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  1. Re: 16 inch f/3 Hugo Meyer Speed lens

    Agreeing with Hugo. I had one, it was similar to the Dallmeyer B series in speed (f3.5), but was a traditional Petzval design rather than the modified Dallmeyer (with reversed rear element). My...
  2. Re: How Early Could It Have Happened?

    I think an important point is that Daguerreotypy was not the first form of or mechanism for photography, it was the first commercially viable form of photography. It built off of the industrial...
  3. Re: Home Made 14x17 Developing Tanks

    I tried this with 11x14, and gave up. I think Greg and Tin Can explain it well enough, but the negatives need lots of space between one another and the side of the tank, which means you are either...
  4. Re: Yet another Rubberized FPS recovery technique

    For future reference, can I recommend that you change the title to include "focal plane shutter"? I had no idea what FPS (frames per second?) was until I read the text.
  5. Re: XTOL not mixing well and not working any more!

    Consider home brewed "Mytol" as a replacement. I have used it for 15 years and my testing showed it to be indistinguishable from 2005 Xtol.
  6. Deardorff SC11 11x14 Studio Camera Front Assembly Photographs

    My camera came with a 4" Packard (ID) and stand-off adapter. It works beautifully for 19" or 24" copy camera lenses , but 4" isn't big enough for a few of my portrait lenses. Also, like Ernie's...
  7. Re: DIY Mirror Scope for Reversal shots

    I purchased a Kodak Copying Ektanon lens a few years ago (well, more like 15) that came with a high quality mirror prism (see these pictures). I sold the lens but held onto the prism to make...
  8. Re: How to fabricate a finder mask?

    I have made bunch of masks for a Horseman 6x12 finder on a 3d printer. Not metal, but work well and accurate.
  9. Re: Ilex n4 ACME shutter problem

    A picture might help.
  10. Re: Ilex n4 ACME shutter problem

    Acme shutters are typically screwed into a flange, and so turning the whole shutter counter-clockwise would (typically) remove it. That said, Tricolor cameras may be different, but I have never seen...
  11. Re: 3D Printing a lens board adapter?

    This looks great! I love the idea of having a "disposable" 6x12. My Horseman is lovely, but its value prevents me from taking risks with it, even just throwing into a bag when I take a bike ride.
  12. Re: 3D Printing a lens bard adapter?

    There are Sinar board STL files on thingiverse. I haven't tried to print them.

    It would be relatively easy to make an...
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    Re: Mat Cutter Storage

    For the past 15 years I have moved mine back and forth from sitting on top of a shelf to having it lean up against a wall. I have never noticed any warp nor change.
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    Re: handling precautions?

    I would certainly call both chemicals toxic (as are lots of other chemicals). My quick response to concern would be that any remaining silver nitrate is fixed out of the plate and one can easily do...
  15. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    Quick update on my camera: Custom Bellows made three new sets of bellows for me. They had the measurements in house, and I double checked them before ordering. They came very quickly, look great,...
  16. Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    I received three new bellows for a Deardorff 11x14 studio camera from Camera Bellows! It is great to know that very high quality work can still be done quickly and reasonably. Thanks Keith.

  17. Re: How to shoot HABS/HAER projects without Polaroid or Fuji in 2020

    I don't understand, is there something about HABS/HAER that prevents you from using a lightmeter?
  18. Re: Are there alternatives for Schneider Super Angulon XL 210mm to cover 11x14"?

    The 210mm f9 Computar just barely covers 11x14 and could be used as a last resort. Its been a while since I have attempted, but as I recall to get it to cover at infinity you need to remove the hood...
  19. Re: Question about Linhof Compur shutter for Xenotar 150mm 2.8

    As mentioned above, a Symmar convertible 240/5.6 in Compur II will work. In addition, the 240mm Symmar (but not Symmar-S) in a Copal 3 shutter will also work. It has adapters that can be removed from...
  20. Re: Do I need to worry about really heavy lenses causing damage?

