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    8x10 400NC vs. 4x5 160NC

    The difference between 4x5 and 8x10 is significant in my opinion. You may want to consider 5x7. The difference between 5x7 and 8x10 is hardly noticable. The difference between 4x5 and 5x7 is...
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    Kodak Color Film Sales

    I just spent over an hour talking with the sales people at Kodak for both the chemical and color negative film dividions. Both people said that sales have dropped considerable from the predigital...
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    Depth of Field Chart for 6x17

    There is a very effect simple method for determining DOF. All you need is a small ruler in mm and a simple chart.
    It works independent of lens, format, COC, and camera movements. I have been...
  4. Best digital camera for 4x5 preview?

    I started using a small digital P&S about two years ago, and gave up using Polaroid.
    I have gone through two generations of cameras to get the features I want. The camera
    I settled on is a...
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    Light weight changing bag

    There are a few small changing bags on the market. The problem is they have no frame so the material
    lays flat on the film and holders. They are very dust and grit prone. I gave up on them...
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    Nikkor 360mm T-ED user opinions

    I have the 360, 500, and the 720, and I use them on a regular basis. Rear movements are NOT effected by
    the telephoto design of the lens. Front movements are which makes them more difficult. ...
  7. Fujimoto CP51 processing questions?

    I would like to thank everyone for there contribution. I am encouraged!

    Thanks again.
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    Storing Chemicals under Nitrogen

    I had tried using nitrogen, but for some reason I did not find it very effective. I used some made by Tetenal and came in a
    spray can.

    Since then I have resorted to using clear decorative...
  9. Fujimoto CP51 processing questions?

    About two years ago I purchased a Fujimoto CP51 RA4 processor. I bought it used on ebay, and it came with
    a wash-dry module. It sat in boxes in my wife's living room until just recently.

  10. A reminder about protecting your gear.

    A word of caution. Most insurance companies will not pay for theft loss if forced entry cannot be shown. For example, Art Wolf left all of his Nikon gear in his car while he had dinner in some ...
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    Cutting down 8X10 film

    I plan on doing this as well. I have heard that knife trimmers are subject to paper creep. That is, as you cut the paper or film, it will creep slightly inward. There is a posting under 5x7...
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    5x7 camera choice

    Your impressions of Wisner are wrong. Here is two possibilities:

    (1) With the technical, you can lean the front standard backward at a 45 degree angle keeping the lens board assemble vertical ...
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    Nikkor 300 M quality?

    I am looking at a 16x20 that was shot with my Nikkor 300 M lens, and I am amazed by the contrast and clearity. However, any lens will go soft with small appetures. I try not to go below f32. ...
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    Why digital?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if you scan film, then there are no film savings. Furthermore, if you scan film then digital is reduced to second generation second rate stuff.

    Okay now suppose...
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    The Best Camera for Landscapes

    Ross, my solution to landscapes is versatility, portability, and clarity. Lost of words, but what do they mean. A versatile system allows me to photograph many different compositions which...
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    Film Carriers and Lens Cases

    I just tried to download their PDF brochure and my IE browser cleared and just stopped. Nothing! Is anyone else having this problem? I do have Acrobat Reader installed.
  17. Streaks and Mottling in Film Development

    When I first used my 3000 drums, I was getting streaks as well. It turned out that I was placing the film in the tubes backwards. That is, I placed the emulsion side of the film facing outside ...
  18. You suck film holder. (Vac.810 holder)

    Why not try a piece of double sided tape in the middle of the holder? Once the film is inserted just tape it in the middle to secure it to the tape.
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    Film is Dead!

    I have a friend who owns a photo lab. He does both digital and wet film processing. He uses digital for all his commercial work and wet film for all his fine art work. Digital allows him to ...
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    Colour Neg/Zone System?


    I work exclusively with color negatives in combination with the Zone system. I have found that color negs can record a greater light range than b&w negs and can be subject up to n-4 ...
  21. Any problems with using a lens for 8x10 on 4x5

    I just bought the Nikkor 150mm f8 lens. It is designed to provide 8x10 coverage. I tried to use it with my 4x5 camera, but it is so big in diameter it will not fit through the 4x4 opening of my...
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    Lens for 4x10, Please Advice.

