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    Re: Linhof cameras before 1945

    Book shows "Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data" including ISBN 978-0-578-50108-6.

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    Re: Linhof cameras before 1945

    Thank you for making me aware of this. My copy just arrived today. I ordered it from Lindemanns in Germany; they seemed to be the only source google turned up for me. First impression is it's a...
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    Re: kodak Tmax RS developer formula

    I was about to reply along these lines.

    Anyway John Sexton's newsletter may be read here:

    Note that he describes the tests he and his wife did...
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    Re: Lens for 4x5

    I have a 180 mm Symmar-S ("Linhof Select") that is multicoated, says "MULTICOATING" on the periphery of the front cell. I have some recollection that Schneider started multi-coating during the...
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    Re: Coverage of 19 inch Red Dot Artar?

    Morley Baer liked the 19" Red Dot Artar (used, of course, on his 8 X 10 Ansco.) In his book Adobes In the Sun he says "If I have a favorite, the 19" must be it."

  6. Re: Camera and accessories manuals resource

    Thank you very much for this. Just browsing turned up an interesting (to me anyway) nugget from the C.P. Goerz American Optical Company that led me to send them a contribution.
  7. Re: Preferences for 150-165mm lenses in 8x10?

    Reviving this thread as I have information further narrowing down when Goerz got more conservative in describing the coverage of the Wide Angle Dagor. A price list dated June 1960 gives the coverage...
  8. Re: Rare lens maybe only exists in catalog

    The Goerz "Six In One Multifocus Lens and Shutter Set". The leaflet I have is dated 7/63. This does not appear on my December 1964 or March 1966 Goerz price lists.

    (I scanned the leaflet but was...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Nice outfit!. I'd say that tripod is more than up to its assigned task.

  10. Re: Doubts about Schneider Tele-Xenar 360mm 5.5

    At the risk of information overload, at one time Copal supplied Schneider with No. 3 shutters with threads and tube length that matched the No. 3 Compound, see:...
  11. Re: A DIY 123mm f/8 Cooke split triplet for 4x5

    My circa 1933 Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue doesn't give coverage angles for their various lenses but does give the "Diameter of circle covered at small stops"; 10 1/2 and 15 1/2 inches respectively for...
  12. Re: 210 for travel and landscape: Heliar or Schneider?

    I have three 8 1/4 inch Red Dot Artars. I have no idea why.

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    Re: Best dual axis bubble spirit?

    I've used this with my Technika:

    It's Linhof's part number 002599.

    This Manfrotto branded item bears a...
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    Re: In praise of Sonnars

    There was the 250 mm f/5.6 Sonnar intended for use on the Linhof Technika 4 x 5.

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    Re: 43/44mm shutter hole?

    I have a hunch it's probably 44 mm. That's a common but not the only mounting thread size for the dial-set Compur, see here:

    Filing this out will be...
  16. Re: No dumb questions here...What have I purchased?

    I think that is a Prontor shutter. It looks like the Prontor logo on the right front, photo 4. Has anyone seen a dial-set Prontor? The lens serial number indicates circa 1961-62. The 1962 Symmar...
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    Re: PRONUNCIATION of Camera names?

    Not a camera, but metol. I've only heard it spoken by Americans (and not that many times) and it's been with a long "e": mee-tall. I understand this word was coined by Agfa so I wonder how it was/is...
  18. Re: the thread for Kodak XTOL quality control issues

    Yes, on the apug thread someone mentioned the packaging seemed to involve foil. Like you I'm going to wait for others to try this newest iteration. For now and probably the foreseeable future I'll...
  19. Re: the thread for Kodak XTOL quality control issues

    From the forum formerly known apug a report that "new" Kodak XTOL is now available from Freestyle. One person reports receiving a package marked made in USA:...
  20. Re: I need a new person to service large format lenses

    Hmmm, maybe I'll re-think this...:confused:
  21. Re: I need a new person to service large format lenses

    I too will be missing Henry. I could send him a shutter via UPS from my local Staples store and he'd get it the next day; always had good turn-around time too. Worked on both my rim-set and dial-set...
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    Re: Four Liter Jugs ?

