami scanning fluid (has an anti-static in it)and Aztek mylar. And also their Kami tape (talk about being expensive) and drum cleaner (should be safe on film as a cleaner (?). And also...
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    Re: B&W digital workflow....what's yours?

    >> I use the healing brush on the actual image itself, never on a separate layer
    I would keep using it that way
    Why would anyone want to keep dust in the file and pay for storage ? :D
  15. Re: Printing Cut Lines using Roll Paper - P6000

    In photoshop:

    1. Fit each of your 6x6 into a 8x10 canvas. Use Canvas Size. Use Stroke to draw a 1 pixel border around them (an 8x10 rectangle).
    2. Create a new 24x24 or taller image with white...
  16. Re: Likely Very Naive Question, sheet film then scan to produce a digital print.

    >> Question is, why scan sheet film if the print making process is digital.

    Because it is fun, it works and the prints look great.

    >> Seems it would be easier and more productive to start...
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    Re: An E100 sheet film tease

    >> Even the new Natl Geo magazine images look like crap since digital with all its blatant trickery took over. That's not really the fault of the technology itself, but of the usual...
  18. Re: Should I Drum Scan, X1 Flextight Scan, or use the Epson V850 w/Aztek Wet Mount Ki

    Bernard is talking wisdom here.

    It may look like a waste of money to perform some tests before committing to a certain method , but then it may turn into a bigger waste if the results achieved...
  19. Re: Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    I have solved most of sudden out of focus issues with a Cham by two things:

    * Replacing the original nuts on the rear standard with wing-nuts from Home Depot. The original nuts are weak and wear...
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    Re: Creo iQsmart3 and Supreme II scan speed

    >> I scanned 2000 dpi with all the scanners and the result from Nikon was superior to that of the epson scanners.

    Oh No! You can not say it here
  22. Re: Negative vs. Transparency - Pros and Cons | What's Your Favorite Type?

    Fair enough Drew. Ektar is a beautiful film and also, as any other negative film, can be used for many interpretations of a photographed subject.
    "Experiment" was one of the key words in the...
  23. Re: Negative vs. Transparency - Pros and Cons | What's Your Favorite Type?

    >> I've been extremely eager to experiment and play with different types of film.

    Why not to do just that and see what suits your needs?
  24. Re: Resizing After Scanning Black & White Negative

    .1, .4, .5 degrees of rotation make no difference on "quality", especially when we instruct the scanner to over scan.
    Mounting 1 or 2 pieces instead of 10 makes it simpler on both the human and...
  25. Re: Pulling Slide Film to Increase Its Dynamic Range

    >> The two images were exposed as indicated above via the zone system, but they were then given different development. The picture with normal development has blown out highlights, and some areas...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    >> Some folks like to really overexpose color neg film
    It is almost impossible to do that ;)
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    Re: Firefall in Yosemite

    We should probably ask what "the full Yosemite experience" is
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    Re: Best tutorial for color negative scanning

    Recently I have "discovered" the old Kodak ROC plugin for Photoshop and after a brief experimentation with it tend to think of it as of a marvel.
    Not without its limitations (mostly in number of...
  29. Re: Need To Update Editing Software...Suggestions?

    If your CS-2 was licenced to you before your G4 crashed then you can keep using CS-2 by downloading a copy from Adobe. A "permanent" licence key is available there for current licence holders too....
  30. Re: How to visualize dust spots on scanned neg in PS without using ACR or LR

    I see no value in doing the 'healing" on a separate layer. If I, by working on the base layer, made a mistake I would Ctrl-Z (undo) and try to make it right this time. The extra layer just eats the...
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    Re: Drum scanning negatives developed in PMK Pyro

    Waving does not make the residue to go away. If anything it helps to distribute it more evenly over the surface of film and makes its presence less obvious.
    It contains anti-static (an extremely...
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    Re: An E100 sheet film tease

    Not quite, the E6 is still there :
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    Re: MF (6x4.5 to 6x12) COLOR image sharing

    A very pleaseing image Pali!

    Eversmart Pro is a 14-bit ADC scanner with 16-bit per channel data path from the scanner to MAC and all the internal processing done in 16 bit per channel mode (both...
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    Re: Ever felt in the minority?

    Neither film nor digital is the answer to everything. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Combining them together expands the possibilities
    Zone system has almost no value even for film photography...
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    Re: Size of scanner CCD, in number of elements

    >> if you had at home a V850 and a drum probably you would be making 90% of the LF scans with the V850, and you woudn't be the first one in that situation.
    Or ditch the Epson and never look its way...
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    Re: Printing with an inkjet

    >> I'd skip any books written on digital printing and spending any time messing with spyder calibration. Just leave your monitor at the factory settings.

    That's probably because many such books...
  37. Re: scantools - a few tools to help with film scanning

    If I understand how the code works, the next step for the color conversion might be to calibrate the system by :
    1. Making series of exposures in day light of either a white card or color checker...
  38. Re: scantools - a few tools to help with film scanning

    Hi Pali,

    try it with "-dmax auto".

    Hi Ted,

    I have a copule of notes too (Mac OS X):
    1. It is a good idea to have all the variables used in the script initialized at the beginning ....
  39. Thread: Seascapes

    by SergeyT

    Re: Seascapes

    >> I ended up liking the two Portras the best. I would say it is much less "realistic" with landscapes, it's more like a memory than reality in some ways.

    With color negatives it mostly comes...
  40. Re: Scanmate 3000, G4 Mac and OS X - which Adaptec SCSI card and OS version?

    OSX 10.2.8 is the last one to support SCSI
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