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    Re: Rejuvenating Camera bellows .

    Custom Bellows (.com) in the UK makes excellent bellows. Contact them. They just gave me a quote of £99.00 for an 8x10 bellows that I plan to send them.
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    Re: Sinar F2 Vs Sinar Norma (4x5)

    I've had a lot of experience with both cameras, and I would go with the Sinar F2. Of course, there will be disagreement on this. Also, personal preference weighs into a decision like this. ...
  3. Re: anyone print 4x5 negatives with a black border?

    I have a 11x14 easel and a 16x20 easel. Both can print black borders. They each has an accordion style, expandable shade that covers the print itself as each edge is being exposed.

    I've not...
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    Re: "Somebody Photographed This"

    I have a set of glass plates stashed somewhere. I need to scan them and see what they look like.

    Now, where did I see those . . . . ?
  5. Re: Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

    I wonder if it could be the difference between dip and dunk, versus machine processing for roll-film?

    Roll film can be done both ways, so perhaps they switched for some reason as a result of the...
  6. Re: Getting back into 4x5 -- Need some Suggestions

    I don't know whether or not you liked the range finder on a Linhof, but you might consider the "Linhof like" Wista SP. It's much like a Wista, except that it's a little smaller. One advantage, it...
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    Re: Velvia 100 discontinued in the US

    Adept adapting. :)
  8. Re: Schneider Corp. of America (Kern) Gold Dot Dagor 14" f/8 (355/8)

    I knew it! That's why I sold mine for a price that was about double an amount, which itself was then considered a high price.
  9. Re: Schneider Corp. of America (Kern) Gold Dot Dagor 14" f/8 (355/8)

    So a

    Still, there's nothing wrong with others sharing their experiences and perceptions. The OP might get insights that would otherwise be missed. And, it gives the rest of us a chance to put...
  10. Re: Super specific question - fan compatibility on Beseler 45S computers and non-comp

    I would compare the fans, to see if they're the same. That may be likely.

    If that's the case, then it's probably a simple matter to replace one with another. Check the fans of each for any...
  11. Re: Canham MQC 57 User experiences and comparisons ?

    See the following link on the LF Home Page . . .
  12. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    Good for landscape maybe, but not if you want to photograph architecture.

    I've owned a Deardorff 5x7, and it would be my last choice. You'll get very little rise using the bellows, for either a...
  13. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    I photograph using black and white film, because I like a silver gelatin image that's enlarged from a medium format or larger negative. They can be absolutely beautiful! (As we all know.) I have...
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    Re: Digital Negative Printer Recommendation

    A long while back, Epson 3800 and 3880 were excellent printers for digital negatives. Other printers of that era were not so good, because printing artifacts could be seen in continuous tone areas...
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    Re: DIY 8x10 (or larger) Enlarger Chassis

    When it comes to 8x10 enlargers, not that I have that much experience with them, I'm a fan of keeping it simple . . .

    WOW! I can't imagine having a Durst 8x10 enlarger. Talk about Complicated!...
  16. Re: Using Buffered Crescent Board for Image Display

    The "Rising White Museum Board" that I use is 100% rag; it's the same on which John Sexton mounts his photos.

    I'm wondering if buffered Crescent board can have a negative effect on the silver...
  17. Using Buffered Crescent Board for Image Display

    I've always used Rising White Museum Board to mount an over-mat my black and white photographs. I mount photographs on 2-ply and over-mat with 4-ply.

    But, to save expenses, I'm wondering about...
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    IMacs can be very nice, convenient machines. But, I'm partial to external monitors.

    You mentioned that your monitor is giving off heat, is it a CRT? :)

    Back to external monitors, I want the...
  19. Re: How to mount a Schneider 180mm f/5.6 - 58 or 59mm threads?

    Of course, S. K. Grimes at can do this and do it well. They commonly adapt barrel lenses to shutters. It's worth giving them a call to get an idea of what it would cost and when...
  20. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Large format photography is a long term, learning endeavor that requires patience and study. It doesn't happen overnight, and in my view, averaging meters and recommended development times will get...
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    Re: Importance of back movements

    For me, the only important rear movements are swing, rise and shift.

