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    Re: Monorail vs. Folding Camera Weight

    A friend of mine, and a member here, has an Arca-Swiss Monorail; I don't remember the model and haven't seen him since the pandemic hit. I do remember being very impressed by its modular design. I...
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    Monorail vs. Folding Camera Weight

    As far as I can tell, Monorail Cameras are heavier than the Folding (TOHO is the only exception that I know of).

    What is the reasoning behind this? Is it for the simple reason that Monorail...
  3. Re: Electrical diagram of the Durst UT 100 dryer

    It might be stuck due to inactivity - it happened with my Jobo Film Dryer. I sprayed some electronics cleaner in the shaft, plugged it in, turned it on and it worked like a charm.
    I hope it will be...
  4. Re: Darkroom plumbing advice needed, please

    I definitely get it.
    I was fortunate to enlist the services of two friends, one a carpenter and the other a licensed plumber. The carpenter helped me with the sink stand and shelving above it. ...
  5. Re: Darkroom plumbing advice needed, please

    Give us all the details on what caused the headaches, please.
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    Re: Ethiopian Journey

    Ethiopia’s history is fascinating. It’s one of those places I wish I could go to and explore.
    I hope you will post more images from your visits there.
  7. Re: Can you recommend a darkroom workshop?

    Adding to the list of possibilities; I have heard really good things about Lynn Radeka's workshops:
  8. Re: Sinar Filter Holder 100 - Anyone using it?

    I answered my own question: NO, the Sinar Filter Holder 100 will only accept Sinar-branded filters as they are thinner than other manufacturer's.
  9. Sinar Filter Holder 100 - Anyone using it?

    This is purely out of curiosity; I had never heard of it until a few days ago as I was leafing through a Sinar Catalog. It functions in a similar way to other modular filter holders systems (Cokin...
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    Re: Quality Light-Metric Closing

    I was hoping he would find someone to take over the shop. I have dealt with him over several years; I'll make it a point to call him and wish him well.
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    Re: How many film holders?

    4x5 - 20 holders
    5x7 - 20 holders
    8x10 - 5 holders

    Edit - forgot that I have about 10 MIDOs that I haves used very little.

    I had more but have been selling to consolidate all the holders in...
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    Re: Large Format Macro Images

    What a beautiful bump to an old thread -
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    Re: Naomi Rosenblum died in February

    Sad news.
    I knew her and Walter and one of their daughters (Nina). I cherish her signed copy of “History of Photography”.
    Her scholarship was through indeed.
  14. Re: F-stop Mountain Series Lotus Backpack Review

    Do the f-stop Mountain Series packs have a provision for strapping on a tripod? How about a side pouch for a water bottle?

    None of the images in their website give that information, unless I...
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    Re: Your favorite Enlarger Timer

    My favorite Timer is without a doubt the Lektra TM-764, with a Reciprocity Control function and Metronome (a modification); it is hooked up to the Durst 501 Color Head.

    The Durst Multigraph has...
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    Re: Linhof Technika Rangfinder Cams

    Pieter and Embdude: those are good resources, thank you for posting.

    I recently sold two lenses here that I had Master Tech. Cams for but had forgotten all about them (I never use the...
  17. Re: Link to Fred Picker's Zone VI Workshop video

    Same here.
  18. Re: Link to Fred Picker's Zone VI Workshop video

    There are some nuggets in his videos (and newsletters) that still ring true for me. One of my favorites: "don't sell (prints) by the square yard".
  19. Re: Zone VI Compensating Developer Timer footswitch issue

    Try changing the cable - its just a regular phone line cable.

    I had the same issue a few years ago and changing the cable solved the problem. It it doesn't solve the problem, you could try...
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    Re: Linhof Technika III 5x7 restoration

    The restoration is coming along beautifully.
  21. Re: Do you standardize your screw-on filters by thread size?

    I havemore filter systems than I can shake a stick at. Each and every lens has a UV filter for protection. Every system has the common Yellow, Red, Green, Polarizer, ND3, ND6.
    For your amusement:...
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    Re: Discolored white borders on prints

    I think you're right in thinking that it's the toning causing the stain; I had the same experience a few years ago. Not sure what's causing the speckles.

    This is the sequence I now use to...
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    Re: Rome on a Budget

    I can only reiterate and stress what Sandro has said above.
    Put driving a car in Rome out of your mind, the sooner the better. You will not be allowed to drive anywhere near the fountains as almost...
  24. Re: Carl Chiarenza retrospective exhibit, Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY - Feb.-June,

    Thank you for the heads-up Merg; this worth a trip to Rochester.
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    Re: Multiple Print Washers?

    My advice, based on the description of your printing needs, would be to get an 11x14 print washer and wash the bigger prints in a tray.

    But life is never simple, to whit:

    Over many years, I...
  26. Re: Tripod Head For 8x10? Arca Cube, Ries J250, Luland LD115, Acratech GXP

    I have been using an Arca-Swiss geared head for my 4x5/5x7 and a Manfrotto geared head for my 8x10; both heads are capable for all three formats but they are set up that way as ready-to-go kits. The...
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    Re: Blackbirds are Back

    I remember flocks of birds (they were black but not sure of the species) migrating and stopping on the hillside farms when I was I boy living in Italy; people called them "clouds of birds" - the next...
  28. Re: Calibrating a Zone VI compensating developer timer

    It sounds to me that it might be working correctly; as the solution in the tray warms up, the timer will go slightly faster in order to “compensate” for the higher temperature.

    One of the ones I...
  29. Re: Lost Light Art Blog . . . . Website

    He’s on it in a refreshing way.
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    Re: The art of printmaking

    Also one of my favorite books on printing. He explains points on developers and testing for different papers and developers in a very straightforward way. Most of my condensed notes on printing have...
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    Re: Ghost Dance

    Thank you for that.
  32. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    Thanks Michael.
  33. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    Video?!? Is it available online/dvd? I am very interested.
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    Re: Shizen Magazine

    Congratulations - beautiful work.
  35. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    To mask or not to mask - that has been on my mind as well.
    I have Lynn Radeka’s Masking Kit and instructions; what is holding me back is the fear of the learning curve - learning these techniques...
  36. Re: B&H unable to ship PQ Universal (again)

    Same here - I just order from Freestyle - never a problem. I live in NYC and could pick up the chemistry - and then what? Parking in the area is impossible - a 1 hr parking fee is upwards of $20.00...
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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Very instructive discussion.
    The only kit I have ready to go (backpacking) is a TOHO (4x5) with a Rodenstock 135mm and a 240mm Fujinon-A.
    Most of my photography work is done in Italy however, and...
  38. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    Adding to ic-racer's point:

    I live in a building complex with a pretty nice garden area and big beautiful trees. A few years ago I started photographing the close-up details of the trees with...
  39. Re: Tim Hall, videos on darkroom materials.

    He knows what he's talking about - very informative. I only wish he would break the videos into chapters for future reference.
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    That is exceptional!
    I really like my Toho; went hiking with it just this week.
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