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    Re: Apo nikkor 760/11 at infinity

    I have one of those. Got it put into an ilex #5 shutter by Grimes. Superb performer. On pics of a large tree, I can see the veins of the leaves with a 10X magnifier. I use it on a Calumet C-1 8X10. I...
  2. Re: Changing shutter speed on a Ektar 127mm f4.7?

    The front of that shutter comes off easily. The speed ring that turns has dried up grease. Take it off, clean it and the surfaces it contacts, alcohol is fine. Then lube with a very small amount of...
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    Re: Calumet C400

    I have the Calumet CC-400 (normal rail), CC-401 (long rail) and CC-402 (short rail). I keep seeing reference to CC-403, 404, 405. What are they?
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    Re: Fun with Acetone

    I have not worried about the relative rotation. 3cc is enough for many lenses, you only need 1 drop.
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    Re: Fun with Acetone

    I have usually used MEK. It may take a couple of weeks. When done, the elements will slide apart, maybe slowly since the balsam is not gone yet, just softened. Clean up with the acetone and a soft...
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    Re: New to LF...

    In Death Valley landscapes I use 203 or 210 most of the time. I have found, in 10 years, one scene that wanted 90, and one that wanted 65. But several that wanted 135 or 360.
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    Re: Advice on Speed Graphic

    First go to All sorts of graphlex info.
    Check that the infinity stops on the rail are in the right place. Pull the front standard out against the stops. Focus on a distant object on the...
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    Re: Graflex Strob 250 conversion?

    Are you familiar with high voltage safety? There is a big capacitor in a flash that can hold a lethal charge for hours or days. Best to have a safety observer watching over your shoulder who knows...
  9. Re: No 'bulb' mode on my new Compur 3 shutter

    It is common for a shutter to get stuck if not used for a long time. The lubricants dry up. So one gets used to operating a shutter a few times to work the lubricant around and un-stick it, even to...
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    Re: Calumet CC-400 lens board question?

    There are boards that fit that camera, available from Calumet and Ebay.
    It is best to have a board for each lens. Makes changing lenses much faster, and saves wear and damage to the lens threads.
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    Re: Stupid Question - Wide Angle Lens

    Retrofocus lenses are used on small cameras to leave enough room in back of the lens for the mirror. These are the opposite of a telephoto, and can have more space behind the lens than the focal...
  12. Re: Do I really need a 150mm lens? Opinions please

    Well I have 65, 90, 120, 135, 150, 203, 210, 250, 300, 360, 485, 760. I only use the 120 and 760 on 8X10. I have had the 150 for a few years, haven't used it yet. Do you find that sometimes the 135...
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    Re: Polariod Sprint Scan 45 ultra problems

    Horizontal bands (along the long dimension) can be dirt on the mirrors. I had a lot of trouble with this, cleaning often. So I reversed the fan , covered it with paper from a vacuum cleaner bag as a...
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    Re: viewing card for composing

    I do the same, but my cutout is 1 1/2 times the 4X5 size. I have made a cloth "tape measure" stapled to the bottom of the card, with focal lengths marked (at 1 1/2 times the actual). I hold the tape...
  15. Re: light leak, or how best to stick my finger in the dike

    Paint might get into the threads making it difficult to get the lens off in the future. I would use modeling clay. You might take the lens off and see if there is anything holding the lens or flange...
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    Re: monster shutter options

    I have seen a very large shutter for an aerial camera, for instance for the 40" f/8 lens. It might have been 5" diameter. Be careful with such a shutter, stainless steel blades and a big spring,...
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    Re: B&L 40" 1016 f5.6 telephoto

    I have one of those, but the f/8 version. Got an "elbow" telescope surplus, the kind with a nearly 2" eyepiece, cut its objective off and connected it to the 40" lens with some PVC pipe. Makes a very...
  18. Re: Fujinon W 250/6.7 that seems to be a 210

    Some measurements on my 250/6.7's
    The good one The bad one
    Seiko shutter Copal 1, marked 210 f/5.6 Nikon
    250 about 240 focal length
    70 70 diameter of front cell
    64 ...
  19. Re: Fujinon W 250/6.7 that seems to be a 210

    I have 2 of the 250/6.7's. One is fine, but the other has severe spherical aberration, visible on the ground glass without a magnifier. I suspect mismatched cells. I'll check dimensions tonight for...
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    Re: Calibrating a DSLR for spot metering

    I have been working on a procedure for calibrating a DSLR for use as a photometer, to read in candelas per meter squared. There are several corrections to be done, light falloff, linearity, spectral...
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    Re: Do your homework.