    Swing is useful for optimizing horizontal Scheimpflug. This can be convenient for architecture, for example.

    True shift...
  22. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    Much of John Sexton's 2nd workshop, Fine Tuning the Expressive Black and White print, is about masking techniques, both for the negative and the print. It took me a while, but after the workshop, I...
  23. Re: Fuji GX 680 180mm f/3.2 in Seiko Shutter for 4x5 Experience

    Last year, I had occasion to purchase an EBay listed adapter that enables one to use Mamiya RB67 lenses on a large format camera. It's pretty clever. One can cock the shutter using the adapter,...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    What JP said.

    Mixing it in smaller quantities assumes that the various chemicals have been mixed homogeneously. That's OK when the different chemicals are liquid and are in solution. (Like...
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    Re: Paper cutting preferences

    To trim photographs as part of mounting, I found a used, earlier (yellow)16x20 Rototrim model that works great. I paid $150 for it.

    For cutting test sheets, I found a used, 11x14 rotary paper...
  26. Re: Does changing aperture move the focus point

    I will not tolerate focus shift. If I suspect that a lens has focus shift, it's going to get SOLD! And, longer Dagors are known to demonstrate this aberration. Life is complicated enough as it is;...
  27. Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    My solution . . . avoid selenium.

    Even at 1:20, I don't like the effect that selenium toner has on an image. (I print with Ilford Warmtone.) It would be nice to get the limited archival...
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    Re: Filter dilemma for 82mm solution

    I thought through a similar dilemma and finally decided on 77mm as a standard. But at that time, I had a RB67 outfit, which uses 77mm filters. Otherwise, I might have gone with 82mm as my standard....
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    Re: Vintage Camera Repairs - anyone left?

    I don't know if they would take on a whole camera? (Possibly.) But, Dave at Advance Camera has glued bellows onto frames, and has cut lensboards for me.
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    Re: Oregon Public Broadcasting segment

    Very nice. I enjoyed watching this video. There's palpable drama in many of the photographs.

    Will you be offering workshops in this carbon process?
  31. Re: Now e-Bay wants my SSN and bank account info . . .???

    Check with EBay. The last four SSN digits are often used to verify identity for access to personal accounts. I would not give those out. Sounds bogus!
  32. Re: Two Arca Customizations for 8x10 & 4x5. (S.K. Grimes.)

    Some time ago, I purchased an all black, Oschwald era, Type A (Axis Tilt) 4x5 from KEH for a quite reasonable price. What caught my eye on this camera was the color. I had never seen one that was...
  33. Two Arca Customizations for 8x10 & 4x5. (S.K. Grimes.)

    I just received back from S.K. Grimes two customizations, one for an Arca Oschwald era 8x10, and a second for an Oschwald era Arca Swiss 4x5. I thought that both, and especially the 8x10...
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    Re: Art is Emotion

    I think that it's kind of ridiculous, because there's so much related to photography that can be politically related, and yet also be enlightening and insightful. A classic case of the tail wagging...
  35. Re: Extra Large Negative Printing Questions. Not a photographer...

    These negatives scream to be contact printed, and that's probably the way they were originally printed by the photographer. And, they will likely be beautiful printed in that manner. A competent...
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    How effective might this be when used with a 150mm Apo Symmar? How sharp is it with the Topcor?
  37. Re: First and hopefully only lens for landscape?

    And just to be sure, you want the 250mm with lettering inside the rim that has maximum aperture f6.7.
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    Re: Newcomers to LF: First Read The Book

    It think that there's a middle ground. For example, one could begin their venture into LF by engaging with color photography. In this case, some basic instruction in meter use, and also in camera...
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    Re: 450 mm Nikkor-M vs. Symmar-S 480 mm

    These lenses are optimized for infinity focus. How about an Apo-Ronar, a Red-Dot-Artar, or something like that? They're optimized for studio use.
  40. Re: Looking for advice/guides on digital to film (not inkjet)

    Years ago, using an "Imagesetter" enabled one to print a digital negative that had sufficient quality and resolution to contact print silver gelatin photographs. I've seen some large examples of...
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