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  1. Irfanview image viewer - colour management

    Hi all, it seems that irfanview is off kilter or maybe i never fully noticed but there is a massive difference between the image viewer and photoshop on B/W images / scans - screenshot is not colour...
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    Re: Epson V700 problems

    I can beat that, my V700 was playing up - not found - so i bought a V850, unboxed and plugged it in and immediately had problems - thinking it was an issue with my Win 10 PC same as the V700 problem...
  3. Re: Scanning with Imacon: FlexColor 3f File Question: Knowledgable Users Out There?

    you can never change the actual 3F file i believe, only save the changes you make or versions as you say of the file before saving as a .Tiff they will be stored with the file for future reference -...
  4. Re: Required maintenance interval for Hasselblad Flextight X1

    There is a maintenance / service manual online for an 848 i may use it to lube my 949 first i'd need to know what kind of oil is used on the rail, i am getting the service message also so it must be...
  5. Re: Epson V7xx or V8xx + Imacon Flextight 848 (rental) = A Reasonable Solution?

    Use the 3F workflow on the hire scanner / copy to a portable hard drive, get a copy of Flexcolor it is very good software costs a massive = FREE... you just bang in the film and scan and afterwards...
  6. Re: Anti-newton glass film holder for Epson 2450 scanner?

    yes your local picture / glass guy...had a few cut to fit also got a 8 x 10 piece and a couple for my betterscanning meduim format holder - great for wet mounting problem film - then 6 months later...
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    Re: Epson V700 oddness

    I did a software epson scan update ? - it reset nearly everything to default - just a warning
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    Re: Flextight X5 (Shadow Detail)

    In the edit preferences or set up tab there is the option to run adaptive light - note: this is not there when you scan .FFF This will pass the film holder at a slower speed past the sensors...
  9. Re: How do I.....

    you may have a newer version of photoshop - i have 2 photoshop elements 9 and 11 download installs ( only 9 active ) and CS6 from a kosher Adobe disc - all registered...You may be lucky enough to...
  10. Re: I may have been a tad impulsive, but I bought a Heidelberg Nexscan F4100 - now wh

    Some of the older large flatbeds were SOTA at the time but look at the operating system they need to function with - it will probably leave the 750 for dead with the Dmax and higher res but may be a...
  11. Re: Just received a Nikon Super Coolscan 9000...

    Got mine to run on win 7, a couple of tutorials out there on how to do it - good quality scanner a little slow maybe.
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    Re: Cezanne Elite

    yes but i don't use it anymore i updated to an Imacon 949 - i could not hack/handle the outdated operating system - good scanner though... Pm me if interested in it - don't want the earth as i got it...
  13. Re: Desperately searching for quality monitor....

    My little square 19" monitor died.. i loved it - so i bought a Dell 2410 ultrasharp as a massive upgrade - older tech now.. a wide gamut monitor - moved house wrapped the monitor in a blanket (...
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    Re: V750 just died ..... now what???

    maybe an uninstall and re install - just watch out it may not remember what defaults you had - i updated epson scan a while back to the latest version and was blindly scanning away - the gamma was...
  15. Re: Can't activate FlexColor colour noise filter tool, please help

    I have the same thing with an imacon 949 looks like a change needs to be made in the setup / edit preferences department.113730

    * edit * sorry about the monster attachment :rolleyes:
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    Re: Scanning Mounted 8x10 Film Epson Flatbed

    Thanks RR, Probably not a good example of the image, the system re sized it as an attachment - i suppose what i am getting at is the V700 doesn't do a bad job considering it's limitations - rough and...
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    Re: Scanning Mounted 8x10 Film Epson Flatbed

    A vintage 8 x 10 scanned on the platen with film area guide, from memory emulsion side up and a piece of non reflective platen sized glass to flatten the film, done on my Epson V700 i think 1200 ppi...
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    Re: Needing new(er) computer

    All great suggestions, not sure how power hungry Photoshop is i know with elements you can dial in the amount of Ram it can use, the key here for editing is the monitor - get a good panel, i have a...
  19. Re: Epson scanner, what do you clean the glass with?

