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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    To conjure Drew, I'll add that factors can change due to prevailing conditions and subjects... Like using that deep red on a "blue light" day, in open shade etc... That red filter will cut anything...
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    Correct!!! My bad... Didn't count one of my fingers...

    Steve K
  3. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    Those lead lined bags are a big reason for them to open your non carry-on luggage...

    Carry on, and let them scan the film... Easiest path of least resistance for them... I have seen more film...
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    Re: Bosch Electronic Rangefinder

    Vintage units often have issues, like mirrors de-silvering, loose mirrors etc... Or the scale is slightly off... Check out modern units for better luck...

    With a little practice, you can learn to...
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    Reading dark filters through different meter cells is asking for trouble... Different cells have a different response than film or transmission at their extremes, and from experience readings and...
  6. Re: How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?

    Well, the pivoting mic clip is under 10 bucks, and the (useful) boom stand can be $20-$25 new, with fairly precise swivel/rotation positioning, so a good buy... But some stands are better/worse, so...
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    Re: Looking for info – 8x10 viewing hood

    No stitching, if you bond the seams with wet suit cement, they are very strong... If you apply a thin layer to both surfaces to be bonded, wait a minute or two, then press them together, they are as...
  8. Re: How can I construct an inexpensive accent-light holder?

    A convenient way to hold the flashlights are using the "clam shell" type of clips used to hold microphones to stands (the clam shell type has spring jaws that will hold a variety of mic sizes and...
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    Re: Man Ray: Kiki de Montparnasse

    Tax dodge/scheme???

    Steve K
  10. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Bigger is better??? :0

    Steve K
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    Re: TF-3 Precipitate problems

    With ammonium thiosulfate fixers, if the stock solution is too strong they tend to precipitate sulfur... Once diluted, they are safer from it...

    If you look at off the shelf rapid fixer dilution...
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    Re: Commercial photography stressful?

    Studio veteran here... Getting me into the pro studio again would be like holding a kat over a bathtub... ;(

    Now, most clients are professional and great, but too many stories of (pro pun)...
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    Re: Bench vs Freestanding Enlargers

    Despite benefits, a freestanding enlarger is heavier/difficult to transport/move in a space when needed to...

    A bench enlargers printing area is always at the same (ergonomic) height to work, but...
  14. Re: Adjusting tabs to hold lens board on Chamonix 45 N-2

    I have been informed that CF is quite toxic in the manufacturing stage with it's ultra fine toxic dust that some poor soul will be exposed to making that lensboard etc... Not enough benefit for added...
  15. Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    Old flash commandment;

    Aperture controls the flash exposure, shutter controls the ambient light exposure...

    Steve K
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    Re: Shooting in the rain

    Keeping camera + operator dry is a solvable step, but there is a bigger issue for sheet film shooting... When the film is exposed to the damp environment, it absorbs the moisture unevenly and can...
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    Re: Life after E6 and large format transparencies

    The first Cibachrome process was the nicest, but the big problem was not letting the two solutions to meet, or it produced a deadly gas... (There were lab workers that had died from this reaction...)...
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    Re: Fixer: What does the dissolving?

    The reason for pH adjustment with fixers is that it helps them operate iin their most efficient environment... Different plain solutions will operate somewhat, but due to solution carryover etc, they...
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    Re: Series nine filters

    When 'ya need a big filter, those are big filters!!!

    Teles come to mind, and other big glass...

    Steve K
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    Re: Jeffrey Wolin: Faces Of Homelessness

    But, just taking shots (even before/after) tends to just "rubber stamp" a category of "homelessness" to individuals who have experienced many events that have led to their situation, and among many...
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    Re: Smarter material for ground glass shim?

    It's not just the thickness of old fresnel, but due to new optical distance added by fresnel...

    Check for the proper distance there, I seem to remember it around .047" (?) about...
  22. Re: Is fiber paper worth the additional cost for selling prints compared to rc paper?

    There are pros & cons to both, but a primary concern is production facilities, time, and space for the resale prints...

