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    Re: endless external HD shuffle Part deaux

    As others have said, these days avoid Seagate. Look for WD or, if you can find them, Hitachi. Just remember that the failure rate for hard-drives is 100% -- it's only a matter of when.

    A storage...
  2. Re: Camera scanning on the cheap -- an example approach

    One could also use three, then it would always be stable during adjustments. Or use a baseboard with three wooden wedges underneath at the edges, moving them in and out to level the baseboard and...
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    Re: colour version of Rubylith

    Like everyone has said, rubylith and other masking materials (eg. paint) were used in making colour output, but at the stage of making lith negs or positives (ie. on black and white ortho materials)...
  4. Re: Large printing paper... e.g. 40x50" available anywhere?

    The papers are all made in Europe, so why not look for a European distributor?** Or as the OP seems to be in Australia, maybe Fuji still make some large rolls for the Japanese home market? That...
  5. Re: An imagined LED enlarger light source for 4x5 -- NEW INFO FOR TECHNICIANS

    It obviously depends on the requirements of each enlarger, but there are high-density foamboards available here (art suppliers in NL) that are probably also available in USA. I've used the two...
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    Re: 8x10 Enlarger Chassis for Heiland LED Recs

    If one was to make a horizontal enlarger then things might be simpler, though taking up much more floor-space of course.
  7. Re: Speculation on why the Omega D negative carriers are white on top?

    Way back last century I was told that several manufacturers did this to reduce the amount of radiant heat (from the lamp) absorbed by the neg. carrier, and hence to keep the neg a bit cooler. It...
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    Re: Split grade printing question

    The clarity adjustment is tweaked via an unsharp-mask, more or less. It should be do-able.
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    Re: Arista EDU Ultra 100 vs 200?

    It's possible to snip off a tiny part on a corner of the film when loading it in the DDS, just for ID later (done this for general testing, not specifically for Foma 100/200). In theory a pinhole...
  10. Re: Covid-19: Ilford factory in Mobberley shutting down for now

    Was there ever any conclusive result about negotiations on the Mobberley site lease, which was due to finish this year or 2021?? I recall the local authority not allowing any updates and...
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    Re: LED enlarger head creation -- just a thought

    I recall reading a few threads here about using a high-quality, LED light-box as a light-source for 5x7 and 8x10 (possibly even larger?). That simply needed a foamcore adapter box and one layer of...
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    Re: Best enlarger you have used

    The usefulness of the answers will depend on the continent where the OP is looking for an enlarger.

    Working professionally in the UK, I used a De Vere 504 for years, last century. Nowadays I use...
  13. Re: Ilford MG filters... are there 2 different sets?

    The "L" on the second-hand filter kit was hand-written by a previous owner, perhaps to show ownership or to identify the set in a multi-filter-set darkroom. It is not from Ilford. However, this is...
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    Re: Starting my own development ?

    You could get one in Ieper if you are that end of the country, or mail-order it from there (easier than getting it from US) . . .
  15. Re: First 4x5 sheets and first failures :-( Need Help on one sheet

    I'd suggest thinking about the simplicity of tray-development (or dip-and-dunk) in a darkened room, compared with fiddling around with gadgets that you cannot completely understand until you have...
  16. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    I asked the security person what was the reason and she politely refused to give any details. I suppose the almond-paste filling could have been appearing as something 'hidden' inside the cake, or...
  17. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    Bizarrely, I just flew to the UK from Schiphol (Amsterdam, NL) and found a slightly different scanning problem. I did indeed have a film camera with me, but was planning to scrounge a few rolls of...
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    Re: UniColor Dingle Bell Tested

    I have a Durst Coltim which looks to be very closely related to the Unicolor timer, and also says "Made in W.Germany" on the base. It is excellent for printing.
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    Re: Keeping Time tray developing film

    For the total time I use a kitchen timer. Agitation goes on counting to thirty, or for more complicated regimes (or when I'm tired) I use a darkroom app on an old Android tablet which beeps at the...
  20. Re: Box of paper dated 1952, what to do with it?

