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  1. Re: Nikkor-T 360mm / 500mm / 720m: 500mm at full aperture with 4x5 film, how good?

    I've used the Nikkor-T 360/500/720 wide open. They work well at that aperture, quite sharp. I like the 360 for half-length portraits and head shots too. They are sharper than all the 360 tele artons...
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    Re: Prototype RF-coupled 4x5 camera

    meh. it's the over-designed answer to the question no one is asking. Terrible ergonomics, overly heavy (machined billet? WTF), too big, expensive, etc. There's plenty of better/cheaper choices...
  3. Re: Question about Linhof Compur shutter for Xenotar 150mm 2.8

    Agreed with Bryan. Just use the flange like a retaining ring. Retaining rings in this size (50x0.9mm or something like that) are hard to come by.

    Lens looks good, those 3 spots of separation won't...
  4. Re: Which of my 5 LF lenses are worth keeping or worth upgrading?

    Nikkor-T 360mm , and maybe if you want it, the extra 500mm rear group (convertible) would be the best choice in that focal length range.
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    Re: 4x5 lenses: telephoto and portraiture

    Nikkor-T 270/6.3 or the NIkkor-T 360/8 would be good choices for both portrait and landscape. Both would work with the limited bellows length, no problem.
  6. Re: Building a AV-Xenotar 150mm 2.8 lens for 4x5

    There's at least 2 types of AV-xenotar 150/2.8s, one that covers medium format, and one that will cover 4x5. It looks like you have the latter type hopefully. Indeed it is a bit like a sonnar...
  7. Re: Schneider Vario-C-Claron aperture question

    I have one of these new-in-box (For sale if anyone wants it!), I believe there are some limit screws in the aperture ring, that can be removed to reach full aperture options, from the last time I...
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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    looking good!
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    Re: Enlarger Base Height - Beseler 45V-XL

    You can get to 16x20 with a 45vxl using normal counter height (30"?) so I'd just go with whatever is comfortable to use, height-wise. Agreed it wouldn't hurt to mock something up in the meantime. ...
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    Re: Why not a rangefinder?

    I think a rangefinder on a 4x5 is a very good thing to have. I shoot handheld 4x5 all the time, with the usual graphics, also with TLRs, SLRs and polaroid conversions as well. Any of the press...
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    Re: Has anybody seen Sally Mann Camera

    Hold Still is a great book. I agree with Corran that her Family pictures and At Twelve stuff are her best, at least to my taste. Frankly, everything else she has done since then has been not as good,...
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    Re: Restoring a Gowland 4x5 SLR

    Not worth bothering to try and clean it, if it's dirty just get a replacement first-surface mirror. They are not expensive, and are readily available, custom-cut to size.

    Neat camera, will be...
  13. Re: Sidekick processing, trying to work out the bugs

    Thanks for the update. Jerry is the man on these, no doubt!
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    Re: Rangefinder Cameras

    Chamonix Saber with 120mm apo-symmar is another option.
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    Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    The Nikkor 90mm f/8 is *the* 90mm 4x5 lens. All else are not as good.
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    Re: Soap stone darkroom sink?

    Soapstone doesn't need sealing, that's one of the benefits of it.
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    Re: Show Me Your Night Shots!

    Nice, RA4 is a great process, relatively easy and fun. The paper base does eventually yellow a bit with time (expired paper that is) but often you can't tell in the print, so I'd say use up what you...
  18. Re: This builder of retro film cameras says digital cameras are too easy, and no fun

    minnicks does nice work, as he should considering the high prices ($5-6k). You can DIY one of these yourself for far less. I've built 2, both for well under $600-1k including all parts, etc.
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    Re: 8" Dallmeyer Pentac f/2.9 - Any Users?

    Thanks for the backstory!
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    Re: 8" Dallmeyer Pentac f/2.9 - Any Users?

    " a box of about 30 of the 10" versions"

    there must be a story behind that... the 10" ones are a lot less common (and larger!)
  21. Re: portrait lens that will fold inside crown graphic

    240mm f/9 Fuji will certainly fold up inside, easily.
  22. Re: Thoughts About Schneider 240mm f/5.5 Tele Arton in Compur 0 Shutter?

