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    Re: Optar 135mm f/4.7 w/Graphex shutter

    At normal handheld speeds Graflex/Rapax shutters usually work okay. At slower speeds the escapements tend to hang up or get rather sluggish as these lenses age (they are over 50 years old, after...
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    Re: Brand New Lenses

    It's not profitable to manufacture and sell them new, would be the short answer.
    If you could still find a new, once-common, 4x5" top-of-the-line lens for something approaching the list price, it...
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    Re: Unsharp masking

    Unsharp Silver Masking. If you're making new negs or taking new images, it's an arcane subject that probably isn't worth mastering. There are myriad other ways to accomplish what film masks do, which...
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    Re: Linhof - which one to buy?

    It will put pricing matters into better perspective to go to EBay "Advanced" to see the sheer numbers of Linhof cameras offered for sale, versus the ones that actually sell and what they sold for.
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    Re: mystique of an 8x10 Deardorff?

    I've never had a Leica nor a Deardorff, but perusing through old catalogs from the 1940's it's clear that the were both once within the same order of magnitude as other cameras, even though they cost...
  6. Re: What is the lightest 4x5 field camera with a rotating back?

    I've had several cameras with revolving backs because not having one is a deal breaker for me. Maybe these aren't the lightest field cameras with a revolving back, but among the lightest metal...
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    Re: Scanmate 2C49 worth saving?

    Shoot color? Another thing to find out about this particular ScanMate PMT is whether the analog-to-digital convertor is addressable by software. Though there may be a few older PMTs still supported...
  8. Re: How to measure the register of a film back

    For a lot of 4x5 uses, due to a working aperture of f/22 or f/32, the spec and perfect focus may not prove so critical. I expect that's why some folks responding to this thread are dismissive of a...
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    Re: Mido Film Holders Reborn???

    Compactness is nice, but did MIDO film holders hold a candle to Quickload/Readyload for dust control? (As in, what were the sleeves composed of and is it anti-static?) Dust is a huge problem in the...
  10. Re: Rodenstock Sinaron SE 150 tricking out / chasing the shutter

    What exactly are you trying to do? Sounds like you're using this with a digital shutter on a digital back or DSLR of some kind? You can sync the shutter at 1/500 connected the P/C terminal of the...
  11. Re: 4x5: If I don't have a macro type lens, what's the next alternative?

    Since you've got the gear in 135 format to do macro, you owe it to yourself to at least investigate what is being done the past decade or so with focus stacking. The depth of field possibilities with...
  12. Re: 135mm or 150mm (4x5) for a first time LF shooter?

    There isn't a focal length equivalence, only angle of view. 135mm ( or 150mm) behaves the same with respect to depth of field no matter what format camera it's mounted to. I'd suggest a 135mn because...
  13. Re: Newer Sinar equipment that is not compatible with the Norma?

    I found them to be pretty nice cameras that do most everything a late model Arca Swiss does at a fraction of the price.

    I had a later Norma from about 1968 that accepted other Sinar and even...
  14. Re: Locating pin for Manfrotto hex QR plate

    I used the Bogen/Manfrotto system for many years though I don't recall ever seeing anything about a regulation dowel pin that fit these holes. What I do seem to remember is the holes are close to...
  15. Re: Alternate History of Photography: how early could it have been invented?

    There's been scholarly analysis of the late 16th-early 17th Century Caravaggio paintings that indicate he was using not only a Camera Obscura but mercury salts (and IIRC, ground-up fireflies?) for...
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    Re: 150mm Lenses-Fuji vs. Rodenstock

    Some of the Fujinons may be single coated. All of the Rodenstock Sironar N's (also rebadged as Caltar IIN, Sinaron, and Linhof) use apocromatic glass and are multicoated. In the 150mm length the...
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    Re: LF 4x5 - What to buy?

    The subject matter you're interested in photographing will determine what the appropriate lens choices are, and then large format camera-type choice becomes secondary to that. For instance, if...
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    Re: New color reversal films?

    Maybe they'll bring back Kodak 5L E6 chemistry processing kits, too...
  19. Re: Is non-cold-stored expired Ektar 100 from 2014 OK to use?

    Ektar doesn't have a lot of latitude, does not do well with underexposure, although a stop of overexposure is fine. It's not old enough that I'd be worrying about compensating for any ISO speed gains.
  20. Re: Converting a 4x5 ccolor negative to digital without a 4x5 scanner

    Depends on what you want the end use to be, and how many you're going to convert. If it's just for posting a few images on the web any DSLR that can save a .tif file or .dng ought to work adequately,...
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    Re: Nikon Nikkor SW 90mm f/8 vs. 90mm f/4.5?

