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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I think Paterson Orbital deserves a mention here. It's basically an 8 x 10 tray with a daylight lid, funnel and a funky base (motorised or manual) that gives a swaying rotation, a bit like the last...
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    Re: Are there any fast Dialyte ~10" lenses

    Is there a reason why a 3/3 triplet wouldn't work? There are 260mm Meyer Trioplans in f/3.5 and f/4.5 for example. You can probably find some other unusual candidates in Arne Cröll's excellent...
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    Re: Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm f4.5

    I have the f/4.7 version on my Crown Graphic. It's a lightweight, compact lens. It delivers good sharpness in the center which gradually dissolves towards the outer reaches of the image circle. The...
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    Re: Vintage Portrait lens for 4x5 view camera

    A Heliar would be a nice fit, but you could probably get a pair of matched vintage 150 and 210 mm f/4.5 Xenars for less $$$ than a 210mm Heliar alone... Or convertible Symmars for that matter. Having...
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    Re: Fuji 90mm f8 SW or Nikon 90mm f8 SW

    IIRC, it's only the Schneider Super-Angulon XL that has the larger 95mm filter size (and larger coverage). Older, non-XL 90/5.6 Super-Angulons have the more common 82mm filter thread. These should be...
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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    I have a similar (smaller, judging by the picture) version of the Linhof pan-tilt head. On mine, the attachment screw rides in a channel so you can shift the camera back and forth a bit for a better...
  7. Re: portrait lens that will fold inside crown graphic

    A 210mm f/9 G-Claron in Copal 1 can be folded in a top rangefinder Crown with a little care. Rodenstock Geronar 210mm f/6.8 and the Tessar-type Yamasaki/Osaka 210mm f/6.3 are similar in size so might...
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    Re: 75mm for Pacemaker Graphic 4x5

    One idea for the the rail positioning problem: you could make a 10mm top hat board and then the standard would sit at the same position with the 75 as with the 65 on a flat board.
    On a top...
  9. Re: Work in progress: Ultralight 4X5 build, with Carbon Fiber + 3D printed plastic

    132 mm from film plane to lens board should work with a 121mm f/8 Super-Angulon for example – it needs 134.2 mm for infinity focus. Modern wide angle designs (big lenses with "hourglass" profile)...
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    Re: Best value 90mm W/A lens value?

    I think it's still worth reminding that if you happen to spot a good deal on a clean f/4.5 – 5.6 lens from Fuji, Nikon, Rodenstock or Schneider, any of them is still a good solid choice. The f/8...
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    Re: Best value 90mm W/A lens value?

    On the EU side at least, some of the best deals in lenses seem to be lenses mounted on shutterless Sinar DB boards – especially the rebranded Sinarons for some reason. The catch of course is that you...
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    Re: Best value 90mm W/A lens value?

    Schneider's "Vintage Lens Data" webpage gives 216 mm image circle for the f/8 Super Angulon and 235 mm for the f/5.6 SA (non-XL).
    Nikon's 90 mm f/8 is unusual in having as much coverage as the...
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    Re: Ancient 4x5 film has odd dimensions

    Current 9x12 film from Foma is a hair shy of 8.9 x 11.9 cm. The film in question needs trimming on both sides to fit in modern 9x12 cm holders – I just put a ruler on a Toyo 9x12 holder and 12.2 cm...
  14. Re: Shopping for fillm.. Illford Delta Core-Shell Crystal Technology? Burger duel emu

    I think Fomapan 200 is worth a closer look as well. Unlike Fomapan 100 and 400, it is not a classic/cubic-grain emulsion. It is a variation of the tabular grain structure like TMax or Delta (they...
  15. Re: New to Large format - need help about telephoto lenses!

    Take your camera and extend it as long as it will go without employing any extra tricks like front tilts. If the bellows seems stressed or the front becomes very wobbly, back up a bit. Now take a...
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    Re: Which tank would you prefer for 4x5

    Based on some of your other threads, you are interested in special developing techniques and lots of control over the process. Doesn't this really point towards tray development rather than large...
  17. Re: So much for FX-39 - what's with the price increase?

    On the EU side, Fotoimpex and Macodirect appear to list the 500ml bottle of FX-39 II for €9.50 ( = $10.80 according to Google). So maybe your supplier is hiking the price, not Adox themselves? Or...
  18. Re: Film Holder Weight per Sheet Data - DDS, Grafmatic, Kinematic, others

    It would be nice if someone could weigh a modern wood & carbon fiber holder from Chamonix. Quoting their website: "All of our holder are lighter and more rigid than commonly available plastic...
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    Re: Brand Spanking New Website

    I like the images and will definitely spend more time looking at those.