    I'd look at the G-claron or Fuji 240/9. The Tele-arton 240 normally comes in a Compur 1 or 2 shutter, I am surprised it is in a copal 0 - someone must have adapted it. be aware it won't be f/5.5 in...
  23. Re: Any darkrooms in New England with 8x10 Enlargers?

    Camera Commons is a great place, I have been there many times (also was in a group show at one point). The darkrooms and facility quality are quite high. Hopefully they set up the 8x10 enlarger again.
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    Re: Photos From Nikkor 360/500/720?

    I have the set, it's great, easily the best tele(s) for 4x5, better contrast and resolution than the fuji or schneider options. Even wide open they are great, the 360 makes a super nice portrait...
  25. Re: Can you diagnose this patchy look of the lens?

    Agreed, looks like a coating issue. Should probably not affect images at all. Does not look like fungus.
  26. Re: Alternative to the Schneider Xenotar 150mm F2.8 for 4x5?

    As mentioned, there's a lot of choices, depending on whether you need a shutter or not. Still, with still-life, some tilt/swing and shooting f/5.6 wide open will still result in pretty shallow DOF. ...
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    Re: Graflex PH47 with AE 178

    It could be... (rangefinder that is). Nicely done!
  28. Re: Which lenses fold up into your field camera? Linhof Tecnika, Horseman, etc. quest

    Not a technika, but:

    Crown Graphic - closes with a 135/3.5 Xenotar no problem.
    Speed Graphic - closes with a 150/2.8 Xenotar in barrel on a custom recessed lensboard.
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    Re: How about some infrared images

    nice aerochrome. I have a grafmatic loaded up with 6 sheets of it, may shoot them this week up in the mountains.
  30. Re: Cambo TWR 54 - 4x5 Twin Lens Reflex (like Gowlandflex) Question...

    hi Laurent -

    nicely done. Images of the cams have been posted before. I will see if I can find some copies of them to post. The lensboard should really have a ring on the back as a light trap /...
  31. Re: Lightweight 4x5 Rangefinder camera build (Polaroid Mod)

    I shoot the saber handheld all the time with 100-speed film. f/11 - f/16 @ 1/125 or 1/60 is easily doable in good light.
  32. Re: Lightweight 4x5 Rangefinder camera build (Polaroid Mod)

    I have a Saber. I'll weigh it and let you know. nice DIY effort!
  33. Re: Cambo TWR 54 - 4x5 Twin Lens Reflex (like Gowlandflex) Question...

    hi Laurent -

    those are nice fabrications, whomever made those was doing some nice work. If you can find the original piece, that will be your best bet, since it allows all film holders to fit...
  34. Re: Cambo TWR 54 - 4x5 Twin Lens Reflex (like Gowlandflex) Question...

    The original film holder piece is a spring-loaded clamp that can allow basically any holder to fit, including grafmatics. Sadly, they are not easy to come by, you would likely have to fabricate...
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    Re: Late September 2019 Portraits

    Hugo, very nice. Charles, love the 2nd one!
  36. Re: Performance Between Apo Symmar and Apo Symmar-L?

    Actually if you extract the images and overlay them (from the 150mm) you see that the original APo Symmar is better nearly everywhere than the L verison, ironically particularly in the corners, at...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    I have a DLC2, it's a superb camera. I should use it more than I do. Very well made. That said, with any camera that has movements, there's always the possibility for them to be off somewhat.
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    Re: 7 1/2 inch Kodak Ektar F4.5 question

    If this is the 190mm ektar that came on the Graflex RB Super D, it's a great lens. As mentioned 8x10 might work close up, but it's hard to say. This lens is every bit the same quality as the...
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    Re: 150mm WA lens for 8x10 recommendations

    the Nikkor 150 SW is a great choice, almost certainly the best option in that coverage range and focal length.
  40. Re: Duoscan T1200... my hunt for the first scan...

    I still have one of these basically new-in-box (T1200) if anyone is in the market for a spare one. WOrked great last time I used it (Mac OS 8.6 probably, on a native powermac with scsi)
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