    Ah, Carlo Rossi Red Mountain Burgundy. Take me back to the 60's. No, on second thought, don't.

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    Re: optar 203mm

    Thank you for this very interesting bit of industrial history. I have a 203 mm f/7.7 Ektar made in 1959 (s/n RTxxx) mounted in a No. 1 Compur shutter; the shutter is marked "Graphic" on the face....
  24. Re: Henry Paine camera repair (Stockton CA) closing

    I don't know how old Henry is, guessing he's a bit younger than I am (but probably older than I was when I retired). So in the back of my mind I knew some day he would retire. This was forced on him,...
  25. Henry Paine camera repair (Stockton CA) closing

    Just heard this from Henry, He's retiring, precipitated by having lost his lease. I've recommended him from time-to-time on this forum. He always did a good job for me on my dial-set and rim-set...
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    Re: SEI Exposure Photometer

    Could be, let's see if the bulb includes the mounting disk. And there's the possibility that the rheostat doesn't work...

    Good luck.

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    Re: SEI Exposure Photometer

    There is/was a sleeve, just a thin piece of plastic rolled into a cylinder. I think it was to protect the insides from a corroding battery though it doesn't seem like it could have done that very...
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    Re: SEI Exposure Photometer

    I was hoping someone with more expertise than mine would answer. Don't worry about the battery, it's a standard D cell. You do need to find the bulb, it's frosted and specific to this instrument As...
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    Re: Flange Troubles

    They no longer do routine repair of leaf shutters, i.e. a CLA. Making custom (threaded) flanges is something they still offer, as well as making and stocking flanges and retaining rings for a number...
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    Re: Ansel Adams' portrait of tragedy

    This photograph is from a large body of work Ansel Adams did for the University of California for their centennial (1968). Googling Ansel Adams University of California Centennial brings up a bunch...
  31. Re: Rodenstock Technika Sironar 150mm 5.6

    If you google "Rodenstock lens serial numbers" you'll see this lens was made around 1966-1969.
    The "original" model Sironar was convertible but I see only one f/ scale on this one. Maybe there's...
  32. Re: Mel Pierce Camera.....What Do you Know

    Sounds like a place that at one time would have had new Made-in-Hollywood Ries tripods...

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    Re: Ball or Pan-tilt head for 8x10?

    Paraphrasing my favorite line from an otherwise forgettable movie, "Crocodile Dundee"...

    "You call that a tripod head? That's not a tripod head. This is a tripod head."...
  34. Re: the thread for Kodak XTOL quality control issues

    I bet Drew has a densitometer that reads to four decimal places.:D
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    Re: Linhof Serial Numbers

    And it could be had with a Heliar, a Collinear or a Protar, all arguably "fancy" lenses.

  36. Re: Voigtländer Apo-Lanthar 300mm shutter

    You may know this already but just in case. The No. 5 Ilex and the No. 5 Compound are not interchangeable. The lens thread diameter on the No. 5 Ilex is described as 2.988 inches (= 75.89 mm) with a...
  37. Re: Voigtländer Apo-Lanthar 300mm shutter

    Was the catalogue anything like this:

    It shows the 30 cm Apo-Lanthar in a Compound No. IV and the...
  38. Re: Show Your Compendium Shade on a Field Camera Thread...

    Nice looking sheet metal work. Did you do it yourself?

  39. Re: Linhof MT vs. Technikardan 45s for urban landscapes and architecture

    But if you have the Tele/Macro Bracket 002741 for the Technikardan you could wield it like a short broad sword...

  40. Re: Preferences for 150-165mm lenses in 8x10?

    Like Schneider, C.P. Goerz American Optical Co./Goerz Optical Co., Inc. became more conservative in their coverage claims for the Wide Angle Dagor. A 1960 piece of Goerz literature I have claims 100...
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