    Fiber will have a richer, longer scale, but more expensive and many little...
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    Re: ARISTA 4X5 is Made by Whom?

    There was a video in the Foma factory and it had bricks of EDU being packaged in plain sight...

    Other manufacturers products were re-packaged by Freestyle over decades and sold as house products,...
  24. Re: Are print drums a more practical way to print big in a bathroom?

    But trays will usually do 10 or a dozen prints, so works out the same-ish...

    And if processing FB, wet prints will not stay in place in drum, and require just sitting still after image first forms...
  25. Re: Are print drums a more practical way to print big in a bathroom?

    I have printed B/W in small bathrooms with a bathtub many times with a simple trick...

    Along the long dimension of tub, cut 2 or 3 pieces of 2X4 lumber that forms a shelf at least 3 trays can rest...
  26. Re: What is about the right size for a dark cloth for a 4x5" camera?

    That's not a focusing cloth, that's Count Dracula!!!

    Note you cannot see him in the mirror... ;)

    Steve K
  27. Re: Is a Durst Laborator 1200 with a VLS 501 head a usable enlarger?

    These enlargers can be tricky/difficult to service, and parts seem to not be available anymore...

    If it was close and cheap, you could test it beforehand, but I have serviced heavily used units,...
  28. Re: Using up all my film, paper and chemicals----------not me

    Get it out of the dark and expose it to some fine light!!!


    Steve K
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    Re: Contact Printing

    Exposure times are very short on fast RC, and lamp is close to paper, so buying an enlarger timer that will expose on 10's of a second will be needed... Plenty of them floating around cheap...
  30. Thread: Bellows Tape

    by LabRat

    Re: Bellows Tape

    I have bought this brand/product from a good art store... I had some bellows taped up with this for 30+ years and still good and sticking...

    Shelf name for product is "Black Archival Artist's...
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    Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    Another tool for a job...

    For a camera direct large neg, for your contact print or alt process needs... ULF starts getting limiting due to size & weight, and not a lot of camera responsive finesse...
  32. Re: How do I make my Graflex Crown Graphic's ground glass brighter?

    I ignored them for the longest time, but took a peek during night exposures, and found stuff at the edges of the frame I needed to take a closer look on the (dim) GG, so now a new step when in the...
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    Re: Help for best set of lenses

    Your shooting style should determine your preferred lens choice... Older advice about FL's was to start with one FL, shoot a lot with it, and rise to the need to add another as needed...

    There is...
  34. Re: Calibrating Modern Flash & Flash Bulbs & Zone Focus 4X5

    The press fotogs also leaned heavily on their "labrat" to develop by inspection to get a printable neg density...

    We have many tools now they couldn't dream of then... You can calculate exposure...
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    Re: Photographing U.S. Post Office Building

    Steve's rule 'sez;

    "Shoot 'till they throw you out"...

    Worst case would be private security gourds, but tell 'em to beat it if shooting from public property... Just be nice...

    Steve K
  36. Re: Fomatone Classic (warmtone) fiber and safelights/contrast

    The multi grade WT papers generally will not give higher contrast (above grade 3 to 3 1/2) due to their finer grade/slower emulsions, so probably the issue there...

    The safe light factor is less,...
  37. Re: How do I make my Graflex Crown Graphic's ground glass brighter?

    The later Pacemaker GG's have a plastic fresnel lens between lens/GG, so make sure you carefully note the orientation of grooved side of fresnel and proper stacking order and reinstall exactly, or a...
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    Re: Color ULF: Ektachrome reportedly in 11x14

    Who is gonna process that big E6 flopping fish??? ;)

    Steve K
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    Re: Custom Bellows question

    One thing in your favor is that modern IR films are much slower than old faster HIE, so will (possibly) fog slower in non-safe bellows...

    Graflex bellows were vinyl and were listed as IR safe, so...
  40. Re: Scheimpflug, Swing, & Architectural Photography

    One plus with some lenses stopped down into the diffraction zone is there is usually a "peak" of sharp focus somewhere that may not match the OOF areas, but by stopping down too much (sometimes), it...
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