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    Re: New Portrait Thread - August 08

    don't you mean olympic trolley punting ;)
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    Re: Cross Posting on APUG & LFPF

    Funniest thread I've seen in a long time.
    This forum has a policy of being 100% non commercial whilst the other one is 100% totally commercial. I strongly suggest the OP is taking the piss since the...
  3. Re: Please review website and browser check in Windows.
  4. Re: Please review website and browser check in Windows.

    Works fine on W2K and IE6.

    But it's best on 1280x1024 resolution. At 1024x768, which is still very commonly used, its somewhat big in that the name image is really over dominant on the screen and...
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    Re: Website Review

    I would center the layout horizontally. It just looks better that way, especially on higher resolution screens.
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    Re: Durst 1200

    Why don't you tell the seller you'll buy it if he can source a replacement spring in good condition.
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    Re: Durst 1200

    These enlargers are so plentiful and cheap on the second hand market that one with a broken spring as you describe has zero value. Infact I would go as far as saying it has negative value as the cost...
  8. Re: Foto3 contest and traditional/conceptual divide / Foto3 Competition Results

    I hear what you are saying and I understand what you are saying, but again, you seem to believe that you never had a chance of winning. That may indeed be true. But when you ask yourself...
  9. Re: Foto3 contest and traditional/conceptual divide

    Surely if you are a landscape photographer you would only enter into landscape photography competitions or landscape category of a competition. That way you have a much higher chance of winning...
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    Re: scanning question

    So how do you determine the optical resolution of a scanner since that is what seems to be what is being claimed as the limiting factor of a flatbed scanner?

    I know lots of people have tested for...
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    Re: Foto3 - Competition/Website Disclaimer

    I would suggest that Don Huttons earlier post in this thread is edited to remove the link to the offending pdf document since the offenders seem incapable of cleaning up after themselves.
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    Re: Foto3 - Competition/Website Disclaimer

    I find it totally despicable that given the serious nature of the original post as an annoucement for help, that the owner of this site has allowed the thread to degenerate into a self appreciation...
  13. Re: Beginner - daylight developing tank for 4x5

    Heard it all before.

    It's an agricultural piece of equipment which poorly designed and finicky to use. And yes film does slip out and yes the clip does wear out because its cheap plastic and yes...
  14. Re: Beginner - daylight developing tank for 4x5

    And trying to develop 12 sheets in a combi plan leads to problems because the sheets stick together and are a bugger to get apart without damaging the them. They then need to be washed separately to...
  15. Re: Beginner - daylight developing tank for 4x5

    I have both a combi and also a Jobo 2521 with a 2509N reel which takes six sheets of 4x5.

    Have a look at the following page. What's important to remember is that tanks ending with 1 have a top...
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    Re: "Outsourcing" Photoshop work

    Sounds like there are one hell of a lot a useless photographers out there if they need to rely on someone else to make their images look good. Time was, when the photographer was expected to get it...
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    Re: scanning question

    you work it out backwards.

    Say you want a 20x16 inch print. You need 360 pixels per inch (on an epson) for approx 7 line pairs per millimeter in the print which is high quality. So 20x360 = 7200...
  18. Re: Seeking archival adhesive for lame(lah-may) fabric to gatorboard
  19. Re: Is quality lost printing from a .jpeg file?

    Nobody is disputing what the hardware is capable of.
    It is how the lab sets up its automated procedures for processing images that count.
    And also what the lab determines is the acceptable level...
  20. Re: Is quality lost printing from a .jpeg file?

    I think issue here is the resolution at which costco will print. If its at 90ppi then the image will be soft and the quality will be lost in the reduction of resolution and not due to saving as jpeg.
  21. Re: Jobo 4551 print drum. Which format holder for 20x24

    It won't be long:eek:
  22. Re: Is quality lost printing from a .jpeg file?

    and the lab I tried output at 254ppi = 5 lp/mm
  23. Re: Is quality lost printing from a .jpeg file?

    Well I just had a look at their website and the recommended pixel dimensions for your 12x18 print is only 1620x1080 which equates to 90ppi output which is less than 2lp/mm. So I reckon that if they...
  24. Re: Is quality lost printing from a .jpeg file?

    At that price why don't you just try it and see.
    I have done this with a UK lab who print digital files cheaply and the output was pretty good from a laser printer. But make sure you know what their...
  25. Re: Jobo 4551 print drum. Which format holder for 20x24

    Well yes the 3063 is the only currently available drum for 20x24. But the out of production 4551 drum was also supposed to do 20x24. It says so on the jobo label on the side of the tank. They had...
  26. Jobo 4551 print drum. Which format holder for 20x24

    Anyone know which format holder is required for developing 20x24 paper in a jobo 4551 drum?
    The drum is 51cm high and 40cm circumference so there must be a special format holder for doing 20x24...
  27. Re: Durst L1200 DIF1 & DIF2 diffusers on Femobox 450N

    Well I guess I will have to test for eveness of illumination as well.

  28. Durst L1200 DIF1 & DIF2 diffusers on Femobox 450N

    I have been using a DIF1 diffuser in my L1200 since I've had it. I also have a DIF2 which I've never used. The DIF1 is only half the thickness of the DIF2 so I have always assumed it gave less...
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    Re: darkroom chemistry in UK

    Yes, Jessops. Even if they don't stock the stuff, you can goto their website and either order for home delivery or for collection from your local Jessops.
    Altenativley, goto the ilford website and...
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    Re: digital asset management

    I'll get the trial of extensis portfolio and take a look.
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    digital asset management

    I'm looking for a digital photo asset management tool for organising photos from lots of different landscaping projects. It would need to be able to take exif/iptc data from the camera and store the...
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    Re: Change to For Sale section

    would it be possible to allow deletion of fs / wtb ads.
    I know it can be done within 1 hour and that they get deleted after a month anyway, but if you've sold your item, its pointless being left in...
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    Re: 110 XL Soft Focussing

    Lens spacing on the 110XL is more crtical than on other symmars since it is not a true symmar. If you are having focus problems with that lens, then I suggest you first have it bench tested as all...
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    Re: half/third stops found in lenses.

    current copal shutters come with 1/3rd stop detents or no detents depending on which you order. Obviously the no detents version can be set however accurately you can judge the positioning but to a...
  35. Re: Help - which version of HC-110 do I have?

    The 1 ltr bottles are the full stregth stuff. Just follow the dilutions which are on the actual bottles. The 500ml european bottles are watered down and work out much more expensive. The 1 ltr...
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    Re: My New Web Site

    Any website which tries to automatically download activex controls doesn't get my vote.

    And it also throws up advertising pop up windows.

    So basically your site sucks and is to be avoided.
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    Re: Digital enlarger DIY

    DeVere make an enlarger which does this.

    The lcd is shifted during the exposure to blur the pixels into each other. That is required...
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    Re: How long do silver gelatin prints last?

    If you're going to let small children play with your prints, the length of the wash becomes irrelevant. Do you supply crayons to draw on them as well? :D
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    Re: What is art?

    Art is the chronicle of culture.
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    Re: PS 64 bit for PC

    incidentally, last time I looked, gigabyte were producing 4 gigabyte ram disk pci cards for superfast disks at reasonable cost which are ideal for photoshop swap disks.
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