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    Re: Hello from the Pacific NW

    To answer your question, the Epson V850 is the latest and very capable flatbed scanner for film up to 8x10. There are many excellent examples of its capabilities posted here on this forum. If you go...
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    Re: search of images..

    I understand that there may some language difficulties. To simplify, just click on this link ...
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    Re: search of images..

    There are two ways that I know of. You can click on your name in today's post (or any) and then click on "View forum posts". And you can do a google search with this string ......
  4. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Nice shot Tuco! Was that about 20 years ago? My wife and I stayed in a vacation rental they have in the back in 2005. It's the Bartlett House, one of the many historical houses in Port Townsend. My...
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    Re: personalized search

    Each forum has a number designation. For example the “Announcements” forum is number 15, as seen in this search thread ...
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    Re: September Portraits

    When you click on the "reply with quote" button, the links to the image are shown. You can try copying the links, without the brackets, and put them in the address line of your browser to see if that...
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    Re: Still Smokey

    I've been looking at
    You can put different layers over a base map and there's a slider to gradually fade the top layer revealing the base map below. Different layers include google...
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    Re: Howtek 8000HiResolvebpaid for

    Well that's pretty spectacular!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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    Re: Printing on canvas: a question

    You don't have to. The inks are archival without spray, but the ink is just an extremely thin layer and is susceptible to scratches. Besides that, the canvas is bright white because of a coating of...
  10. Re: Sinar P Front and rear standard zeros are off from each other

    Yours and my camera look to be about the same regarding alignment. I wonder whether you chose the green indent to "zero it out" arbitrarily? It looks like if you were to use the black indent for zero...
  11. Re: Sinar P Front and rear standard zeros are off from each other

    That instruction manual is for the P2 C2 F1 and F2. So it may not have the indents that your P has. I have the P, and the indents for the rear standard are color coded red, green and black. There are...
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    Re: Scanner problem - HP 4890

    Jody's experience seems to suggest strongly that it could be the hardware, but have you tried VueScan?
  13. Re: How do I achieve this look? Lens or movement?

    Yes, that’s what I meant.
  14. Re: How do I achieve this look? Lens or movement?

    I am impressed with Ulophot's work and don't doubt his skills with large format movements, but my thoughts on this are contrary to his. I think the photographer used the plane her face is in to...
  15. Re: How To Test The Shutter On a Lens Intended for Use on a Graflex

    There is an iPhone app that works well enough for b&w. Actually it works great and consistently by measuring and displaying the sound wave of the shutter. But interpreting the results may lead to...
  16. Re: PSA: Link to forum on homepage is broken.

    Thanks Oren. I appreciate all the work you and the other moderators do to keep this site going.
  17. Re: PSA: Link to forum on homepage is broken.

    I cleared the cache and site data and get the same 404 not found on that bottom "community" link.
  18. Re: PSA: Link to forum on homepage is broken.

    Broken for me too. This is the specific link ...205319
  19. Re: Howtek 8000 Drum vs. Epson V850 flatbed scanners

    Nice! Did you wet mount the Epson scans?
  20. Re: SP445 film holder marks on negatives ( how to do this intentionally )

    How about you put the film in the holder with the emulsion facing the holder, then very briefly flash the arrangement to leave a barely visible exposure of the holder on the film. It would probably...
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    Re: YouPic? What is this?

    You don't have to click on the link, that could be a phishing scheme, but you can just type in your address bar and check it out. It's a image repository like Flickr with some differences.
  22. Re: Seeking recent thread about making color photos from black and white film

    Here are a couple of threads on the subject.
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    Re: Light leak - driving me mad for weeks

    I wonder whether you have a reflection inside the bellows striking your film as you're making the exposure. I inverted your negative image to view it as a positive, then put a curve adjustment on the...
  24. Thread: Doors

    by Peter Mounier

    Re: Doors

    Sinar P, 90mm Grandagon-N, 1/15th @ f45, Acros/Xtol 1:1, Epson v850
  25. Re: Any thoughts on why my film washer is not working?

    I don't believe that the problem is an air leak. Nor do I believe the tubing is too large. I think the tubing has to allow for a larger outflow of water than inflow, so a larger tube should work...
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    Re: Quarantine Pictures Any Format

    This doesn't look like quarantine as much as it does intimate social gathering.
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    Re: How To Open Latches On Viking Case

    I don’t have one, but this video shows how it’s done on a case that looks very similar. You may have another issue if you’ve tried this.
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    Re: Is Steve Hopf still active?

    To do a better search of this site than you might experience here use google and search ... + Steve Hopf
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    Re: vBulletin change

    Nothing different here either. Perhaps your screen was inadvertently magnified. Try pressing command/zero (on a mac)
    That will bring the magnification back to normal.
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    Re: Isn't there a "For Sale" sub-forum?
  31. Thread: web page

    by Peter Mounier

    Re: web page

    Very nice in its simplicity, and as expected (after seeing your work here for many years), beautiful photographs!
  32. Re: Your Best Photograph from the Previous Month - Critique and Discussion Encouraged

    I agree with you Steven. Your version is stunning with the blues and cyans in the sky complementing the reds and yellows of the canyon. And your dynamic range is excellent for a sunny day with deep...
  33. Re: Any use for empty Epson 3880 cartridges?

    Staples will recycle them, and if you buy ink from them they'll give you $2.00 each.
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    Re: Collodion - Wet Plate Images

    After doing some searching, apparently the name of the bridge is (according to wikipedia, and, and others) The Big Tujunga Narrows Bridge, originally named the Armstrong Bridge....
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    Re: Aspect ratio of 10x8 and 5x4?

    It makes sense that for unexposed film we can say it either way, since there is nothing to describe at that point. Perhaps, they established a standard because that's what bureaucracies do. And it...
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    Re: Aspect ratio of 10x8 and 5x4?

    I have an artist friend who told me that the vertical should be stated first, followed by the horizontal (in U.S.) That got me wondering whether there is an actual "standard" used by museums and...
  37. Re: Your Best Photograph from the Previous Month - Critique and Discussion Encouraged

    This is a really nice photo! The lack of contrast doesn't do anything to draw the eye into the center, where there is the most interest so I thought I'd try my hand rendering it. I cropped a...
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    Really enjoying the night time ferry pics ... and the recently posted lighthouse in the Architectural thread!
  39. Re: Tape on Roll causing catastrophic print head issues

    I've been printing from rolls since the 1st Epson 10000 printer came out (2003?), but I print on sheets that I cut from 44" wide rolls. I don't print with the roll on the printer unless the...
  40. Re: Outage Notification Saturday, March 9, 10AM PST (18:00 GMT)

    Works for me! Thanks!!
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