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  1. Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    The condition of the individual lens you use will matter more than the name on the front. One of the best lenses I've ever used was a Xenar 135/4.7, which I regrettably sold for a more modern...
  2. Thread: Avedon

    by Jody_S

    Re: Avedon

    Of all the reasons to dismiss Avedon, that has to be the weakest.
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    Re: How Early Could It Have Happened?

    Given how ephemeral even 'archival' photographs are today, I think we should be asking: Is this the first time photography has been invented?
  4. Re: why are there no "modern" super fast LF lenses?

    I tried mounting a 300mm f2 projection lens on a studio camera. I lost interest after looking at the ground glass.
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    Re: Nice photo auction / show at Swanns

    Well if those were on display at a museum I would certainly make the trip. Of course it was sadly lacking any Vivian Maier photos, so not really that serious a collection... :p
  6. Re: Advice needed for stuck lens retaining ring, please

    I'm honestly surprised we don't have this problem more often with the aluminum barrels of lenses and aluminum threads on shutters. Sometimes they are so welded together they simply will never come...
  7. Re: Any tips on how to repair lenses with Balsam Separation?

    I've had better luck with MEK paint/furniture stripper than heat for separating lens elements, whether Canada balsam or modern UV-cure glue. Also re-assemble with UV-cure glue instead of balsam,...
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    Re: 210mm F5.6 Lens For 8x10

    The best option, IMHO, in terms of price and image quality, as well as backpack-ability, is the old (dagor design) Schneider G-Claron 210/9. No it's not f5.6, but it's a better lens, and often...
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    Re: Tiny Format Portraits

    Love this one. Tells a whole story.
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    Re: Show Me Your Night Shots!

  11. Re: Part of vintage lens or vintage car or something else?

    Front end of a large magic lantern?
  12. Re: Disastrous Consequences (solved: fog with Intrepid lensboard)

    I completely agree with this and see no reason to avoid FR4 as being somehow risky or failure-prone. It's easy to throw words like that around until you're the one responsible for making a product to...
  13. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    I've fallen through ice twice while photographing, both times in swamps fortunately with no current to speak of. 1st time in the 90s with a Canon & 500mm lens, 2nd time 7 or 8 years ago with my 8x10...
  14. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Assuming you only pull the dark slide just before taking a shot, and put it back in immediately after, that's a big light leak that should be quite easy to find by doing a light test. Nodda Duma...
  15. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    I look at this every time the thread gets bumped and my answer now is: the state of mind that makes you get up in the morning and head out to make landscape photographs.
  16. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Put the lens on the camera, shutter closed, point it at a bright light, remove the camera back and see where the light leak is. It appears to be all around the lens, with the rear element blocking...
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    Re: Gregory Crewdson's 'An Eclipse of Moths'

    What if you could condense an entire movie into a single still image? I gather that's sort of what he's doing. I'll reserve judgment until I can see some of his work in person.
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    Re: Tripod arm to support camera bed

    How optimistic of the Luland people to think we'd use 3 at a time.
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    Re: Gregory Crewdson's 'An Eclipse of Moths'

    From the Gagosian site:

    I certainly hope he still cares about the craft of photography.
  20. Re: Thinking out loud, why doesn't someone just 3d print a triple LF box?

    3D-printed objects are never printed with 100% fill, because of thermal expansion issues. Well retraction I guess, but it happens during printing, which makes it very difficult to print a solid...
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    Re: McKeowen's and all those cameras.

    Given how German Riesekameras and British Field Cameras were made, I doubt it's possible to catalogue every manufacturer. But it should be possible to catalogue styles and date innovations.
  22. Re: and its relationship to state surveillance.

    Photography has been co-opted as an instrument of war since it's inception, or soon after. I assume that famous 1906 aerial photograph of San Francisco was made with a rig designed to photograph...
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    Re: MF (6x4.5 to 6x12) COLOR image sharing

    Love it!
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    Re: McKeowen's and all those cameras.

    McKeowen's is a very dangerous book. I blame my Corfield Periflex collection on that cursed tome.
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    Re: Smoke smoke everywhere

    People might not be ready to hear this, but at some point, as with low-lying coastal cities, some parts of the West Coast interior will no longer be habitable and people will have to relocate. And...
  26. Re: NEWB Questions! Speed Graphic/Aero Ektar? Interesting portrait lenses in shutters

    Anything faster than f4.5 that covers 4x5 but especially 5x7 or larger is going to be phenomenally expensive, even more so in shutter. Your Pentac was your best bet for a budget lens (there's a...
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    Re: The Uncanny Tale of Shimmel Zohar

    Amusing story and photographs. Makes one think about historical re-enactment, what we're all basically doing shooting LF and those who do wet plate in particular. How far are we willing to take...
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    Re: how to cut film in the dark?

    Guillotine cutter with a wooden base. I drilled holes and insert finishing nails for the stops. If you plan it, you can do more than 1 series of cuts in the dark, by putting a nail in each required...
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    After pulling the slide, only if the wind picks up or the light suddenly changes, someone walks into the shot, etc. But in the time up to that point, pretty often.
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    Re: Very large lens filters ??

    The only 12" filters I'm aware of are gels for use in theatre lighting. You would most likely have to have a holder custom made, or you might get lucky and find a theatre spot of the right diameter...
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    Re: 8x10 Camera + Accessories: Advice

    That's a fine lens but completely unsuited to backpacking. I would start with one of the f9 lenses in a Copal 1 shutter. I'm partial to the G-Clarons but that's me.
  32. Re: Replacement corner pins for 8x10 back (ie Deardorff, B&J, Ansco etc.)

    You can also use brass screws, screw them in place then cut off the excess and round them with a Dremel-type rotary tool. I've used micro/jeweler's lathes to turn brass rods to exact dimensions to...
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    Re: Discontinuing an e-Bay Sale . . .How?

    I can't guarantee that these actions are the same for and (what i use), but there are 2 issues. For the automatic renewals, there's a box somewhere near the bottom of the listing...
  34. Re: Lens mounting flanges - measurements and other info

    The difficulty if course is that if you take your fancy digital caliper and measure the outside diameter of a lens' thread and the inside diameter of its flange, you will get 2 completely different...
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    Re: Scanner problem - HP 4890

    i have used this scanner and have experienced this problem, but for me it was only 1 in 100 scans or so and I could get it to work by restarting both the scanner and my (windows) computer. You may...
  36. Re: Luland Produced Super Large Format Camera 3D panorama Tripod Head

    I'll see your Triumph and raise you a Lada Niva I bought new in 1995 IIRC
  37. Re: Luland Produced Super Large Format Camera 3D panorama Tripod Head

    Some of us buy used Manfrotto heads from the flea market for $30. Of course they're not shiny and new, and may even need to be disassembled and cleaned.
  38. Re: Kodak Alaris sells of paper and chemical businesses

    As far as I'm concerned, this is good news. The Chinese company didn't buy this unless they planned to keep production going, and they were already doing the manufacturing. They're not doing this...
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    Re: E-Bay: What can I do If the buyer won't Pay?

    You need to set up your account for eBay to automatically file the 'non-paying bidder' claim automatically after the number of days you choose, I think I have mine set to 5 days. If you're in no...
  40. Thread: Trail cart

    by Jody_S

    Re: Trail cart

    I toyed with the idea for my 8x10 kit, as it's getting too heavy for my arthritic shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, and knees to handle. Actually might be easier to list my body parts that don't...
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