    Some nitpicking, in hope that it is useful for streamlining stuff:
    Navigation is not totally intuitive to me, but not bad....
  20. Re: 121mm f8 Super Angulon in Synchro Compur lens board size

    The 121/8 SA apparently came in several different mounts - some (later production?) are mounted directly on common shutters.
    Others have a special casing and modified controls around the shutter....
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    Re: Leica LF lens (?) :)

    For what it's worth, the 9cm Elmar (screw mount and early rigid M mount) also has a detachable lens head with very little mechanical vignetting from the mount itself. Should be a more or less...
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    Re: Leica LF lens (?) :)

    I vaguely remember that it's not a straight Tessar - more like a triplet variant with a negative cemented doublet in the middle. I believe the diagram here could be correct:...
  23. Re: Setting up for modest enlargement from 4x5 vs going larger and contact printing

    Thanks for your ideas, everyone!

    Still going back and forth on this.
    It is becoming clear to me that if I go with the enlarging route, a foolproof solution for setting things up in good alignment...
  24. Setting up for modest enlargement from 4x5 vs going larger and contact printing

    I would like to be able to produce small-ish (up to ~8x10") darkroom prints from sheet film at home. The problem is that there is no real darkroom - just a small bathroom that I can black out...
  25. Re: Figuring out exposure when the meter ISO setting doesn't go low enough

    For a while, I've been shooting a mix of digital, "normal" film and slow stuff like Harman direct positive (I shoot it around ISO 1.5) and paper negatives (ISO 3-6). I normally use ISO 100 for the...
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    Re: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

    To make it clear, the Super-Angulon type 90/8 lenses are the larger ones. Plain Angulons are about as small as they get. 4-element Gauss wides like the 100mm Wide Field Ektar are somewhere in...
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    Re: My LF-prints less crisp compared to my MF

    If you enlarge to equal print size from 6x7 and 4x5, you'll always be closer to showing the grain structure with 6x7. So the LF enlargement could appear smoother even if other parts of the workflow...
  28. Re: Probably a dumb question lens/aperture question . . .

    The results will greatly depend on the kind of lens you are using. Placing the aperture in front of the lens is a normal procedure for single meniscus/achromat lenses like the landscape lenses of...
  29. Re: A LF Unicorn? The TOYO 6x8 Camera. Also, any bellows maker Recommendations?

    Any chance it's actually a bit larger, about 6.5x8.5"? That would be Whole Plate. 'Plate' sizes seem to have remained in use for quite long in Japan. The whole plate format is favoured by some as the...
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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

    There was a 210/8 Super-Angulon in #3 shutter. You can see Schneider's data here (note the size and weight of the MC version - almost double the weight of the 165/8 MC):...
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    Poll: Re: 300mm for Landscape

    Unless you really need 8x10 coverage, keep an eye out for a shutter-mounted 300mm APO Ronar. An excellent lens that can still be had for less than €200 (some patience may be required). There seems to...
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    Re: Congo 400mm f8 sharpness on a budget?

    Your camera should be able to use 300mm non-telephoto lenses (if the rail and bellows are long enough to bring the standards significantly more than 30 cm apart, it'll work). There are still good...
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    Re: Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?

    Bogen 3221 is the equivalent of Manfrotto 055 series aluminum legs, right? If so, my experience is that they will carry a medium-weight 4x5 monorail (Linhof Kardan Color 45S in my case) but it's not...
  34. Thread: Process lenses

    by ottluuk

    Re: Process lenses

    I don't think it's very useful to lump all "process lenses" together in this context. Very different lens designs can fall under this term, with very different coverage, size, usability at distance,...
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    Re: Ordered a Intrepid, now looking for lenses.

    This will get you started on basics:
  36. Re: Question about adjustment scale on Conley 9-1/2-inch f/4.5 lens

    Adjustable soft focus as described here: ?

    A quick google brings up a couple of posts saying...
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    Re: Thoughts on the Nikkor T 360/500/720 set?

    Scheider's 360/5.5 Tele-Xenar comes to mind. It's a fairly old design and probably not as sharp as the Nikon convertible at 360 but faster and still much lighter than a big 360mm Plasmat. Usually...
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    Re: Creating exit data

    For those who can manage command line interfaces and/or some light scripting, ExifTool:
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    Re: Understanding Allen Rumme's Lens Database

    How about this for a learning tool:

    A cheao 4x5 (either a monorail or a press camera like a Crown or Speed Graphic, preferably a kit including lens). A couple of film holders.
    Shoot direct...
  40. Re: Ideas on how to make a DIY Wet Plate or Film Holder?

    Alan Greene's book "Primitive Photography" has fairly detailed plans and directions for building holders – intended for dry and wet paper-based processes, not wet plate – but worth a look, IMHO. The...
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