    Somehow I have this mental image of a collection of black fingernails, laid out across the mantelpiece . . . ;)
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    Re: Bleach bypass for C41 and/or RA4

    Haven't tried it, but one can surmise that leaving silver in the image, along with the dyes, would have a veiling and contrast-reducing effect in the denser areas. In other words, most effect would...
  22. Re: Community darkroom in the Netherlands with 8x10 enlarger

    I'd be curious too, as I can 'only' contact print at the moment.
  23. Re: Night vision solution for brush development / general D.Room work

    There are several different manufacturers making Pi related stuff. Some cams are focussable, some have illumination leds, some are waterproof etc. etc. It would be prudent to put a known IR filter...
  24. Re: Night vision solution for brush development / general D.Room work

    There is a cheap infra-red camera available for the Raspberry Pi. A dark-box (ie. more rigid than a dark-bag) could be contructed for film-loading, processing etc. with the camera+led pointing...
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    Re: Pouring without spilling?

    On occasions with a wide bodied bottle and a small opening, pouring in to a measuring cylinder for example, I pour the large bottle in to a wide funnel. The funnel is easily manipulated to catch and...
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    Re: Dual Focusing Mechanism

    The planetary gear (I assume that's how it works) coarse/fine idea was used by Meopta (who still make microscopes etc.) as a replacement for the standard focussing wheel on their later enlargers. It...
  27. Thread: Barbara Crane

    by MartinP

    Re: Barbara Crane

    The OP's post seems to be nearly ten years old, but a quick search gives a couple of relevant videos on the site. Was the missing clip one of those?

    It seems that she died last week? A...
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    Re: Fire extinguisher recommendation

    It works here giving a "Save or Open With" dialog box. One could try right-clicking the link and choose "Save As" from the option-list.

    Alternatively, it is copied below (if it works). The...
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    Re: Fire extinguisher recommendation

    Further reading regarding use of dry-chemical extinguishers in sensitive areas.

    As well as chemical secondary effects, furnishings and carpeting will need to be replaced. Yes, that's better than...
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    Re: Fire extinguisher recommendation

    At least in Europe, aren't halon based systems now illegal, except for enclosed compartments (like engine-bays etc) ??

    Any powder based extinguisher will make optical gear pretty much uncleanable...
  31. Re: FYI, those getting Arista EDU 400 8x10, not Triple Boxed

    Long ago, last century I worked at a Kodak Q-Lab (E6 and C41) covering a large part of the South of UK. Every few months (maybe three or four times a year) someone would come in with film that had...
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    Re: AC, Venting, ideas for a Darkroom Shed?

    As well as insulating the shed, can it have a 'car-port' type of roof-structure over the top of it? That would help considerably in sunny climates as the shed would be in permanent shade, and it...
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    Re: Lens caps? Bought or made?

    As `the whole thing is plastic/rubber, can you drill a small hole then fix a flap to the inside of the cap covering the hole in a springy manner. Pushing the cap on will keep it sealed, while...
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    Re: tray developing: which timer?

    I have an audible timer set to indicate agitation intervals with one sound and then completion with another. It is not the only 'app' to do this of course, but the one I have is running on an...
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    Re: Model name of your large format enlarger please

    Another somewhat resurrected thread, but it's all interesting stuff. For 4x5" I have a Meopta Magnittarus, in 10x15cm. There is around ten inches of clearance between it and the ceiling when the...
  36. Thread: ROLL CALL

    by MartinP


    A rather resurrected thread, but I visit a couple of times a week.
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    Poll: Re: Do you buy photographic prints / art?

    I voted "No, I only print/hang my own work" as that was the nearest option. Last century I used to print black-and-white professionally, so I suppose I could say that other people have paid for the...
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    Re: Basic B&W Developing setup for 4x5

    One doesn't strictly need a wheeled or motorised device for rotation with Jobo tanks, in order to save chemicals and improve agitation. Tape a couple of bits of wood section to the table top,...
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    Re: Exact 5x12" sheet film sizes

    I recall Fotoimpex/Adox saying that they were gearing up for providing a cut-to-order service for their own ISO100 sheet film. It might be worth seeing what the current position is with them too.
  40. Re: (Talk me out of) offering people at scenic tourist site to have their LF photo ta

    You could keep the reflectors (presumably they have ES sockets) and use the cheap(-ish) high CRI video-lighting fluorescents. They are perhaps not truly perfectly daylight balanced, but they will be...
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