    I have just bought a 4x10 back for my Wisner camera. To my pleasant surprise, many of my Nikkor lenses which are rated for either 4x5, or 5x7 cover my 4x10 back with room to spare.

    Here are the...
  23. OverExposing Color Negative, Decreased Grain


    The Jobo Expert drums are well known for their uniform development. I have been using them with 4x5 negs, and I have had no problems. I do monitor uniformity from time to time with my...
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    Advise needed for an 8x10 Enlarger

    I am looking for an 8x10 color enlarger. I have never used one nor even seen one, so I am flying blind here. Hence, my solicitation for advise. This is for my own personal use. I have ...
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    Cloth Covered Cable Releases?

    B&H has some 10" cloth covered releases for $4.95. I have one of these cheap release attached to each of my lens except for my Nikkor Telephoto 500/720 lens. With this lens I use a 60" (I ...
  26. Is 75mm Sufficiently Wider Than 90mm On 4X5?

    I do primarily landscape photography. I have the 65mm, 75mm, and the 90mm lenses and the difference between the 75mm and the 90mm is significant. However that difference between the 65mm and...
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    Update on Fatali Incident

    Hmm. Now how does that go, "Let he is without sin cast the first stone." I for one think Fatali had paid for his sins by simply coming forward and cleanup any damage. I believe the court ...
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    180mm: Schneider vs. Rodenstock

    I just bought the Nikkor W 180mm lens to use with my Wisner 4x5 camera. I also have a 4x10 back standard that I swap with the 4x5 back standard. To my surprise both my 210mm and 180mm cover...
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    Film washing with JOBO expert drums


    I use the expert drums for process my film, and it is a lot of work doing all of those rinse steps. JOBO is got it right, it is not the agitaion that is important, but rather frequent...
  30. are plastic film holders more subject to static electricty

    Most film holders today are made of conductive plastic. This helps reduce static change, but does not completely eliminate it. Because I too have lots to risk, I have replaced my plastic slides ...
  31. Is commercialism or self indulgence a greater threat to"art"?

    Perhaps we should require both.

    I can remember when college loans were granted whit out any expectation of academic performance. Billions of tax dollars were wasted on a "few semesters of...
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    Single Sheet Readyload Holder

    I have both holders and I agree with Jeffery. The new holder will more accurately align the film plane with the bottom side of the ground glass. This will provide you with sharper image. ...
  33. An Unusual question fro all of you - part II??


    Most excellent. I have just purchased the same finder last year and it is turning out to be a very powerfull tool for quickley weeding out junk. I suspect that this finder will have...
  34. An Unusual question fro all of you - part II??


    These are only goals and in most cases are not a measure of what actually happens. By having goals it forces me to grow and innovate. That is all. No goals no growth!

    For the...
  35. An Unusual question fro all of you - part II??

    Before you read this you should read the question I posted on December 12 titled ? An Unusual question for you?.

    The reason why I love this website is because of the experiences, commentary, and...
  36. An unusual question for all of you??

    This question is not about cameras, lenses, packs, darkroom gear, nor processing photographic materials. It is not about the mechanics of photography, but rather its application. It is about the...
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    5x7 instead of 8x10?

    I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the comments, suggestions, and recommendations you have so generously provided. You all have been very helpful.

    This website has become...
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    5x7 instead of 8x10?

    Currently I have been using a 4x5 camera and in my quest for greater clarity I h ave been considering moving to a larger format. The natural progression would be to go to 8x10. Unfortunately, 8x10...
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    Correct Exposure

    Reflective readings do have some short comings. The first is the refectivity of the surface you are reading. 18% is intended to provide a good approimation of typical surfaces. Thus, I always...
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    Fanatic about weight

    I have also found that when you caring heavy loads all day, your are much less productive because shortly you become exhausted and too weary to see straight. This is why I use a llama. They...
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