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  1. Re: Linhof Technica range finder

    Don't have a Tech III anymore but if you peel back the leatherette covering the rangefinder part you'll see a couple fo screws to adjust the mirrors and to remove the housing. Watch out for the...
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    Re: Intrepid 8X10 New Video

    Mounted a 600mm Nikkor-T for kicks and giggles and the camera bowed a bit. That's about 3.5 lbs on the camera at near full extension. If I can find the photos I'll post.
  3. Re: 100mm diameter filters for Rodenstocks Sironar W 210 / S 300

    Thank you gentlemen for the suggestions, I'll explore some DIY options now that I know 115mm press-on holder is a thing.
  4. 100mm diameter filters for Rodenstocks Sironar W 210 / S 300

    If I want to use square 100mm filter on those lenses, what options do I have? Lee only makes filter adapter in 95mm and 105mm diameter, not 100mm. Trying to search for 100mm filter adapter is just...
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    Re: Photographica 2019 19th May London

    I shall be there as well, likely will hang around at Kosmo Foto's booth.
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    Re: Lightmetering night city scape (no spot)

    The 5-degree attachment can only read as low as EV3. Just use the incident meter normally, or start at EV2 and bracket away.
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    Re: MPP mkVII back questions

    It will fit fine, I have the same camera & similar back.

    The only problem I have is that the DaYi back is slightly too thick, so I have to loosen the two screws that hold the Graflok spring down a...
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    Re: got a face lift

    Probably because Hugo doesn't sell through eBay and people like eBay for the "buyer protection". And the eBay store must have sold quite a lot (based on their 1000+ feedbacks), it's not nice but not...
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    3,658 got a face lift

    The new website looks quite good, visually more impactful and loads better on my phone. Very nice work!
  10. Re: Would spots of separation on rear lens affect image quality?

    Jason, do you have any recommendation for bonding agents for multi-coated elements that laypeople can buy?
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    Check what I wrote more closely. If you rotate the back to the opposite side, you will always frame and shoot the upper half of your 8x10.
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    Re: Is the 5x7 format endangered?

    Saw one in the camera shop by the Dom in Cologne. Looks exactly like a Tech III on steroid. The shop wanted €2000 for it, IIRC.
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    Intrepid's bellows material is quite thick and "industrial" so if they make the universal front it wouldn't have helped much. A replaceable bellows adds cost and complexity to the camera. You'll be...
  14. Re: 3d printed 4x5 and 5x7 inserts for Paterson daylight tanks.

    Did you actually get great results with the taco method? I couldn't. Yes you can dev with coffee and vitamin C for pennies, but how about colour?

    AA would think rubber band's ghetto too. That's...
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    Re: Buying guide 8 x 10

    Can't wait for this thread to spawn into 10s of pages with the OP no where to be found after.
  16. Re: 3d printed 4x5 and 5x7 inserts for Paterson daylight tanks.

    I can see at least 3:
    - Less developer required.
    - Repeatable result. Sliding a hair band down some film neither secure nor repeatable.
    - Doesn't look ghetto.
  17. Re: Interesting observation regarding Large Format on Facebook

    That metrics is super inflated, no one should take it seriously.

    Joining a FB group is super easy - almost as easy as creating an account here. Takes no effort at all.

    What fraction of them...
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    Re: A list of contemporary films

    If you ignore gimmicks and lo-fis, only 1/5 of that list is worth mentioning. Only a fraction of that is available in sheets. That means fewer than half a dozen colour films (+ and -) and about a...
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    Re: Protect lens/filter holder for long exposure

    If reflection is your concern, look up "Benro Light Tent Hood Cover". A focusing cloth covering the back of the camera and the bellows is also prudent to protect against light leak entering the dark...
  20. Re: Thoughts on centering a lens on a flat bed view camera?

    Wouldn't it be too dark in the corners to actually make sense of the coverage though? Also OP's Nikkor has a larger than 8x10 circle of illumination but much less useful sharpness, so checking the...
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    Re: The little red box

    Looking good! How are you gluing the wood to the glass piece to make your ground-glass grinding tool?
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    Re: Any such thing as an Arca Swiss riser plate?

    The problem is you used a Benro gear head instead of the elegant Arca Swiss Cube :p

    Kidding aside, you can use something like this clamp+plate in between your Benro plate and camera bottom:
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    Re: Rating Provia 100

    Provia 100f is available in 35mm format, maybe you can pick up a roll and play with bracketing first? ProcessUK always has some in stock for about 12/roll.

    To answer your question I rate mine at...
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    Re: Any such thing as an Arca Swiss riser plate?

    Can't you just turn the camera 90 degree using the top panning of the head? Can you maybe take a photo of your current set up?
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    Re: 4x5 camera for long exposure

    If you have only those few lenses and movements in mind, then get a shift-only camera like the Silvestri T30. They're a bit rare but is within your budget.
  26. New camera: Shen-Hao HZX45-F with Asymmetrical movement

    Just browsing Badger and found they have this new Shen-Hao HZX45-F - looks near identical to the HZX45 iiA, but with asym back. The bak design is very similar to Ebony's, from which many Shen Hao...
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    Re: Poilot PL810 compatible with CPE2?

    More info can be found in this thread:

    works fine on your CPE2. If you feel like supporting the eBay seller instead of...
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    Re: Pt/Pd supplies - Europe and world wide

    Wet plate supplies in the UK stocks all the chems required to make anything homemade formulas imaginable, from pan-sensitized dry plates to home made developers. There are many pre-diluted solutions...
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    Re: Extension Lens Board

    Quite tight, but most 300mm lenses have a flange-focal distance of less than 300mm, so you'll have a centimeter or two of wiggling room by default, which means you can focus as close as ~6 meters. A...
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    Re: UK Photography Show anyone?

    Was there last year, it's extremely focused in digital though. I have a promo discount if anyone interested in saving a few , PM me.
  31. Re: Has anyone tried or have opinions on the Poilot PL810 sheet film reel and P2550 t

    For Foma don't need a lot of pre washes; the anti halation will also wash off during final rinse/wash. Also, developers are cheap compared to film, 200ml for 4 sheets (equiv. to 4x 35mm rolls) seems...
  32. Re: Schneider 150mm LF lens with iris collapsed. help needed

    I mean page 93 of the PDF, or skim the document for the exact model of your shutter.
  33. Re: Schneider 150mm LF lens with iris collapsed. help needed

    Page 93
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    Re: Gibellini ACN810

    Can you post the spec here for reference as well?
  35. Re: Fujinon 450 C lens in non original copal shutter?

    Here you go
  36. Re: Fujinon 450 C lens in non original copal shutter?

    I can send you a scan of my factory Black Copal f/12.5 scale so you can print it out and tape it over yours.
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    Re: Artifex beta 8x10 daylight tank

    I failed to see how this overpriced Stearman Press clone is better than any of the proven solutions. Also agitating 2.2kgs of solution plus however much the tank and accessories weigh will be...
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    Re: Fujinon vs Rodenstock

    Pick the cheaper one, your technique (focusing, development) and the lens-to-lens variation matter more.
  39. Re: Has anyone tried or have opinions on the Poilot PL810 sheet film reel and P2550 t

    A word of warning: These Poilot tanks (also Osiris, exactly the same tank) are not fully compatible with Jobo. The red locking ring on all of the Chinese tanks are slightly undersized compared to...
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    Re: Gibellini ACN810

    Is there anywhere I can read about the spec of this camera, including prices, or is contacting the maker the only way?
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