    For what it's worth, i have wet mounted with my V700 scratched the glass used books to flatten photos and mags and it is still firing on all cylinders, it must be 4 years old easy probably more - i...
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    Re: Plustek 120 scanner

    The difference between the Nikon 8000 and the 9000 is cosmetic only? That is a good price for a little used or good condition item.
    They are good but a little slow and noisy.. tika tika tika, i...
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    Re: Nikon 8000 users help needed

    That driver hack works, there are a couple of walk throughz on the web.
  22. Thread: Nude

    by pinup tragic

    Re: Nude Apologies

    Apologies here, this has happened before here i linked that image to a filehost i thought was ok - the problem is my everyday browser is firefox with adblock and noscript i don't see those crappy ads...
  23. Re: film holder and wet mount solution (in Australia?)

    Quick and easy - lighter fluid .. a piece of clear 2mm glass ( 1mm if you can get it ) scan at 3200 dpi on the platen using the film area guide setting ( Epson V700 )
    Cleans up ok too - lighter...
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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Well we got it home and it actually works after an 1800 Km road trip.
    A driver / error message i think it was - bulb brightness not optimal, and yes it did warm up for over 30 minutes, maybe an...
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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Thanks Peter i'll keep you posted, probably grab it this weekend coming - the seller was genuinely happy that the unit had found a home and further life.
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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Well another joins the club, i stumbled on a Screen Cezanne Elite A3 Scanner FTS 5500 with a Mac G4 on ebay OZ at a very reasonable price.
    I contacted the seller says it is a goer and came from his...
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    Re: Scanner questions

    Drivers should not be a problem, maybe not available for a modern OS although the driver hack for Windows 7 and the Nikon 9000 works well so there could be others - there are a couple of high end...
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    Re: Epson V700 right light blinking

    As a reflective scanner i can't fault it - blazing clean scans of 2 X 2 contact prints are amazing and i use Epsonscan, i didn't take to the included Silverfast scan software.
    A memory jog for the...
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    Re: Linotype-Hell Tango blog

    I get pic -
    site don't allowed ------ a 404 image i think - even stranger English :)
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    Re: What is FLUID MOUNT Scanning?

    Yes yes.. but wet mounting with a film scanner like the Nikon 9000, the Scanscience site doesn't actually explain...and you use the proprietary film holders as well??
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    Dell 2410 Calibration

    My nice little 19" square Viewsonic monitor just recently passed away, very sad... i thought i had it eye calibrated pretty good - very nice Black and White / Greyscale.
    So upgraded to a Dell U2410...
  32. Re: Search for A3+ oversized flatbed scanner 13" wide?

    On the navigation bar above > thread tools > subscribe to this thread may do the trick.
  33. Re: Design of a scanning room / suite. Any advice ?

    Sounds effective and expensive but if you are going down that road.......

    I came home from work to find one of the cats asleep on my V700 - get orfff! :D Pet hair is a real PITA
  34. Re: Search for A3+ oversized flatbed scanner 13" wide?

    That Aztec Plateau is a monster sized Flatbed!
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    Non proprietary film holders

    I don't think i have seen anything aftermarket for film holders for the Nikon - the Betterscanning MF film holders are good with the V700 - a comparison scan between the two would be very...
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    Re: Heads up on Nikon 9000 scanners

    I managed to get a 9000 ED possibly the last one in OZ - first impressions are - there is a steep learning curve :) I have an Epson V700 and love the easy Epson Scan interface.
    Nikon Scan is a...
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    Re: Quick question for v750 owners

    Looks like mine went out with the rubbish - bugger!
    I have a better scanning medium format holder with ANR glass insert and have used the film area guide setting with the ANR glass with some success...
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    Re: Quick question for v750 owners

    I have a lowly V700 ;) and frantically went looking for this piece of plastic about a month after i got it - err, it's not included with the V700 :)
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