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    Re: Drum Scanning recommendation

    I'm near Philadelphia, and have been runing a Screen 8060 drum scanner for about 5 years, and the smaller 1045 for 5 years before that. The 8060 goes up to 12,000SPI native optical resolution, runs...
  2. New Windows app for calibrating digital negatives

    I just released a new standalone Windows version of my macOS app for making digital negatives. It does a lot more than the standard QTR calibration tools and my previous spreadsheet tools. (if you...
  3. Re: Digital Negative For Silver Printing Question

    I announce updates with my email list, and always send an announcement when there is an update. Its true, I am bad at email, but most of my time is spent chasing around a toddler and...
  4. Re: Tips for digital negatives using dye based inks?

    You can probably get refillable carts and use the cape fear inks with that printer. Get my pro digital negative system and you’ll be on your way in no time. Doing it with the OEM will be more trouble...
  5. Re: Tips for digital negatives using dye based inks?

    What printer do you have? Someone bought my digital negative profiling system to use with the cape fear press multi-gray dye inks in an Epson 1430/1500 and is making some really great prints with it....
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    Re: Negative scanning service.

    Is this a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 glass or film negative.

    I run a Screen 8060P for the drum scans and the Screen Cezanne for flatbeds for thinks like mounted prints and glass plates. I mostly specialize in...
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    Re: Best Drum Scanning Service?

    I am sorry, I personally think you need to show how you came to that conclusion. There is no way in the world the epson is remotely close to the drum scan. When I was scanning 8x10s on the 750, the...
  8. Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    I don't think this would be a very good option for the inks it uses. There are no light black dilutions so all the blocking density would be coming from the PK and color inks. You will get...
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    Re: Best Drum Scanning Service?

    Check this out here:

    I've done a lot of work figuring out the best input curves for many black and white films and...
  10. Re: QTR + MIS Carbon inks: Banding-Free Gradients ?

    I can not say for certain, but I think the small variations in measurement angle from pressing the button on the spyderprint and single patch measurements is what is causing the dramatic sample to...
  11. Re: QTR + MIS Carbon inks: Banding-Free Gradients ?

    I know this is really late, but I wanted to chime in with a little more detail about why I thought Ken was getting the most he could with the tools at hand.

    1. SpyderPrint is not accurate or...
  12. Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    One of your recent IJM newsletters said this P series dithering issue isn't a problem with K3 inks and QTR, so I'm just curious what methods you use to make these kids of judgments. Is it just any...
  13. Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    with "any ink" do you mean even with Epson K3?

    How do you guys check for that when testing things with QTR?
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    Re: new digital neg system from cone

    I don't check the LF forums all that often and have some things to add. I have been working on a system very similar to what Walker has developed for Piezography. The way he uses linearize-quad and...
  15. Re: Affordable printer for digital negatives

    I have a P800 that I have done a little testing with digital negatives for Pt/Pd—it is a great printer but personally, i think too much printer for negatives alone if you are not going to print...
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    Re: Flower bloom in Death valley

    I think the navy buzzing photographers at Eureka Dunes is one of those things that has to be experience at least once. Like you aren't a REAL photographer unless you've been buzzed at Eureka Dunes ....
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    Re: epson p800 and digital neg's

    I've had mine for a few weeks but haven't tried diginegs yet. It seems to be a really good printer, and I think I'll get the darkroom put back together in the next few month... The black channel is...
  18. Re: Lumenzia Photoshop Luminosity Masking Tools

    The file size explosion with these kinds of actions is from the multiple channel duplications that are done to create each of the different "zone masks" and other kinds luminosity masks. If you are...
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