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    Re: Darkroom vs Scanning

    Talk to Walker Blackwell at Cone. He was doing beautiful prints using Piezography inks a few years ago when he had a printing studio here in Chicago. I haven't seen his more recent work, but I...
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    Re: Red led Ribbon.

    This old discussion may be useful
  3. Re: Alternative to McMaster-Carr that ships to the EU

    I used to order often from Mcmaster. My shop was near Grand and Ashland, and if I placed the order by 11am it would be delivered by 3pm. Several times when something was out of stock in their Chicago...
  4. Re: Alternative to McMaster-Carr that ships to the EU

    Jose made a custom lensboard for me for a Durst enlarger. He did very nice work in a timely fashion. I had forgotten about him, thanks for the reminder Peter.
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    Film Noir Portraits

  6. Re: Anfrea Modica New Book/Exhibition

    I'm so glad you got to see her exhibit. I have to admit I'm a bit envious
  7. Re: Schneider Super-Angulon 75mm and Vignetting on 4x5?

    I used a 75mm Super Angulon on a Cambowide for many years and never had the kind of vignetting you are describing. The lens does vignette, but not nearly so dramatically. Is it possible that the...
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    Re: contact printing ??

    I think your bulb is much too bright. Try a smaller wattage bulb (5-10 watts), move it farther from the paper, and maybe add some diffusing material under the bulb to reduce the brightness further....
  9. Andrea Modica New Book/Exhibition

    Andrea Modica has a new book and exhibition of her work Theatrum Equorum which are 8x10 platinum photographs she did at a horse clinic in Italy. The show runs through December at the Philip and...
  10. Re: Schneider Super Symmar 110mm XL…? Should I get one?

    The 110mm SSXL is one of my all time favorite lenses. I've been using mine since they were first released. I shoot primarily 4x5, but have also used it on 4x10 where it performed very well with a...
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    Somewhere on the road
  12. Re: Ukrainian Photographic resources

    The bag just arrived, a few days ahead of schedule. It is very well designed and made.
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    Re: New Homepage

    Thank you Matthias, your site looks very nice indeed. I will spend more time looking at your work when I have ample time to devote to it. Can you perhaps translate some of your pages that are in...
  14. Re: Ukrainian Photographic resources

    His things look beautifully made. I was looking for a new shoulder camera bag and found a maker on Etsy from Ukraine. It was shipped promptly and is supposed to arrive in about a week—I assume their...
  15. Re: How Steve Sasson Invented the Digital Camera

    A few years ago I attended a presentation by Steve Sasson and got to see the camera close up. But no touching!!

    It's a very interesting story.
  16. Re: Photographers using a Goerz Artar

    Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee use/used Artars and Dagors
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    Re: Cars, Boats, Trains, Planes

    Somewhere in New York
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    Re: ISO Monopod Suggestions

    I'm a fan of monopods, especially as I get older and shakier. I use a Manfrotto 290 CF monopod with an old Leitz ball head I had kicking around. It's a lightweight combination that works well for me....
  19. Re: Centuries Old Photographs Show Our Immortal Love of Dogs

    Or unless you consider Nicéphore Niépce who made photographic images, although impermanent, around 1816. Also Josiah Wedgwood—yes, that Wedgwood of pottery fame—experimented with silver nitrate in...
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    Re: Canson Baryta Prestige II vs I?

    My experience also
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    Re: Kodak chemicals -- now what??


    I do 1 minute or so in each of 2 baths.
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    Re: Kodak chemicals -- now what??

    I have mixed Ryuji Suzuki's Neutral Fix for years.

    ammonium thiosulfate 200ml 60% solution
    sodium sulfite 15g
    sodium metabisulfite 5g
    water to make 1.0 liter
  23. Re: Refinished LF Wood Camera 'coating' Melting

    I see that it was painted—never mind my previous reply...
  24. Re: Refinished LF Wood Camera 'coating' Melting

    Might they have waxed the camera? I can't imagine what else would melt.

    I just checked—shellac melts at 167º F, could the camera have gotten that hot?
  25. Re: "If I wanted to be safe, I would have done Landscapes."

    I was just telling my wife the other day that I want to be Sally Mann when I grow up.

    Her landscapes aren't all that safe either, she does not do simple work.
  26. Re: Intellifaucet D250 mixing valve opinions wtd

    This guy convinced me
    My basement rarely (never) freezes and I think copper is more prettier and more elegant than PEX and is fun, for me, to install. In small runs—I wouldn't want to do an entire...
  27. Re: Intellifaucet D250 mixing valve opinions wtd

    I used copper, but I enjoy soldering...
  28. Re: Intellifaucet D250 mixing valve opinions wtd

    I’ve had mine since 2005 and really, really like it. It is simple to use, accurate, and stable. It recently developed a problem and after a couple phone calls with Mr. Hass who suggested some home...
  29. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

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    Re: Favorite ULF photographers

    For me it's decidedly Carleton Watkins
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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    From a couple days ago
  32. Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    So very true!
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    Re: Light Impressions

    I wasn't aware of those issues. I do believe they will make sleeves to order if the quantity is large enough—might be a multiple lifetime supply though...
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    Re: Light Impressions

    If you are looking for large negative sleeves, Climax Photo has polypropylene sleeves up to 11x14.

    They also have them in less common sizes such as...
  35. Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    Sally Mann and The Angel of Uncertainty—
  36. Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    Have you seen Sally Mann's landscapes? I dare say they exhibit some imperfections, and for me are some of the most evocative landscape photographs I've ever seen. Others may disagree...
  37. Central Camera, Chicago—In The News
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    Re: Trains

    Ukrainian Flag
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    Re: FP4+ in Pyrocat HD

    I'll jump in. I have been using FP-4in Pyrocat since Sandy King came up with the formula way back in the last century. I rate FP-4 at 100 and develop 1:1:100 for about 9 minutes at 72F in BTZS tubes....
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    Re: Lynn Whitney

    Well, that explains everything! (almost)

    More coffee first thing in the morning please...
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