    Roughly 20+ years since these lenses last went into circulation, condition will have a lot to do with how well they perform, e.g. lens that's been handled a lot, had a filter ring or rim straightened...
  22. Re: Ready Load Common Mistakes, or What Did I Do Wrong?

    With Portra being neg film, you can't shoot through the anti-halation backing and get an image. Could you have inserted it backwards? (Personally, I've only used Fuji Quickloads and there's a text...
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    Re: Why Kodak Redyloads failed?

    Quickloads and Readyloads were great for commercial photographers because the "real" film could be run in the same holder moments after getting the art director to sign off on the lighting and set-up...
  24. Re: Compact, lightweight 4x5 camera with precise coupled rangefinder and excellent le

    The Super Graphic was meant to be used handheld, has a revolving back, superior to a Crown for most everything but coupled wide-angle work. I bought one for $250, decided I liked it better for cheap...
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    Re: Water chiller options?

    If you develop in trays and standard tanks, not as easy as with a Jobo... Gravity feed an ice chest to the cold water solenoid hose bib. I scavenged an old fridge to do a heat exchanger thing once...
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    Re: Questions on E6 kits

    Not to discourage you about E6 (nobody loves a beautiful Fujichrome transparency more than I do), but if you're looking for economy, it's tough to beat C41. The latitude and DR improvements will save...
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    Re: Questions on E6 kits

    I see that Fuji Hunt E6 5L kits are available again from Freestyle but whew! $199 + shipping. I have to say that doing my own E6 was gratifying mostly for how pure and clean the colors were from...
  28. Re: I've accidentally started my LF journey with best camera for me ... or have I?

    Meridian 45B is late 1940's metal folder that has extensive moves, weighs 5lbs, folds with substantial lenses stored inside and unreversed. It's really good for wide angles with an inner focusing...
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    Re: Help With E6 film??

    If nothing else, one thing that developing E6 yourself avails you is feedback within 30 minutes of loading the tank with film. If you can find true 8-step E6 chemistry yet, there are variety of...
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    Re: Kalart Focuspot laser pointer retrofit

    Nice build, Randy.
    I found that a laser really speeds up the process of re-adjusting a Kalart (or resetting it to a specific lens) installed or even handheld and shone through the rangefinder...
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    Re: Linhof Master Technika 3000 ?

    There is such an overabundance of used 4x5 lenses that one need never worry about whether shutters and lenses are still being produced... Enough rolling stock for the next 50 emulsion...
  32. Re: difference of each brand's lens feeling

    If you shoot transparencies, the difference in contrast between a Nikon lens and a Rodenstock can blow out details in a highlight versus not, all else being the same. That said, higher contrast...
  33. Re: Advice buying my first large format camera.

    First thing that comes to mind is what subjects do you like to shoot--for instance, do favor wide angle views?

    Shooting medium format on a large format camera body, there's something of the...
  34. Re: Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm 6.8 and Super Speed Graphic?

    Unlike the Graflex Crown, the Super Graphic does not have any linkage to the focusing rack or rangefinder for lenses used on the inner rail. It's a major issue for lenses 90mm and under. The small...
  35. Re: Couple of questions for experienced Meridian 45B

    Unfortunately a top hat screws up swings and tilts, and would necessitate removing the lens from the camera in order to fold it closed.

    Easier to use a flat board for a wide angle like the 90mm...
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    Re: Picture of Meridian 45B lens board

    You may also occasionally see or find Meridian specific boards that were cast aluminum with the Meridian logo. They're quite nice in appearance if still in good shape.

    I'll also mention I machined...
  37. Re: Which 4x5 camera for handheld work, Super vs Speed Graphic vs Busch Pressman

    The Super/Super Speed RF I had was extremely repeatable and very accurate when I used it with the 135mm Wollensak Raptar/Optar the cam was cut for. Cam and RF wasn't even in the ballpark of close...
  38. Re: What would be your step up from a Press camera?

    Have you used one of the Press-View type metal folders? A bit heavier than the lightest press cameras, but more moves. MPP, Linhof, and Meridian all made models with revolving backs on adjustable...
  39. Re: How do you deal with snow / inclement weather?

    Photographically, and snowy landscapily, I shoot a Pentax 645N with a 35mm SMC-A manual focus lens. I can handhold to at least 1/8 sec and get critically sharp frames (not every frame, but enough of...
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    Re: Copal Press Shutter woes

    Sluggish can also happen from taking a lens from a warm humid environment into a cold one, i.e. for the moisture contained in the air inside it to condense and freeze. Best to leave a cold lens cold...
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