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  1. Re: Where and How Does One Get A Photograph Appraised?

    Jonathan, I would contact Aperture. They own Strand's archive and probably issued the gravure you own.
  2. Re: The film holder nightmare we all dread and what to do

    For me, the only answer is to develop all exposed and possibly exposed negatives. I've been using large format for 30 years, and I still accidentally put the slide back in with the white side out -...
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    Re: Favorite aperture?

    I shoot portraits on 8x10. I'll go for the smallest opening a reasonable shutter speed will allow.
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    Re: How do you come up with a project?

    Yes, it has to be something you can work on regularly. A swamp in Michigan was my favorite place to photograph. Eventually I had to move to Texas to make a living, and I tried to keep the project...
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    Re: How do you come up with a project?

    I have a lot of interests, but I need to get almost obsessed with things to have the energy for a long-term project. In the 1990s, it was a lot of politicians. I met and photographed quite a few of...
  6. Dallas/Fort Worth area - large format portraits exhibition


    The Irving Arts Center will be exhibiting my portraits of classical musicians.

    I hope to see you at the opening, Saturday, October 6, 1 to 3 p.m.

    The opening reception and exhibition...
  7. Re: Is Anyone Having Problems With Light Impressions?

    MODERATORS: This thread should probably be moved to a different category.
  8. Re: Is Anyone Having Problems With Light Impressions?

    I placed an order in May 2010 and still have not received my stuff.

    So today I called and a woman named Maria came on the line quickly.

    I told her I needed a refund.

    She said no problem,...
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    Re: Ansel Adams Quote?

    "If you can't drive to it, screw it." - Huntington Witherill.
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    Re: My septic tank is angry!!!

    Eddy, I'm not willing to automatically assume your darkroom activities are at fault...
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    Poll: Do you use distilled water?

    Hi, Folks:

    Do you use distilled water for your darkroom chemicals and your working solutions?

    I do. I sorta figured everyone did this.

    Then I was chatting with a photographer friend this...
  12. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    I hesitate. I doubt I can word it any better than she did...
  13. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    "Art is concerned about space. Illustration is concerned about things." - Martha, Michael A. Smith's first wife.
  14. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    She's a lovely woman and you'd change your mind if you met her. :)
  15. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    In 1987 or so I photographed a woman named Vicki. I used a Rolleiflex (sorry!) and shot on Tri-X.

    A few days later I gave her a contact sheet and said let me know if you want any prints.

  16. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    Are you calling my twin sister an idiot? :D
  17. Re: Why do you shoot Black and White over Color?

    For me, the world of photography is a black and white one.

    But I still love color.

    I always liked Irving Penn's pix taken of native tribes in Africa. Printed and reproduced everywhere in black...
  18. Re: Dallas area - mark your calendars for October

    Thanks, gents. See you there!
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    Re: Your favorite female photographer

    I agree with many greats listed here, and would like to add June Newton. (35mm, though.)
  20. Re: Fort Worth, Texas Art Show- chance to show your work

    Here's a more direct link:
  21. Dallas area - mark your calendars for October

    Hi, Folks:

    I'll be having a one-person show at the Irving Arts Center, Oct. 6, 2012 to Jan. 27, 2013. Details about an opening reception are pending.

    We haven't determined the subject yet -- it...
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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    That's me.

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned here...

    I saw a video of Douglas Kirkland, who shoots some 8x10.

    He places his negative on a light table and shoots a picture of it with his...
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    Re: Polaroid advice

    Might try heating it a little in the microwave prior to development. Not sure what effect that might have, but you never know...
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    Re: Opinions on AA

    Ha, ha, I wish I could claim otherwise, but it's just a dumb typo.
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    Re: Opinions on AA

    Have we had a response from the OP, f-90?

    Im curious whether he/she is indeed working on a term paper.

    Going onto a photography forum and asking old geysers their opinions is a perfectly...
  26. Re: Dark cloth and cleaning holders question

    Cleaning holders: I use a one-inch paintbrush to clean holders. It stays in a plastic baggie in my camera bag when I'm not using it. In 30 years in large format, I've never once vacuumed a holder.
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    Re: Found Photographs

    I've purchased many old glass plates and negatives from all over the world.

    I find it a fun diversion to go into my darkroom and print these from time to time. I feel a bond with the anonymous...
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    Re: My New (Jan 12, 2012) Website

    Eric, is it true that every IT department has more men named Steve than it has females?
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    Re: How many photos is enough?

    Paul, with every project I've ever had, I stopped when I was ready to stop. It wasn't a conscious decision. It came from somewhere else inside.

    Either I was done with that direction or I wanted...
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    Re: Goodbye 8 x 10 Tri-X, Hello ?????

    Clarification... I just looked at Sal's original post with the Kodak announcement.

    I think the bozo I talked to at Kodak just looked at the catalog and saw 8x10 Tri-X was there.

    The document...
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    Re: Goodbye 8 x 10 Tri-X, Hello ?????

    Calumet no longer lists 8x10 Tri-X, but others list it as temporarily out of stock. I telephoned Kodak and talked to someone who told me that they still make it, and it's not a special order item....
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    Re: Mailing sheet film for processing

    Also write on your film box EXPOSED FILM! OPEN IN COMPLETE DARKNESS.

    Do that in large lettering with the biggest Sharpie pen you can find.
  33. Re: Rips off Jay Maisel and gets caught but doesn't think he did anything wrong....

    Too many people raised in the Internet culture believe "if I can get my hands on it, it's mine." That Andy is a real horse's ass, and I would have liked to see him get jail time or community service...
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    Re: June 2011 Portraits

    Yeah, I'm in HC-110 Dilution B for three minutes.

    Remember HC stands for High Contrast. It's a great developer, and negs don't need to be in it very long...
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    Re: Our definitionS of 'portrait'

    Yes, and it should be discouraged.
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    Re: Our definitionS of 'portrait'

    Tim, I think you're referring to Irving Penn's corner series.

    I write about this in my book, People and Portraits: Reflections and Essays. Page 70.

    Those of us who use view cameras to...
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    Re: Our definitionS of 'portrait'

    Too often, the viewer sees things he or she has invented, or accepts the PR spin the photographer provided, as with the Karsh/Churchill portrait. In the well-known portrait, Churchill is simply not...
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    Re: Our definitionS of 'portrait'

    I ask this question when I teach, and it's amazing the number of people who have no idea or have some sort of wacky idea about capturing the soul and such nonsense.

    I go with Avedon's simple...
  39. Re: Advice sought - LF camera for "fashion", portraiture & general use, scanner, ...

    I think the key here is that you don't plan to make prints, all your stuff will be on the Internet. LF is overkill here. Can't you just use a cell phone camera?
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    Re: May 2011 Portraits

    Love it, Frank.
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