    A few years ago I needed an Ilex #5 shutter. Got one on eBay with a lens, front cell described as missing, cheap. Turned out to be a 305 mm Kodak portrait lens, which isn't supposed to have a front...
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    Re: Ilex no. 5 Shutter/1 blade broken

    S.K. Grimes has Ilex #5 shutter blades
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    Re: Clear Neg-No Edge Markings

    Its not a mystery. Color film starts out with silver halide, developed similar to B/W. Its the spent developer that couples to the color dye. Then the silver is bleached out, and the remaining silver...
  24. Re: Urgent Chamonix 4x5 and Nikkor-SW 120 F8 Question

    Of course that lens is a bit overkill for 4X5, I use one on 8X10. There are smaller and lighter lenses for 4X5. But the Nikkor will work on 4X5, and give you more movements than you could possibly...
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    Re: Nikon 760 Mm Apo Lens

    I have the 760 mm Apo Nikkor, mounted on an Ilex #5 by S.K. Grimes. Wonderful lens on 8X10. I took a picture of a large tree with it, and can see the veins on the leaves with a microscope on the...
  26. Re: Got strange artifacts testing Fujinon NW 125mm f/5.6

    A stuck shutter blade is completely out of focus, not local like this. If the shutter hangs partly open, you get a light mark, not dark. This is something obstructing light, something inside the...
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    Re: Wide Angle Softness Normal?

    If its only soft on one side, it might be that the swing is set wrong. Wide lenses are more sensitive to tilt and swing, as the light hits the film at a large angle. Also the image is dim at the...
  28. Re: Ilex No. 5 warped plastic composite shutter blades

    I wonder how long the fix will work. I measured over the weekend, old warped blade .009, new blade from SK Grimes .010 Dark slides .030-.031. Grimes doesn't...
  29. Re: Ilex No. 5 warped plastic composite shutter blades

    S. K. Grimes has newly made Ilex #5 shutter blades.
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    Re: Questions about Fujinon W 250/6.7 lens

    I also have one of these lenses with (probably) a mismatched rear cell. It is JUST possible that we could trade rear cells and fix both. I'll send you measurements Monday to see if there is a chance.
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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    Yes I have all of those parts. I'll get them off a parts camera tonight. Your camera looks to be in better shape than my parts cameras, so sending you the parts would be better than just sending the...
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    Re: Calumet CC-400

    Over the years I have accumulated half a dozen or so CC-400 parts cameras, far more than I will ever need. I can give you any parts you want, except for bellows (still available from Calumet). Let me...
  33. Re: Finest grain on 4x5 film for studio stills

    Are you seeing film grain or scanner noise? They look about the same. Better film won't fix a noisy scanner.
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    Re: cutting lens flange

    When the flange is too big, I mount it upside-down. I use spacers on the screws, to hold the flange close to the lensboard. I use black shoestring wound around the flange behind the screws, and glue...
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    Re: Full Moon Death Valley shoot

    You don't need a guide for the dunes, they are in plain sight from the road and marked on the map you get at the Ranger station. Perhaps a 1/2 mile hike to them. The Eureka dunes are different, a...
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    Re: lines in 1800f scan

    That's not dirt in the calibration area, that gives lines the full length of the scan. What you have is an electronic problem. Try unplugging and reconnecting the cables. Is there something near the...
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    Re: Burke and James 4x5 camera

    Go to the LF Home Page on this forum.
  38. Re: Soligor spot meters any good? Other ideas.

    Mine doesn't have a light. If the light works with the 9V removed, then the 1.35V battery is getting connection, and my suggestions are wrong. Try to make a diagram of the circuit, poke around with a...
  39. Re: Soligor spot meters any good? Other ideas.

    For the high scale on the Pentax spot the battery ground goes through the battery lid latch (that must be clean) then the battery lid hinge (also must be clean), then the screw/socket for the...
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    Re: Let's critique the kid :)

    I'd say that's a very good start. I think the technical details can be learned, either from an understanding or a memorised list of steps, but he has an interesting composition, that's harder to...
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