    Honestly, an 8" Pentac on a Betax shutter is not that heavy, I have used one on 5x7 Canham. Your Ebony (no swings or shifts, right?) should be easily able to carry it. If you are worried, use a piece...
  21. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    Mine had the threads too, but I couldn't get them to move. I tried solvent, heat, and force. In the end I just cut the existing posts down, figuring that I would likely never have a studio with 12+...
  22. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    I didn't want to send Custom Bellows the frames to refit because I wanted to keep them as they are. Of my three sets of bellows, two are still functional. Unfortunately they are shorter than the...
  23. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    I ordered three sets from Custombellows, 200 each. They are very busy after lockdown and will take a while to get to my order, but eventually I will get them. I still need to have new frames made....
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    Re: Contact Dermatitis

    If you are splashing silver nitrate, you need to change what you are doing. Now.
    A splash of it in your eyes will blind you, and silver poisoning is a real thing.
    I wear gloves, glasses, and...
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    Re: Fastest 11x14 barrel lens

    Best bet might be 16" to 19" f4.5 Tessar,-type lens but if you need faster than f4.5 and don't want a projection lens:
    There are a variety of f3.6 to f4 Petzval lenses, for example Dallmeyer 5A....
  26. Re: Almost forgot how to do front fall...Horseman FA 4x5

    I do the same thing with the Horseman VH (2x3). It took me a while to figure out.
  27. Re: Wet Plate Collodion questions answered here.

    Some people also use amino silane as an additive to salted collodion to support adhesion. I think it is primarily use for Carbon printing. I tried it in place of albumen and did not find that it was...
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    Re: Collodion websites closed

    I am still mourning the loss of Szabo's site. I wasn't much interested in their version of authenticity, but the knowledge there was amazing.
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    Re: 30cm Heliar on 4x5

    I have a standoff board that allows a 30cm Heliar in shutter to be used with a 5x7 Canham, but its weight overwhelms the camera. It works great on an 8x10 Deardorff with a 5x7 reducing back.
  30. 75 Zeiss Biogon mil. surplus barrel lens - sketch for mounting into Copal 1 shutter

    Ive been trying something similar, albeit in plastic: 3-D printing an adapter for 3 Goerz Hycon cells, which I picked up unused 15 years ago. This is my first version for a #3 shutter. Id rather...

    I have done pretty well with 1" openings. Any larger and you spend too much money on silver nitrate, and smaller may cause scrapes on the top of the plate as you move it in and out. You also need to...
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    Re: Elwood enlarger

    Yes, I had a 5x7 Elwood that had a piece of round glass ground in the middle to serve as a center filter. As I recall it fit into the dome, above the negative holder.
  33. Re: Durst Nega 138 alternatives?

    The Nega138 carriers are not that rare, keep at it and you will find one. There were also aftermarket carriers which were made for them. I use a Carlwen for 120 and 35mm roll film which I like. They...
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    Re: D76 Issue

    I had something similar years ago with D76, white flakes which I thought might have been some sort of calcium salt. Since then I have used distilled water for the initial mix, and tap water for the...
  35. Re: any sources for custom size lens caps?

    I make my own leather lens caps. They are easy to make and look great. I found instructions to do them in Tomosy's Restoring Classic & Collectible Cameras. (Hint: Amazon's preview shows pages 10 and...
  36. Re: How to remove heavy casing from 24" Aero Tessar

    I have one, and Dan is correct, the cells just unscrew from the barrel. For what it is worth, the barrel for this lens and the Kodak 12" f2.5 and the Eastman 13.5" f3.5 aerial lenses are the same.
  37. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    I am also going to order (three) bellows from them... Perhaps they will give us a break on multiple orders? If anyone is interested let me know and I can reach out to them.
  38. Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    Having a bit of time on my hands, I replaced the felt on the stand. "Craft" felt, which is a synthetic and wool blend, seemed too thin and loose for this so I found high-quality 100% wool felt...
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    508mm f/7 ILEX lenses

    Based on the conversation here I picked up one of the 20” f7 Ilex lenses. I can now verify that it is indeed a Tessar, not a triplet, as witnessed by the doublet rear element. This also verifies...
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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Worth a read: Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and how to Take Them : Photographs from the Kobal Collection written by Roger Hicks and Christopher Nisperos...
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